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[THEME][TUT][VID] Archos 101 Dark Theme. [THEME][TUT][VID] Archos 101 Dark Theme Archos 101 Dark Theme Information: This is a HomeScreen Theme, it doesn't have any other apps customized.

[THEME][TUT][VID] Archos 101 Dark Theme

I will in the future make fully skinned themes with custom frameworks. This is just my first try, better ones to come. Performance: It uses many 3rd Party Addon Apps and Widgets. What you need: Archos 101Launcher Pro Plus*MultiPicture Live Wallpaper (in Market)Cowon D3 Clock (in Market)Minimalistic Text (in Market)Pure Messenger (in Market)Extended Controls (in Market)Music PlayerPro (in Market)Simi Folders (in Market)Desktop Visualizer (in Market)*About the launcher: You need LP+ as it allows you to overlap and resize widgets... Pre Preparation: Make sure you have all the apps listed above and download the zip file with the files in it and put it in the internal root directory. MultiPicture Live Wallpaper- Common Settings>Picture Source> No need to set this now. A101 Dark Theme by ~xDeepS on deviantART. SiMi Folder Widget - Android Market. ✭ One of the "13 best android widgets for 2013" (Techland @Time Magazine) ✭ ✭ "Overall, Slider Widget is incredibly easy to use and very intuitive.

SiMi Folder Widget - Android Market

" ✭ (Paul Wilks @ androidtapp) ✭ "So many apps try to do too much, or be too clever, but Slider Widget gets the balance right. " ✭ (Bobby's Blog) Desktop VisualizeR - Android Market. PlayerPro - Android Market. This application is a 10 day trial period for PlayerPro Music Player.

PlayerPro - Android Market

PlayerPro is an advanced music and video player for Android 2.x devices. PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several FREE plugins to complement it: 20+ skins, DSP Pack, Widget Pack ... PlayerPro has been in the top five android apps in the music & audio category for over two years and is actively being developed and supported. Note: the Pro version is standalone.

All features are unlimited during the trial period. Extended Controls - Android Market. Fully customizable profiles are the basis of SVC+.

Extended Controls - Android Market

You can switch them manually or automatically using a schedule according to time, calendar, location, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Also, you get the ultimate Speed Volume mode, headphones mode and many other cool features. PROFILES BY TIMERSAre you tired of adjusting the volumes manually? With a SVC+, you can schedule the activation of profiles using timers.Are you sick of muting the ringer at night, restoring it in the morning, or even turning the WiFi or Mobile data on and off? SVC+ can do it for you. PROFILES BY LOCATIONSAdd your favorite places and let the application switch profiles according to your current location. PROFILES BY CALENDAR EVENTSDo you have a busy schedule? Pure messenger widget - Android Market. Create beautiful pictures out of any text and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.. or save them in your gallery.

Pure messenger widget - Android Market

USER REVIEWS★★★★★ – “Simple: great, great, great.”★★★★★ – “Awesome app. Very creative and fun. Easy to use also!!” ★★★★★ – “I love this app. It helps me get things out on instagram”★★★★★ – "I have fun with the designs and frames. AWARDS✔ App of the day 28 May 2012✔ Featured in Android Magazin (Dutch Edition) May 2012 TOP FEATURES✔ Custom backgrounds✔ Emojis✔ Custom stickers✔ Variety of fonts✔ Many cool text effects (reflection, shadow, rotation & more...)✔ Filters✔ Frames. Minimalistic Text (donate) - Android Market. Simple Text is an application creating minimalistic text icon for LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher, Desktop Visualizer...

Minimalistic Text (donate) - Android Market

If you love Clockr or Minimalistic Text, you're gonna love this one :PWith this app you can create bunch of text icons really fast without using Photoshop or any photo editors "Icons created with Simple Text look surprisingly good as dock icon replacements, giving it a unique, elegant look. " - "Easy and customizable text icon makes screen minimalistic. " – MultiPicture Live Wallpaper - Android Market. Profitez de la vue merveilleuse de fleurs colorées dispersées à travers champs ensoleillés et les vallées incroyable nouvelle Fond Fleurs Animé !

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper - Android Market

Marguerites, lys, roses, lavande, tournesols , tulipes et de nombreuses autres sortes de fleurs peuvent maintenant décorer votre écran de téléphone mobile . Regardez beaux pétales de fleurs scintillant de couleurs vives flottant sur ​​votre smartphone. Découvrez cette merveilleuse nouvelle Fond Fleur en direct et profiter d'images fascinantes de belles fleurs de printemps . Il ya des douzaines de différents types de fleurs , tous ici , dans cette étonnante nouvelle Animé Fond ! Téléchargez-le maintenant , tout à fait gratuitement ! Suivez les instructions d'installation :Accueil - > Menu - > Fonds d'écran - > Animé Fonds Fleurs de papier peint , vous vous sentirez comme une partie de monde merveilleux de la nature et vous tomberez en amour avec ses superbes images d'arrière-plan coloré .

BobClockD3 - Android Market. LauncherPro - Android Market. Nezapomeňte, prosím, hodnotit a psát komentáře. Díky! Cyanogen Téma pro GO Launcher EX. Nemusíte na root, aktualizovat firmware nebo něco takového dostat vzhled nejlepší rom firmware v okamžiku - Cyanogen MOD! Více než 560 ikon. PINK STYLE k dispozici i ve svých dalších aplikací. . - === [IKONY AUTHOR Autorizace] === -. Díky XDA uživatel: Jordan Fritzsche autor kyanové plné sady ikon.