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Is Pagelever Better Than Facebook’s Own Insights? By Lisa Peyton on Aug 08, 2011 They’ve got a great selling point: Facebook insights doesn’t do the job for gaining actionable data.

Is Pagelever Better Than Facebook’s Own Insights?

But can Pagelever deliver the goods? We’re about to find out. Getting Started I was really excited to check-out this new tool and eagerly signed-up for my free trial. After waiting a few days, I contacted customer support and was notified that I had neglected to select the pages that I wanted to be active. Fan Growth On Steroids The Pagelever interface is segmented into easy to maneuver categories including Growth, Visibility, Engagement, Posts and Reports. Step one is selecting the dates that you want to examine. The Growth tab houses an impressive amount of data and displays the total new fans and removed fans for the specified time period. Pagelever also provides some insight into WHERE your new fans are coming from. Who’s Coming to Dinner? Pagelever also houses a considerable amount of fan demographic info like age, gender, country and city. Stats Provided: Fan Page Analytics Tools - Get Better Facebook Insights.

New Facebook Analytics Tool Digs Deeper Than Insights. A webpage owner has seemingly unlimited choice in products that slice and dice information about those who visit his or her page.

New Facebook Analytics Tool Digs Deeper Than Insights

Real time? Personal? With a heat map? No problem. Facebook page managers, however, don't have it as easy. The Google Analytics of Facebook is called "Insights," and for someone who is dealing with the typical Facebook fan page, it's a sufficient meat-and-potatoes analysis tool. PageLever shows impressions (any time a story loads in a browser, whether on your page or not) for any date range, not just month or week. Most of the data, says co-founder Jeff Widman, comes from Insights' API but is not necessarily visible within the Insights dashboard.

How to Measure Your Facebook Engagement. Are you wondering if your Facebook content is connecting with people?

How to Measure Your Facebook Engagement

Building a compelling Facebook fan page is one thing. Creating consistent engagement is a whole other skill. In this post, my intent is to bring to light several areas you may be overlooking that are causing your fan page to either plateau or not get off the ground much at all. To know more about Facebook engagement, check out this two-part post here and here. The News Feed Many businesses set up a Facebook fan page and look to their fan growth rate as the primary success metric. Some studies show that a whopping 90% of Facebook users don’t return to a fan page once they click the Like button. To access your metrics, go to or click “View Insights” in the Admin panel at top right of your fan page.

Monitor Your Per-Post Insights This is a handy three-part metric that’s clearly displayed right on your fan page wall next to every post you create approximately 24 hours after publishing. 1. Facebook Adds Websites, Social Plugins, and Demographic Analytics to Insights. Facebook today announced a major improvement to its analytics tool Insights.

Facebook Adds Websites, Social Plugins, and Demographic Analytics to Insights

Page and Open Graph website admins will now be able to see real-time data about the performance of their Like button and Comments Box social plugins; the age, gender, language, and country demographics of their visitors, and which pages of their website are most popular. Admins of websites that aren’t integrated into the Open Graph can now claim their site and receive analytics about organic sharing of their content on Facebook. The expansion of Open Graph analytics will allow web publishers to gain more actionable data about how to optimize their Facebook integrations, and will draw more sites to add Facebook functionality.

Facebook will migrate all admins to this new version of Insights in two months, so all admins should export their existing data to retain access. Insights for your Domain Now, when admins visit they’ll see their Pages, apps, social plugins, and claimed websites.