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A BLE Android App utilizes less energy and delivers high efficiency. BLE Mobile Apps specializes in creating BLE based apps which promise high performance and ROI.

How to Avoid Making Costly Wearable App Development Mistakes? Behind all the wearable gadgets that take the limelight, wearable application development fuels their popularity and attention.

How to Avoid Making Costly Wearable App Development Mistakes?

Wearable device app development plays a vital role in helping brands to establish connections with their users. It can also analyze vast volumes of data pushed by wearable sensors with every user movement. Today’s technology holds many potentials to alter the way we experience entertainment, work, and operations. So, investing in wearable technology can leverage your future in the tech world and, most notably, the connectivity offered by wearable apps. The wearable apps technology revenue is expected to reach US$17,834m in 2021, as mentioned by Statista. Types of Wearable Apps and Platforms Wearable apps are pretty predominant in many sectors like health care, fitness, travel, retail, finance, business, entertainment, and more. 1. 2. 3. 4. There are also Smart clothing, Smart jewelry, head-mounted displays, implantables, and many more. 1. 2. 3. 4. Bluetooth Hyperlocal Marketing - Benefits, Cost & Applications. Hyperlocal marketing refers to tools required to identify the closeness of the customer to a particular location.

Bluetooth Hyperlocal Marketing - Benefits, Cost & Applications

It is due to its active method of targeting the audience present in a local area of a smaller radius. It includes framing customized advertisements to prompt the customer to purchase that product eventually and hence the term hyperlocal marketing. What are the Top Trends in Healthcare Wearable Technology? Wearable technology trends in healthcare and fitness have paved their way into society so that smartwatches and FitBits are viewed as mainstream gadgets.

What are the Top Trends in Healthcare Wearable Technology?

The future of wearable devices will only continue to rise without slowing down. There is an increasing demand of users to look after their health, and the usage of wearable technology has increased more than thrice in the past couple of years. According to Business Insider Intelligence’s research, above 80% of the users are ready to try out wearable fitness technology. This growing demand for wearable devices in healthcare has created a flourishing market. Presently, insurers and companies are getting the picture of how delivering wearable health technology to their consumers and employees is advantageous.

How is Wearable App Development Helping Transform Athletics? 10 Wearable App Development Mistakes That Can Increase Your Cost. Understanding Bluetooth Security: Bluetooth Address & Privacy. Top Wearable App Trends You Should Know About in 2020! Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Bluetooth Module. What’s the Difference between Wearable Apps & Smartphone Apps? Frequently Asked Questions about Beacon App, You Need to Know! How to Get Started With Eddystone Beacon? Top 10 Applications of Bluetooth Low Energy. All You Need to Know About Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Top Factors Affecting the Cost of Wearable App Development. What Should You Consider for Wearable App Development?

Top 8 Amazon Benefits of Using Eddystone Beacon App. How Wearable Development is Helping Combat COVID-19 Crisis. Importance of Real-Time Features for Wearables and Mobile Apps. Why Should You Use BLE Technology for Asset Tracking? Using Proximity Marketing with Beacons for Small Businesses. The Ultimate Guide to Improving Mobile App Metrics Using Beacons! If you happen to be following BLE Mobile Apps for a while, then you know how to send proximity marketing campaigns to users’ mobile phone, marketers need to make a nearby beacon and a relevant mobile app to work in cohesion.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Mobile App Metrics Using Beacons!

It could be the app published by the retail chain you frequent, for example Walmart. Have you ever considered beacons to drive engagement to your mobile app? For non-starters, beacon is a small device that broadcasts Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals at regular intervals. Marketers can encode the signal with contextually relevant marketing content. For example, they can install a beacon at the storefront to allure people passing by into their promoted outlets with smart marketing. Driving Mobile App Engagement While beacons are excellent proximity marketing tools, not many marketers consider their applications in boosting user engagement on a mobile app. When you’re in the business of mobile apps, open rates tell only a part of the story. Beacons, the Uncharted Star to Improve Mobile App Metrics. Bring Contactless Payment to Your Store with Bluetooth LE (BLE) Why Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the Holy Grail of Asset Tracking? Automated asset tracking is the basis of modern logistics management systems.

Why Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the Holy Grail of Asset Tracking?

The assorted endpoints feeding the movement of various assets from origin to destination to logistics management systems come in various sizes and shapes, but none hold the distinction of being fully automated. There are all sort of technologies to capture asset tracking data but none is fit for every purpose. While GPS is synonymous to any fleet management system, the positioning technology is conspicuous by its absence in inventory management systems widespread inside fulfillment centers. Indoor spaces render GPS inoperable. If asset tracking inside your warehouse means a bunch of warehouse personnel have to manually scan each item with a barcode reader as it enters and exits the warehouse, I won’t call it an efficient warehouse operation. How BLE Beacons Can Help Generate Leads for Your Business? As a school going kid, I hated Sundays because that was the only day of the week when I did not get a chance to visit my father’s grocery store four blocks from our neighborhood.

