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#Pintermission Invites. How Do People Use Pinterest? If the hot little collage site boggles your mind, take a look at how some people are using Pinterest.

How Do People Use Pinterest?

Describe Pinterest to a savvy Web user who hasn't tried it before, you might hear this response: "So, it's basically the same as Delicious? " Both Delicious and Pinterest are places where you can save, mark, classify, and store stuff you find online. Both sites have social capabilities built-in, letting you see, comment on, and borrow the things other people save, and vice versa. To Pin or Not to Pin: An in-depth look at Pinterest. Like many, I’m new to the social network Pinterest.

To Pin or Not to Pin: An in-depth look at Pinterest

It intrigued me after reading many articles about it being the fastest growing social network, so I set out to uncover the business case for using it. Because I’m a social media marketer, and business owner, it’s important that I squeeze every bit of visibility potential out of the various networks if I’m going to spend any time there. To learn more, I enlisted a friend and pin-wild owner of the boutique Susan Goldberg Zimmerman to give me the guided tour. Susan was a great teacher, showing me all of the beautiful images she collected of places she wished to visit and the products she has in her store. I asked her what the business use was and she said that she looks at the images as an introduction to the person as to whether or not she wants to follow them or perhaps do business with them. Chobani Yogurt Tickles The Tastes Of Pinterest Addicts, And So Can Your Brand.

Emily Schildt, Chobani’s digital communications manager, continues to be in awe of how many surprisingly rhapsodic tweets and Facebook comments she’s read from devotees of the Greek yogurt brand.

Chobani Yogurt Tickles The Tastes Of Pinterest Addicts, And So Can Your Brand

“We call it ‘flavor Turettes’ in-house," she quips. “We get about a tweet per minute, and I would say 50% are about our newest flavor, apple cinnamon.” But regular declarations of love for the dairy treat didn’t end there. Schildt started noticing that fans were “pinning” images of the yogurt and recipes on the most of-the-moment social sharing network, Pinterest. Schildt admits that Chobani isn’t out to make a land grab on every new social media platform. Don't get caught: 17 things you can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows and dresses. Have you tried Pinterest?

don't get caught: 17 things you can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows and dresses

It's the new darling of social media and you need an invitation to join (I have some if you'll email me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.) You'll hear some folks dismissing or buttonholing this system of virtually "pinning" visuals to topical "boards" so others can share, like or comment on them. "It's just for 20-year-old women who want to collect pics of wedding dresses they'll never wear" or "just for middle-aged women clipping imaginary decorating projects they'll never do" are the more unkind ones I've heard.

Pinterest drives enormous blog and business success. Guest Post by {grow} community member Lauren Schaefer This is Kate.

Pinterest drives enormous blog and business success

She’s a hairstylist, jewelry maker, and all-around crafter based in North Carolina. Kate started her blog ( exactly one year ago. And like most of us, it was a labor of love without a whole lot of “community.” In fact, for the first eight months, she had a grand total of seven readers. Pinterest is the hottest social media platform around right now. And there is an important social element too as you can comment, like, share, email content, and search based off of your customized interests. Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips

We've all been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately, so you're probably wondering whether you should take the plunge and create a profile for your company. We say you go for it, especially if women are your target consumers — 70% of pinners are female. Pinterest has a highly engaged audience — a reported 3.3 million users logging more than 421 million pageviews — so there's plenty of opportunity for brands to flesh out pinboards and catch pinners' eyes. First, let's go through a quick explanation of how it works. Pinterest is a visual social discovery network. Sounds fun, right? 1. Blog Guidebook: It's Pinterest, Not Brain Surgery - Part 1. About three years ago I think I invented Pinterest.

Blog Guidebook: It's Pinterest, Not Brain Surgery - Part 1

Of course, that was in my never actually came out and became anything, but I thought of the actual idea that it would be great to save all the photos and links in one place and call it something cute. Pinterest is a great name for this fun, organizational tool - but I would have called it something else, like: PinIt, DoggyBagIt, iLikeIt, MySaves etc... Pinterest seems to confuse some people, I think it's the name of the site and all the pretty colors everywhere. What's behind the Pinterest craze? 15 super-users share their thoughts.

It may be a niche social network, but Pinterest is growing like mad.

