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Which Are the Best Tourist Places to Visit in North India ? India’s northern part is genuinely considered as God’s blessings.

Which Are the Best Tourist Places to Visit in North India ?

All the eye catching northern states are protected by the Himalayan range. States like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh are the states of North India. When tourists are deciding to plan for travel destinations within India then surely one of the most popular parts is North India. Its scenic beauty and natural environment attracts people towards it. Tourism in North India, gifts tourists with waterfalls, mountain ranges, palaces, temples, forts and many more. 1. Newly married couples, nature lovers all opt for this beautiful place as their site of relaxation. What Are the Major Tourist Places in Manali ? Switzerland of India is the perfect and reputed definition of the hill station Manali.

What Are the Major Tourist Places in Manali ?

It is that place where sky bows downwards to kiss those snowy White Mountains. The enchanting clouds enhance the beauty of the place. The winding narrow alleys act as the entrance of Manali. People also describe Manali as nature’s natural paradise sitting on Himalaya’s lap. Tourists of all moods are attracted towards this chilly hill station just in order to feel the chilled wind and to get mesmerized by its mesmerizing beauty. The unspoiled beauty of Manali is not the main reason behind tourists as well as honeymoon couples wandering here. Rohtang Pass 51Km from Manali is a Paradise named Rohtang.

Top 10 Best Engineering Colleges in India. India is well- known all over the world for the pace of its development in the technological sector.

Top 10 Best Engineering Colleges in India

Almost every year, highly expert personalized engineers churn out from top engineering colleges in India. Engineering colleges are growing like mushrooms in all corners of India, but students must check in the reviews, prospects, placements, experience of the teaching faculties, teaching standards of the colleges and then take admission in obviously the best engineering colleges. With the development and advancement of IT services, the industrial landscape has changed a lot and thus the engineering colleges in India are trying to provide best packages for education as well as personal development.

Everyone claims to be within the best list but based on reviews here is a list of top 10 engineering colleges in India. Best Places to Visit in Europe During Winter. Tips to Choose Best Destinations for Your Vacation. Everybody loves to chill out for a few days in order to remove the boredom of daily life schedule and take a break from the competitive life.

Tips to Choose Best Destinations for Your Vacation

Wishing to go to a specific destination and doing the required planning is not at all easy. One needs to keep many important basic things in mind before stepping out for a vacation. The world is such a vast place that often people get confused about how to choose the top vacation spots. Thus, to help people plan their relaxing vacations here is a few vacation tips for all of them. A pinch of planning has the potential to convert mediocre holidays into best holidays of lifetime. Which are the Best Winter Travel Destinations in India ? A slight tilting of the Earth’s axis causes a temperature drop and a change in the seasons.

Which are the Best Winter Travel Destinations in India ?

As soon as winter arrives, India starts to prepare for traveling across the natural trails of the peninsula. Winter in India means a large string of fairs and festivals, holidays and vacations. People plan their vacation according to their moods. Travel Checklist - 10 Things to Do Before Travelling. Travelling is actually the passion of many people while for some travelling is a necessity for education or business.

Travel Checklist - 10 Things to Do Before Travelling

Many people travel for taking a break from their daily hectic schedule. Travelling is fun if planned properly and systematically. It is recommended to make trip checklist before doing all the packing and planning. The checklist before travelling includes many things. Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India. India is referred as the unique land full of diversity.

Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India

Diversity in matters of culture, heritage, landscapes, wildlife and the list thus continues. India is full of exotic places starting from the snow enchanting Himalayas to the coastal areas of the south. Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India. Today’s people are very much concerned about their future and career.

Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India

Their life is basically career- oriented. Everyone has the urge to create and present the most unique curriculum vitae. What are the benefits of eating healthy food? Since childhood, each and everybody are aware of the term ‘balanced diet’.

What are the benefits of eating healthy food?

The idea of eating healthy foods in the right proportion is induced into the minds of students by their parents, teachers and elders. Along with eating healthy foods, maintaining healthy habits is also one of the basic necessities of leading a healthy life. Research reveals the fact that nutritious foods maintain the health and also helps in loosing extra weight. Amitabh Bachchan net worth. Big B, the dashing tall handsome amazing star of tinsel town is adored and admired by almost each and every people of India.

Amitabh Bachchan net worth

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is actually known to be the wealthiest player of Bollywood and also the most genuine hero. He is treated as a legendry icon in the world of acting. His achievements along with his net worth reveal the successful and escalating nature of his acting career. His admirers lovingly call him by many nick names. Deepika Padukone Net Worth. The ‘Piku’ star Deepika Padukone is renowned by the name of ‘Dimple Queen’. She is treated to be the Bollywood’s queen at present. She is indeed the most consistent actress who has an impressive and outstanding escalating career record regarding box- office hits along with the top class endorsements. Deepika had the reputation of being the highest paid actress in Bollywood Industry. Such a beautiful entertainer and model possesses a large amount of net worth. MS Dhoni net worth. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is indeed one of the victorious, most acknowledged, professional cricketers of India.

He is better known as one of the finest finishers. He plays a vital successful role of being the captain of the national cricket team of India. Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth. Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar is genuinely considered to be one among the other great batsman in the history of cricket.He is known to be one among the five cricketers of IPL who have a status of icon”. The meaning of this icon status is that the cricketer possessing this status will automatically receive 15% more paycheck than the highest paid team mate of Mumbai. Sachin Tendular’s achievements throughout his cricket life gave him the capability of becoming the cricket idol of almost all cricket lovers.

Salman Khan net worth. Abdul Rashid Salman Khan, better known as ‘Bhaijaan’is adored and admired by millions of people. He is not only a reputed Indian movie actor but also a philanthropist, producer and model. His birth place is in India’s Madhya Pradesh on 1965’s 27th December. Salman Khan, whose age is 50 years, is considered to be placed within the top list of successful Indian actors. He possesses many acting honor and awards. His financial wealth and net worth is evident of his successful career. Shahrukh Khan Net Worth.

Aishwarya Rai net worth. Virender Sehwag Net Worth. Akshay Kumar Net Worth. Kareena Kapoor Khan net worth. Priyanka Chopra Net Worth. Ranbir Kapoor Net Worth. Ranveer Singh Net Worth. Saif Ali Khan Net Worth. Virat Kohli Net Worth. Alia Bhatt Net Worth. 50 Cents Net Worth. Donald Trump Net Worth. Chris Brown Net Worth. J.P.Morgan Net Worth. Adam Sandler Net Worth. Adam Levine Net Worth. Charlie Sheen Net Worth. Franklin D. Roosevelt Net Worth. Chris Tucker Net Worth. Drake Net Worth. Hillary Clinton Net Worth. Justin Bieber Net Worth.