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Pavés de biche marinés. Gibiers de Noël : nos recettes de Gibiers de Noël. Recettes de sanglier: rôti, pâté, ragoût, terrine et filet. Sauté de biche Stroganoff : Recette de Sauté de biche Stroganoff. Ingrédients (pour 4 personnes) : - 900 g de sauté de biche- 500 g de petites girolles- 2 cuillères à soupe d'échalotes hachées- 1 l de vin blanc sec- 25 cl de cognac- thym, laurier, poivre en grains- 5 branches de persil- 2 cuillères à soupe de farine- 2 cuillères à soupe de concentré de tomates- 2 cuillères à café de paprika- 20 cl de crème Préparation de la recette : Faire mariner la viande de biche pendant 6 heures, avec le vin blanc, le cognac, une feuille de laurier, une branche de thym, le persil, 10 grains de poivre.Egoutter la viande, faire bouillir la marinade, la passer pour enlever les aromates et réserver.Faire revenir les morceaux de viande dans une sauteuse beurre, ajouter les échalotes, la farine, le concentré de tomates, la marinade.

Sauté de biche Stroganoff : Recette de Sauté de biche Stroganoff

Remarques : On trouve de la biche sous vide ou congelée qui passe bien pour cette recette. Les amateurs de gibiers qui l'ont goûté à la maison ont apprécié. Home - Lia Griffith. How to Tile a Tub Surround. Do you know how much money we saved on the kid’s bathroom renovation by tiling the bathtub surround ourselves?

How to Tile a Tub Surround

About seventeen hundred dollars! When we were planning this project we got a quote to see what we were up against. We were quoted $1,700 just for the labor to install the tile in the new tub area. That wasn’t in our budget and we knew it was something we could do ourselves and I’m so glad we did because I’m pretty sure I paid more attention to the details that were important to me than anyone else would. It took us 2 days, but if you do the math, those 2 days were absolutely worth our time. This was the first time the hubs and I took on a tile job of this size and if we can do it, you can too. Once we set the tub and had the plumbing all figured out we installed hardibacker (cement board) around our tub in place of drywall because it won’t absorb water.

A few things to note before you start installing your wall tile… How to Tile the Walls of a Bathtub And we set the tile. 38 idées géniales pour transformer votre maison. Plaster & Disaster – Super Awesome DIY Blog. Search Results. BOOM.

Search Results

Bet you were expecting a big block of text at the beginning of this post? Like about how this “little stop-gap quick n’ dirty” kitchen renovation spiraled completely out of control and took way more time and a little bit more money than expected? Or how maybe over the course of the project I got a little more ambitious and a little more crazy and a little more perfectionist than when I started out? Or about the time when we thought the kitchen was basically done and then decided to up and add about 40 more square feet of subway tile that you see above? Or like how it robbed me of so many irretrievable hours of my life and maybe some of my sanity and also sent me to the hospital that one crazy time? Nope. Here was my kitchen before I embarked on this whole crazy non-stop-fun-and-excitement renovation adventure roughly 10 weeks ago. The picture above was taken after I removed all the old linoleum floor tiles, but you get the idea. But looky there! Oof.

Anyway. SO. Yay, kitchen! Roundup: 10 Genius Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps » Curbly. Anybody who likes to sew probably has lots of fabric scraps lying around...

Roundup: 10 Genius Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps » Curbly

I know I do. So I thought it would be fun to share some creative ways to use that leftover material. Here are ten genius ways to use up your pile of fabric scraps. 1. Master Bedroom Story with BEHR - The Fresh Exchange. I love completing a project.

Master Bedroom Story with BEHR - The Fresh Exchange

It’s probably one of the reasons I ventured out to be my own boss. Completion isn’t a problem. I love how it feels when I send a project off and check it off the list. When we purchased a home, we were excited about the process of making it our own with all sorts of projects. We had never had a space to make entirely our own, so it was exciting to think about making a list, room by room. This post is brought to you by Behr. THE PROCESSOver the last month, we have pulled the room together. THE BIG DECISIONThere are a lot of favorite parts of our updated room, but the main focus is on the paint color. MAXIMIZING A SMALL SPACETo make the most of our small space, we minimized the number of things in our room by doing a few things:1. THE FINISHING TOUCHESWe framed the image of Joshua Tree from our friend, Michael Newsted with Framebridge in the Marin frame. The space next to our bed is incredibly small. What do you think?

A Home Decor and DIY Site. I find I never really complete a project without giving myself a definitive deadline.

A Home Decor and DIY Site

So here it is, I’m finishing our bedroom! Since we moved in, I’ve slowly been acquiring furniture and knick-knacks for the room but continue to procrastinate on pulling it all together. The camper will soon be finished (approximately 6 weeks) so I’m going to give myself until the end of July to finish the bedroom. This is what it looked like when we bought the place: I’ve managed to paint it Silver Drop by Behr and install some shelving by the closet… but that’s about it. I put all my attention into the rooms that everyone else would see that I completely neglected my own space. It’s such a fun pop of color and goes great with the other colors in the room. So in celebration of my new found inspiration, I created a mood board for the room! The pillows on the bed are not the same but you get the gist. Re-Love Project…before and after.

UPDATE The charity auction for this one-of-a-kind up-cycled ‘Honeycomb Armoire’ is now live!

Re-Love Project…before and after

Please click here to place a bid. I’ll love you forever. The auction starts at just 99 cents and FREE national shipping is provided. I’m so excited to finally share this! If you’re not new here, you’re probably aware of my involvement in the Re-Love Project and what it’s all about. Saving the world, one room at a time. Decor8 - Page 2 of 669 - decorate. design. lifestyle. One Young Family + One Old House = Love. Peindre soi-même : les 10 pièges à éviter.