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30 Fun DIY Crafts To Keep You and the Family Busy During the Holidays. DIY Lunchable Jars {Guest Post} DIY projects. Big leaf printing. Here's what we made at the preschool this week.

Big leaf printing

It's a project most people are familiar with, but I do want to start documenting our weekly preschool projects here once again. It's been a little rough getting into our handwork this year...we have sixteen new students and of those only one is four years old...the rest are three. And many, a young three. So we've started out slowly...working with beeswax one day a week, drawing another, last week we practiced using scissors. This week we did leaf printing. I used the lid of my cake pan to hold the paint (acrylics in a variety of colors). Then the children pressed the leaf into the ink...I used a big leafed plant in my garden (I have no idea what it is) but a rhubarb leaf would work very well. (Edited to add...thank you to Monika for pointing out that rhubarb leaves are toxic and should not be used for this project.) Then we transfered the leaf to the paper.

Carefully lift the leaf off the paper. The results of the mixed colors are striking. Mini Halloween Pumpkin Heads. Felt Camera and IPhone Cases. Scrapbook Paper iPhone Covers. Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial. Here is another tutorial brought to you by me!

Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial

Enjoy! Bottle Cap Magnet Tutorial by Carol Bryce Here is an easy inexpensive DIY project. These make great gifts and are good sellers at craft shows. Candle Holder with Stones. This is a super easy project that anyone can do on the super cheap.

Candle Holder with Stones

I wanted some nice sconces for my guest bath downstairs. I looked high and low and couldn’t find anything I wanted and the ones I did like were about $20 a piece….story of my life. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $40 on 2 sconces for the guest bath. A few weeks back I was strolling the Dollar Tree trying to see if there was anything that I could fashion into a sconce. I walked the whole store 3 times and came up empty. Anyway let us continue. Candle Holder. I was messing around with different materials trying to dress up a little LED tealight, and this is one of the versions I ended up liking (plus it’s dirt cheap since it’s just thread!).

Candle Holder

I love me some textures. This may be useful for those with wedding venues that don’t allow real flames. Finding these* at the dollar store is what started this mess… 1) Get your hands on some thin cardboard that you’ll be recycling anyway. I used the back of a pasta box. 2) Find some wrapping plastic (try to use something you’ll toss anyway!)

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DIY Websites

Wreaths. A Butterfly Pillow Cover. How To Make Your Own Dress Form. When starting on the wonderful and exciting journey of making your own clothes or altering old ones there is one thing you will definitely need to make your job easier...that is a dress form.

How To Make Your Own Dress Form

There are many tutorials on the web but the best one I found is the one I am going to share with you. The source is but the tutorial is in German so I am going to make a short presentation in English, although the pictures speak pretty much for themselves. Here is what you will need: pillow filling for stuffing out your formscissorsmetal base2-3 rolls of tapecardboardan old hip-length T-shirtfoil (for the neck) take on the T-shirt and wrap your neck in foil to protect it then take the following steps one by one in wrapping the tape. And the end result is pretty good! Now you have your dress form and can start working on your most exciting sewing projects! How to Make a Book Light.

How To: Not Your Ordinary Book Light.

How to Make a Book Light

Friends have regularly recommended books as being particularly illuminating, but I admit that after opening them I was as in the dark as ever. Since I’m not one to let a good metaphor go unmolested (and because design schools seem to constantly create designers who’s job it is to make ugly lamps) I made this. Yes, it's a reading light made from a book. It turns off when its closed and gives off a variable amount of light depending on how far you open it, up to about a 40W light equivalent. It gives a nice warm, soft light and it looks right at home on my bedside table. Keep reading for all the instructions to make your own. Update: These instructions are for the wall powered unit. Skills: Judah Method - Bleaching Experemnet on the Behance Network.

DIY: Swing Shelf. So…as you can see this pregger mama has been quite busy with all sorts of DIY projects that will complete the room being shared by kiddo #1 and kiddo #2.

DIY: Swing Shelf

This project was quick and easy, plus it turned out really cute and was theme-appropriate for my lil’ surfer boys. I was inspired by the adorable Swing Shelf from Pottery Barn Kids (no longer available…bummer dude!).