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DiyAudio. Geddes on Waveguides. Another point that I think needs to be understood is the impotance of CD, Constant Directivity.

Geddes on Waveguides

We must consider that without CD we cannot have a flat power response and a flat axial response. Most reserchers agree that the power response is very important for tone coloration while the direct response tends to be the major factor in imaging. The industry is all too focused on getting a flat "axial" response, but to me this is probably the least important measurement. In a polar diagram, the axial response respresents a very small portion of the radiated sound field, its a small disk at the center, but the off axis points represent every greater areas - anuluses (sp?) The Womb - Powered by Electricity! John Sayers' Recording Studio Design Forum. Front Page. DIY BASS TRAPS - Index.