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Tsū. Prof. Martin Pall - How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm. Tsū. Width and height must be greater than zero and less than the maximum (px) Are you sure?


This can distort your image. Wait! You didn't save your work. Are you certain that you want to close this editor? Support Have a suggestion on how we can improve this photo editor? Send Feedback About this Editor Aviary is the world's leading photo editing platform. Visit Your photo is smaller than the required size. Astronomers Find Evidence Of Two Undiscovered Planets In Our Solar System. The possibility of a planet lurking in the outer reaches of the solar system has gained new ground, based on the orbits of recently discovered objects.

Astronomers Find Evidence Of Two Undiscovered Planets In Our Solar System

Scientists Develop Incredible Membrane Which Can Keep Your Heart Pumping Forever. Is DNA the Next Internet? Home > February 2012 > February 8, 2012.

Is DNA the Next Internet?

How a Computer Game is Reinventing the Science of Expertise [Video] A crowd observes the match playing on the main stage at the StarCraft 2 championships in Providence, RI.

How a Computer Game is Reinventing the Science of Expertise [Video]

Credit: Major League Gaming If there is one general rule about the limitations of the human mind, it is that we are terrible at multitasking. The old phrase “united we stand, divided we fall” applies equally well to the mechanisms of attention as it does to a patriotic cause. When devoted to a single task, the brain excels; when several goals splinter its focus, errors become unavoidable. But clear exceptions challenge that general rule. For decades, a different game, chess, has held the exalted position of “the drosophila of cognitive science”—the model organism that scientists could poke and prod to learn what makes experts better than the rest of us. The Brave New World of Genetically Modifying a ‘New Human Species’ Brandon Turbeville Activist Post If some of the information emerging from the technology, governmental, and academic worlds are any indication, not only is the police state here; the scientific dictatorship is right around the corner.

Indeed, if recent comments made by Juan Enriquez are indicative of the coming state merger between technology and genetics, we have much to be concerned about. For those that are unfamiliar with Enriquez, he may not be the most flashy of the science superstars currently on the scene, but he is not exactly a nobody either. Enriquez was the founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project and is currently chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy LLC., a “life sciences research and investment firm” and managing director of Excel Venture Management. 2005 YU55 - it's bigger than Apophis and on Wednesday, it will pass closer than the moon.

Source: A MASSIVE asteroid will make a rare fly-by on Wednesday, and although it poses no danger of crashing to Earth, US scientists said this week they are eager for a closer look.

2005 YU55 - it's bigger than Apophis and on Wednesday, it will pass closer than the moon

"This is not a potentially hazardous asteroid, just a good opportunity to study one," said National Science Foundation astronomer Thomas Statler. Science in Seconds. Brit Trogen Could a community of several hundred people in the middle of Manhattan ever become self-sustaining?

Science in Seconds

Well... Probably not. Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines. (NaturalNews) As someone with a good deal of education in scientific thinking and the scientific method, I have put considerable effort into attempting to find any real scientific evidence backing the widespread use of influenza vaccines (flu season shots).

Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines

Before learning about nutrition and holistic health, I was a computer software entrepreneur, and I have a considerable scientific background in areas such as astronomy, physics, human physiology, microbiology, genetics, anthropology and human psychology. One of my most-admired thought leaders is, in fact, the late physicist Richard Feynman. I don't speak from a "scientific" point of view on NaturalNews very often because it's often a dry, boring presentation style. But I do know the difference between real science and junk science, and I find examples of junk science in both the "scientific" side of things as well as the "alternative" side of things.

Conventional medicine, they say, is really "Evidence-Based Medicine" (EBM). CERN claims faster-than-light particle measured. One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein's theory of relativity - that nothing can go faster than the speed of light - was rocked Thursday by new findings from one of the world's foremost laboratories.

CERN claims faster-than-light particle measured

European researchers said they clocked an oddball type of subatomic particle called a neutrino going faster than the 186,282 miles per second that has long been considered the cosmic speed limit. The claim was met with skepticism, with one outside physicist calling it the equivalent of saying you have a flying carpet. In fact, the researchers themselves are not ready to proclaim a discovery and are asking other physicists to independently try to verify their findings. "The feeling that most people have is this can't be right, this can't be real," said James Gillies, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, which provided the particle accelerator that sent neutrinos on their breakneck 454-mile trip underground from Geneva to Italy.

Betelgeuse Supernova Could Rival Moon, Give Scientists Inside Look. The star is Betelgeuse, which marks the left shoulder of the constellation Orion.

Betelgeuse Supernova Could Rival Moon, Give Scientists Inside Look

It is visible in the winter sky over most of the world as a bright, reddish star. That star could explode as a supernova within the next 100,000 years, which is relatively soon for a star. If it does, it could offer astronomers a close look at how supernovae evolve and the physics that govern how they work. Phil Plait, an astronomer who has worked on the Hubble Space Telescope, and current writer for the Bad Astronomy blog at Discover, said a big treat for research would be seeing the massive amounts of neutrinos, a type of subatomic particle that an exploding star emits. Black holes turn into fuzzballs and destroy a thousand sci-fi plots.

If you squeeze mass into a smaller and smaller volume (for instance when a big star collapses) the gravitational field around it gets stronger and stronger.

Black holes turn into fuzzballs and destroy a thousand sci-fi plots

At some point it becomes so strong that not even light can escape, and you have a black hole. Tatooine's twin suns - coming to a planet near you just as soon as Betelgeuse explodes. Betelgeuse losing mass Explosion will create "new sun" May be set for 2012 appearance Twin suns - setting on Earth any day now. Rumours of possible wamp rats and Sarlaac manifestation yet to be confirmed. IT'S the ultimate experience for Star Wars fans - staring forlornly off into the distance as twin suns sink into the horizon.

Yet it's not just a figment of George Lucas's imagination - twin suns are real. And here's the big news - they could be coming to Earth. Yes, any day now we see a second sun light up the sky, if only for a matter of weeks. Early Earth May Have Been Orbited By Two Moons. Hide captionThis artist's illustration shows a collision between the moon and a companion moon. Scientists say the collision could be responsible for the moon's asymmetric shape. Martin Jutzi and Erik Asphaug/Nature This artist's illustration shows a collision between the moon and a companion moon. Beware 'Planet of the Apes' experiments that could create sci-fi nightmare. By David Derbyshire Updated: 14:39 GMT, 22 July 2011 It sounds like something from a Hollywood science fiction film: a race that is half human, half ape.

But leading scientists are today demanding tough new rules to prevent the nightmare scenario becoming a reality. In a hard-hitting report, they warn that research is close to pushing ‘ethical boundaries’ and that extreme attempts to give laboratory animals human attributes must be banned. Does DNA Emit Light? Dan Eden for Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto‬‏ DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies « Quantum Pranx. By Grazyna Fosar and Franz BludorfRussian DNA Discoveries: Original version THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one.

The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe? According to a mind-bending new theory, a black hole is actually a tunnel between universes—a type of wormhole. The matter the black hole attracts doesn't collapse into a single point, as has been predicted, but rather gushes out a "white hole" at the other end of the black one, the theory goes.

Water-air Interface Barely There.