How BLE Beacons Can Help Generate Leads for Your Business?

As per my childhood ritual, I would stop by at the store, give him a helping hand or perhaps he would help me with the homework. I would spend a couple of hours there. What Role Does Beacons Play In Real estate? - Beacons, thanks to proximity marketing, have revolutionized the way we interact with physical locations be it retail outlet near you or property you have put on sale.

What Role Does Beacons Play In Real estate? -

If you’re a real estate agency looking for new ways and touch points to engage with your customers and acquire new ones, then beacons will pique your interest. Beacons are little devices that broadcast coded BLE signals at a regular interval. The signals contain encoded messages that an authorized mobile app can read to trigger an action. Beacons can be installed at business locations to run proximity marketing campaigns. Beacons have 70-80m range and any mobile device in this range can become a part of the campaign. If you set a beacon inside a business establishment for example a real estate agency, it can broadcast messages which the application can read to trigger actions such as displaying information about properties on sale or a recent price drop on a major property.

How BLE Beacons are Transforming Healthcare in 2019 - BLE Mobile Apps. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Health Care Outlook, The global healthcare industry is projected to reach $10 trillion by 2022 as healthcare is becoming accessible to more people around the world and life expectancy continues to climb.

How BLE Beacons are Transforming Healthcare in 2019 - BLE Mobile Apps

For the first time in history, number of people aged over 65 globally represent 11.6% of the total world population. And yes, we are winning fight against communicable diseases and eradicating malnutrition faster than ever. However, it is not all rainbows and butterflies in health economy. Many Issues are Plaguing the Healthcare Industry The number of patients with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is rising in numbers. How Can SMBs Run Beacon-Based Proximity Marketing Campaigns?

BLE beacons bring innovative marketing opportunities for small businesses.

How Can SMBs Run Beacon-Based Proximity Marketing Campaigns?

Proximity marketing with beacons is growing in popularity among retailers and other customer-centric small businesses. This new form of marketing empowered by beacons comes at a time when retailers are facing increasing competition from online marketplaces. While the online sellers have all the online marketing and CRM tools of the world at their disposal, everyday retailers have a tough time keeping a tab on their customers let alone target them with relevant marketing content. 1. Augment Customer Experience with Contextual Marketing Content Retailers around the world are augmenting their customers’ experience with storefront and in-store beacons by pushing contextual marketing content such as a discount coupons and exclusive offer on their smartphone.

Also, beacons installed at storefronts can woo a nearby customers to pay a visit when they are nearby to avail an offer pushed by the beacon on his smartphone. What Business Opportunities Does Eddystone Present? - BLE Mobile Apps. Increase the Efficiency of Your WMS with BLE Mobile Apps. How Wearable Technology Disrupting Mobile App Development. Why Should Your Small Business Have a Mobile App? - BLE Mobile Apps. While there isn’t a single startup or enterprise that goes without a mobile app, small businesses are uninterested in them.

Why Should Your Small Business Have a Mobile App? - BLE Mobile Apps

They fail to see the value of investing in an app and are, further, taken aback by long-term commitment that mobile apps come with. While startups have to gratify their customers with short attention span, enterprises are after mobility solutions to connect with their employees or to sell their products and services to customers. On the flipside, small businesses don’t see much of those benefits coming. The small Chinese eatery across the street doesn’t have much room to grow with a food delivery app. Overzealous startups with millions of dollars in funding, a strong app ecosystem, hundreds of restaurant partners, delivery persons and millions of customers dominate the food delivery space.

Retailers and grocers in your area share similar problems because of budding hyperlocal delivery startups. The Million-Dollar Question. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Beacon Technology - How Can Businesses Benefit By Building BLE Powered Mobile Apps? Orchestrating Retail 2.0 with BLE Beacons - BLE Mobile Apps. BLE Beacons are transforming the world of mobile marketing in a way we never expected. They are giving way to proximity marketing to indoor navigation to contact less payment. But there are also a few hurdles. Customers’ adoption is one of them. In the Photos app, I can search for photos I took when, let’s say, in New York.

There’s timeline for helping users to rediscover places that they’ve been to, and the experiences they’ve had there. Location based experience are powered by a complicated array of sensors in the user’s device, but the experience at the end of it is really simple. Eddystone Beacon App Development Services - BLE Mobile Apps. Wearable Device Apps Development Services. Use of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in Healthcare. As per the study by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG), within next few years, BLE would be powering more than 10 billion Healthcare and Medical devices. The portable medical devices working on wireless technology were facing power consumption issues which have been solved at a great extent and the credit goes to BLE technology. BLE powered devices used in healthcare industry are gradually reducing the dependency on humans and the errors associated with them. These devices can provide the facility of early diagnosis of any disease and treatment of various serious issues ultimately improving the standards of healthcare and medical services.

