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WARNING: Harper wants 1984 Big Brother Government (Bill C-30) Time To Depose Stephen Harper. Canada's cold new dawn. Prime minister Stephen Harper – Canada's own George Bush – during a 2008 speech in Ottawa.

Canada's cold new dawn

Photograph: Chris Wattie/REUTERS Canada woke up to an election shock this morning. It was a self-inflicted jolt, and all the more painful for that. The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC. It’s a good time to debunk the biggest Stephen Harper myth there is: “We are good economic managers”.

The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC

Repeating a lie does not make it true. We need to spend $15 billion on jails because unreported crimes are rising? Don't believe them. We need to stop the long-form census, because the census-takers are going to send you to jail? TRAITOR Stephen Harper LOSS OF CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY. Harper, Autocrat. His government 'doctored' a document to get its way and punish enemies.

Harper, Autocrat

Why should we be surprised? Tied up in a 'not', his opponents let him slip out. As tens of millions of Egyptians celebrated their victory over a brutal dictator and began the task of creating democracy, the story from Canada was of democracy going backwards. For five years under Stephen Harper, Canada has been subjected to a systematic erosion of democracy (as I say here). CBC News - Harper secretly recorded.