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Essential Guide To Facebook Page Changes [SCREENSHOTS] Facebook unveiled major upgrades to fan Pages on February 10.

Essential Guide To Facebook Page Changes [SCREENSHOTS]

If you have not yet upgraded your Page(s), you can do so here. I recommended choosing the Preview option first to get a feel for what’s changed. However, on March 10, the upgrade will be automatic, so you may as well switch before then to get used to it. ALL Page Admins who have upgraded their Page already (or are currently using Facebook in Page Preview mode), will view *your* Page in the upgraded design whether you’ve upgraded yet or not. Basically, it’s the same as the new Profile design rollout – anyone who upgraded sees everyone else the new way. In this post, I’ll walk you through the main Page upgrades, complete with marked-up screenshots and a review of each change.

Logged in as Profile The layout and navigation of Pages are now very similar to the new Profile design. 8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know. Are you wondering what to do about the new Facebook page changes?

8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know

This article will explore the important changes and what it means for your business. On Thursday, February 10, Facebook finally pulled the trigger and announced the updated layout of Facebook pages. They made the change to bring them more in line with the recently redesigned personal profiles and to provide a more consistent user experience. As with any major change to the Facebook user experience, the new design and features were accompanied by complaints, but overall, were well received.

Let’s take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for your business. #1: Many Functions Are Changed One big improvement is providing one-click access to several admin tasks, rather than having to go through the “Edit page” link. Managing page admins is now accessible via clicking “See all” in the Admins area in the right column. I think these changes are uniformly excellent, resulting in a cleaner, less cluttered interface.

Changes to Facebook Pages – A Quick Guide. Menu Oracle Social Spotlight Subscribe to email updates Social Cloud In the Mix: Social Chatter for Live Events If you frequent business events, you've probably noticed an increase of digitally displayed social media chatter.

Changes to Facebook Pages – A Quick Guide

Read more Share Oracle Social Life Oracle Social Cloud Gives Thanks Thanksgiving is a day for family, football and food comas. Read more Best Practices 3 Must-Haves for a Successful Digital Transformation Last week, I flew to Chicago for CMS Wire's DX Summit, but my digital experience immersion training began before the event even kicked off. Read more Collaboration: An 'Outside' Job From guest author and Product Strategy Manager Sandy Yu: developing a rapport across virtual teams requires thinking outside the cube. Read more Product News. Facebook Updates Fan Pages (Finally Does Something Right)

On Thursday February 10, Facebook made some much anticipated changes to their Fan Pages.

Facebook Updates Fan Pages (Finally Does Something Right)

For a good part of the day, confusion reigned supreme. Some were excited, some were mad and many were just plain confused. Let’s explore the changes and what they mean to you. There was a glitch that caused the pages to be truncated and there was a lot of speculation that the width of the tabs was being changed. We heard they were being reduced to 500 pixels, 491, 492 and 493 pixels.

This reminds us that we are at the mercy of Facebook and you need to stay current on their changes and be prepared to maintain your page according to whatever changes they may make (with or without advance notice). Now, onto the other changes (most of them really good): The navigation (links to other tabs) is now on the left side. Another new change is pictures across the top of the page (like on the personal profiles).

There are lots of cool tricks you do to play with the photos and how they appear. Facebook Page redesign: 10 things admins should do RIGHT NOW. Facebook announced a massive overhaul of its Pages for business today, and here's the most surprising part: It's awesome. Don't listen to the angry mobs complaining about change. Today's shift is overwhelmingly positive and creates much-needed options for Page admins. That said, you've got some work to do if you want to make the most if it. We've compiled 10 simple steps that will get you started on the right foot: 1.

Yes, it's opt-in. Tip: If you admin lots of pages, but only want to upgrade one or two for now, the upgrade system is wonky. Don't want to switch? 2. Here's the first cause for celebration. Tip: First thing, click "Edit Page," then "Basic Inforrmation" to select your category and subcategory. 3. Facebook seems to be defaulting all upgraded pages to a setting that e-mails you when a fan comments. Thankfully, the setting seems to default to "off" if the Page is large (I'd guess the threshold is around 10,000+ Likes). 4. 5.