What's behind the Pinterest craze? 15 super-users share their thoughts

While other tools and networks like Quora, Instagram (my favorite) and Google Plus have stolen the headlines this year, Pinterest has quietly amassed a relatively huge user base–especially among young women (in my opinion). From October 2010 to October 2011 Pinterest grew from just 40,000 users to a whopping 3.2 million. That’s some serious growth. But, not only is Pinterest adding thousands of users each month. Can You Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic? In just ten days since I wrote this post, I have become a Pinterest convert.

Can You Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic?

I know. I can’t quite believe it either. I’ve begun to find the charm in the site, and it’s a lovely way to wind down at the end of the long day, even if I do tend to be more snarky than charming in my pins. But one thing I haven’t really grasped yet is this: will Pinterest act as another channel to promote blog posts and other online content? It’s clear that it already IS for some bloggers. Kelby is not the only blogger finding Pinterest to be a traffic driver. Other bloggers use it to be straight up promotional. 7 Ways Journalists Can Use Pinterest. Virtual pinboard Pinterest helps journalists find trend stories, display their work and more.

7 Ways Journalists Can Use Pinterest

The social networking site has more than four million users, landing it a spot on a list of most visited social media sites of 2011. Perfect for showing off your favorite finds as you troll the web, users "pin" images to themed boards for visually-appealing displays. Don't be put off by its "invite-only" status. Pinterest for Brands: 5 Hot Tips. Pinterest Plugin for WordPressPinterest Plugin for WordPress. Pin It On Pinterest. Pin It On Pinterest places a "Pin It" button at the end of your posts, and allows you to predetermine what gets "Pinned" at Pinterest.

Spawned by the idea of Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog and developed by William Bay of Flaunt Your Site. Pinterest is one of 2011's fastest growing websites, with the potential for substantial amounts of traffic from users reviewing the Pins that users have posted. Simply install it, and you will find a new form underneath your Post Editor where you can fill in: Description.An image to associate the post with.

Pinterest Tutorial: Getting Started. You know how you always see something somewhere and then you try to find it and you can't. Story of my life and since the Momnesia has set in, it isn't any easier. The Internet is filled with ideas, tricks-of-the-trade, shortcuts, recipes, learning possibilities, Do-It-Yourself projects and oh so much more. Gone are the days of bookmarks that are comprised of long lists of website names that mean nothing to us. And for those who lean toward the OCD side of organization, we tried to create folders for those streaming lists of text to compartmentalize a little.

Now there is Pinterest. The next step is to grab the button they provide and to drag it to your bookmarks bar. Important note: See how it mentions that it will "credit the original creator"? 2. 3. Pinterest Intellectual Property & Copyright. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. In fact, its co-head cheese, Ben Silbermann, is a Des Moines, Iowa native – so I’m always rooting for the local guy. And in the 2011 whirlwind growth pattern that Pinterest experienced, it catapulted itself as my #1 referrer by such a margin that the #2, #3 and #4 referrers combined still don’t equal the number of hits I get from Pinterest.

If you’re not sharing content and receiving traffic from Pinterest, you are missing a huge viral opportunity. But in its rapid growth, there are some issues Pinterest has failed to address. Can Pinterest continue to allow free reign in over-sharing? The answer is no. Mom Bloggers Pick Pinterest Over Google+ – 5 Minutes For Mom. Google+ entered the social media space with huge expectations and lots of media attention. Pinterest quietly launched in March 2010 and is still invitation-only. But it has been steadily stealing and holding the attention of mom bloggers and social media lovers. (If you want an invitation to start using Pinterest , just leave us a comment and we’ll send you an invite.) How to add a PinIt Button to post - Mommy Words. I am super obsessed with Pinterest right now. It is the perfect pick me up and a way to stay inspired and fueled with a million great ideas for my life, my home, my kids and my kitchen.

If you have not heard of this amazing site yet, please check it out. You will not regret it. Not only is Pinterest good for you, it can be great for your blog. 5 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Community Building Tool. Everyone is talking about Pinterest, the social “pinning” site used to share, well, anything. Talk of the Parent Blogosphere, Pinterest Obsessed Edition. Pinterest: 13 Tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users. On Pinterest? Follow Mashable to check out our favorite infographics, tech news, internet memes and digital culture!

Why and How Nonprofits Should Use Pinterest. The Art and Power of Pinterest (guide for brands and others) Remember those ‘vision boards’ we were all making a few years back after reading The Secret? You know, back when we believed if we envisioned WHAT we wanted it would come true if we just BELIEVED. Well it’s back. Kinda –sorta. 5 Pinterest Tips for Beginners. Seven Cool Ways to Use Pinterest.