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Fermented Foods and Related

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Get Cultured: Probiotic Recipes. Get Cultured: Probiotic Foods from a Nourished Kitchen. Live Sauerkraut recipe, how to make sauerkraut, probiotic living food. What is sauerkraut?

Live Sauerkraut recipe, how to make sauerkraut, probiotic living food

Benefits of sauerkraut Risks with cruciferous vegetables Yeasts and moulds References What is sauerkraut? The daily use of living, fermented, acidic foods prolong life and are a secret to ongoing good health. Sauerkraut combines the health benefits of cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables with the probiotic advantages of the fermentation process. Humans have been eating pickled vegetables for thousands of years. Lacto-fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchee) store virtually all the benefits of fresh vegetables for long periods.

Benefits of Sauerkraut Sauerkraut provides a high-density source of a wide range of beneficial live lactic acid bacteria which assist in the digestive process, produce a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, and keep harmful micro-organisms at bay. Cabbage, brussels sprouts and other brassicas offer a host of health benefits. A phytonutrient in these vegetables named glucosinolate significantly enhances your liver's detoxification ability. Rejuvelac, recipe, how to make, probiotic drink, yeast. How to make rejuvelac, an enzyme rich, probiotic living drink.

Rejuvelac, recipe, how to make, probiotic drink, yeast

Sometimes it is slightly fizzy. Rejuvelac should taste slightly sweet, grassy, subtle, a little tart (acidic), not too sour. A rich source of friendly bacteria to heal your digestive system. Water kefir tibicos, recipe, grains, benefits, probiotic bacteria yeasts. Milk kefir versus water kefir What is water kefir?

Water kefir tibicos, recipe, grains, benefits, probiotic bacteria yeasts Recipes and Ideas for What to Eat on the GAPS Introduction Diet. Immunitrition - Everything you need to know about Nutrition, Education, and Motion. List of Fermented Foods & Vegetables that Can Heal Your Gut. GAPS Resources « The Liberated Kitchen, LLC. Joy with some home-canned goodness Lately people have been asking us for where to go to get good information and support for the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet.

GAPS Resources « The Liberated Kitchen, LLC

This diet is aimed at restoring the health of the gut, and the balance of the bacteria and fungi that live there. By giving the gut a chance to heal, many health problems can be reduced or eliminated. We’ve written up some summaries explaining how to do the GAPS diet, and have a weekly blog carnival where people can share their GAPS legal recipes, GAPS Friendly Fridays! If you’d like more personalized help with making GAPS work for your lifestyle, Joy provides coaching by phone or in-person! What Can I Eat Now? When browsing online, you may see recipes posted for the full GAPS diet that are not safe for the initial stages or which include ingredients that are on the “Foods to Avoid” list, since people who start out doing GAPS eventually move on to include other foods. Buy the Book Free Advice Blogs Get Coaching Dr. Online GAPS Resources. Tips for Starting the GAPS Diet.

Health-e-Bookshelf - CULTURED VEGETABLES, SHOP-IMMUNITRITION. Kombucha Mushroom Tea. Welcome please visit our HomePage for our Daily Specials According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kombucha tea was referred to as the Tea of Immortality and the elixir of life.

Kombucha Mushroom Tea

(Tsing Dynasty, China 250 BC) Kombucha balances the Middle Qi (Spleen and Stomach). By aiding the stomach to better digest food and by assisting the spleen to deliver more nutrition, the body heals itself. Kombucha helps to break stagnation, reduces damp and phlegm and expels toxins from the body. Hence the Chinese reference to kombucha tea as the Immortal Health Elixir. Kombucha = SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture OF Bacteria and Yeast. A simple natural fermented aged culture, made with pure water, sugar and black or green tea. Click here to buy the Best Kombucha Mushroom Starter Kits available We have Shipped Kombucha Worldwide since 1997 Creamy Smooth, Blemish-Free Premium Kombucha Mushrooms shipped in special heat sealed FDA approved food grade plastic unconditionally guaranteed The 3rd. Kombucha. The Lacto-Fermentation Process. We use lactic acid fermentation to make our Real Pickles products.

The Lacto-Fermentation Process

It is the original pickling method and has been an essential part of healthy human diets throughout the world for thousands of years. In Asia, consumption of fermented vegetables dates back at least to the 3rd Century B.C.E., when the Great Wall of China was being constructed. In Europe, sauerkraut is known to have been an important food among the ancient Romans. Today, Real Pickles is one of a small handful of businesses in the United States producing raw, lactic acid fermented pickles (also known as lacto-fermented or naturally fermented).

This traditional pickling process went out of favor with the advent of industrial food production. How it works Lactic acid fermentation relies on beneficial cultures - similar to those used to make yogurt or sourdough bread - to break down natural sugars in the vegetables and produce a variety of healthful substances, primarily lactic acid. Fermentation FAQs Yes. Fermented Foods: Fermented Pickle Recipe. Well, pickling cucumbers are ON at the farm where we get our vegetables, so I thought it would be fun to share a fermented foods pickle recipe.

Fermented Foods: Fermented Pickle Recipe

We choose to make fermented pickles instead of vinegar pickles because not only do we love the way they taste, we love the health benefits of eating fermented foods. It's one of our favorite fermented foods recipes.