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WARNING: Harper wants 1984 Big Brother Government (Bill C-30) Time To Depose Stephen Harper. Canada's cold new dawn. Prime minister Stephen Harper – Canada's own George Bush – during a 2008 speech in Ottawa.

Canada's cold new dawn

Photograph: Chris Wattie/REUTERS Canada woke up to an election shock this morning. It was a self-inflicted jolt, and all the more painful for that. After three minority governments in seven years – all following inconclusive, forgettable elections that never gave the Conservatives the solid majority they were sweating for – a man of the hard right named Stephen Harper finally has his win. He triumphed over Michael Ignatieff – known to the British as a fine writer, historian and BBC talking head – who had returned to Canada to lead the Liberals, often described as the country's traditional party of government. What happens now is the full-scale Americanisation of Canada, hinted at over the past seven years by Harper – he fired people who talked too loudly about this – but not acted upon because Canadians have always valued their distinctiveness from the angry country in decline south of the border. The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC.

It’s a good time to debunk the biggest Stephen Harper myth there is: “We are good economic managers”.

The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC

Repeating a lie does not make it true. We need to spend $15 billion on jails because unreported crimes are rising? Don't believe them. We need to stop the long-form census, because the census-takers are going to send you to jail? Don't believe them. Is it true that only a Harper Conservative government can bring sound management to the economy? In recent months, we’ve been treated to more stellar economic and fiscal management, such as a double-digit increase in spending for Harper’s own office, shutting down downtown Toronto for 72 hours for a cost of well over $1 billion, not to mention the ignored Charter rights of Canadians, and triggering an unprovoked conflict with the United Arab Emirates that will cost us at least $300 million.

In their first year in office, the Conservatives blew the $13 billion budget surplus they had inherited. TRAITOR Stephen Harper LOSS OF CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY. Harper, Autocrat. His government 'doctored' a document to get its way and punish enemies.

Harper, Autocrat

Why should we be surprised? Tied up in a 'not', his opponents let him slip out. As tens of millions of Egyptians celebrated their victory over a brutal dictator and began the task of creating democracy, the story from Canada was of democracy going backwards. For five years under Stephen Harper, Canada has been subjected to a systematic erosion of democracy (as I say here). Canada is not Egypt and Harper is no Mubarak, but he is nonetheless a ruthless autocrat in the Canadian context, too often showing contempt for democracy and the aspirations of the people he governs. It can hardly be surprising that almost alone among western leaders, Stephen Harper was so grudging in his response to the wonderful victory of the Egyptian people. Tied up in a 'not' Shocked hardly describes it. That is almost impossible to believe. Canadian apathy? Is it simply that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone? Or democracy thwarted?

CBC News - Harper secretly recorded.