Beacon Technology for Enhanced Micro-location Management. The location of a mobile user has become an important parameter for the businesses to increasing customer engagement, attracting new clients, managing operations and much more. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a leading technology for outdoor navigation, but when it comes to tracking object/person indoor; GPS doesn’t work because of weak signal strength. Here the Bluetooth low energy technology comes into the picture…Beacons powered by BLE has made micro-location management a reality; it attracts the right customer at the right time and does the relevant interaction based on the location of customers. To get the advantage of beacon technology, users just have to download the app and they will automatically receive the notification sent by the merchant when they are in proximity. BLE uses triangulation pattern to communicate with the Beacon and helps to provide accurate information about the object in the proximity.

Beacon Technology: Bridging the Gap between Offline and Online Retail. According to the research by Statista, the retail e-commerce sales that automated 2.3 trillion USD is expected to grow to 4.88 trillion by 2021. Sound impressive! The rise of retail eCommerce has brought a significant shift in customer expectation towards buying products and services. Online shopping platforms have prioritized customer satisfaction by offering personalizes shopping experience, user specific offers and discounts. This has put enormous pressure on the retailers to deliver seamless offline experience as well. Proximity Marketing: Location-based Advertising through iBeacon Technology. The global bluetooth beacon market size is expected to reach USD 58.7 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The introduction of next-generation software-based and virtual beacons is expected to boost the market demand.Bluetooth beacon is poised for large-scale adoption throughout the forecast period, with a projected CAGR of 95.3% from 2017 to 2025.

This may sound like numbers but the future seems promising for BLE technology. The goal of most of the marketers and advertisers nowadays is to cover every blank space with some kind of promotions or advertisements… But what is the result? Only a few percentage of this is actually analysed and draws an attention. Well, technology is expanding and iBeacon technology is the one that can help brands to advertise their product in a faster way. iBeacon Technology: What, How and where justified - Bluetooth Low Energy Apps. Use of Beacon Technology in Various Industries. Beacons, simply put, are small Bluetooth devices that transmit and receive information to and from other devices.

Beacons provides an excellent opportunity to businesses to connect and engage with their customers whenever they’re within their range. Leading Brands across various industries are leveraging the beacon technology to provide personalized messages and enhance customer experience. Beacons also help businesses to capture valuable customer data and insights such as visit frequency, buying preferences, etc. iBeacon App Development Services - BLE Mobile Apps. BLE iOS App — Things necessary for BLE Android communication. 4 Use-Cases of iBeacon App Development – BLE Android App. iBeacon technology developed by Apple company improves the user-experience on the iOS device and helps to obtain the information spontaneously based on the location, without having to create fuss looking for the information manually. iBeacon app development is necessary to take the advantage of this opportunity.

This technology is built on BLE which provides the new protocol for low power connectivity and opens up of new possibilities for indoor location, in-app contextual information, and smarter payments. It is the low-cost piece of hardware and ay iOS device can be easily paired with the beacon; moreover, it is the hand-held device which can be deployed on the wall or the countertop. It requires two simple things, a broadcaster (Bluetooth based iBeacon device) and the receiver (iOS device with the app). Bluetooth Smart : Shaping the Future of Retail - Bluetooth Low Energy Apps. Tops Phones That Supports Bluetooth Low Energy Android – BLE Android App.

Bluetooth Low Energy Apps: 5 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development. iBeacon is the name of Apple’s technology standard, which enables the mobile apps to listen signals from beacons from the physical world and react accordingly by sending hyper-contextual information. The platforms and infrastructure behind the tiny wireless sensors can be quite complex.

Every latest technology demands time to explore the potential outcomes; the same happened with beacon. Beacon App Development Services - BLE Mobile Apps. Wearable Technology : Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry. Internet pioneer and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once said, “Software is eating the world” i.e. information technology is transforming the structure and sociology. Let’s face it: A decade ago, hospital was the scary place for the patients and understanding the medical terms, consulting doctors and updating patient information was bit challenging. Use of Geofencing Apps for Location Based Targeting. With the increase in mobile phone penetration in the lives of users, integrating location-based service in the mobile app can result in the monumental shift and can open new avenues for your business. As per the report by Markets and Markets, location-based service is forecasted to grow to $39.87 billion by 2019 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.5%.

Use of Beacon Technology in Retail Industry. Smart Home : Intelligent Home Automation Technology. You come back to your abode after a long tiring day and it greets you “Good Evening – your cup of brewed coffee is ready; switches on the lights and plays your favorite soundtracks; bakes for you the perfect slice” Are we being imaginative??? Not at all! Omni-channel Marketing Using Beacons. Using Beacons in Warehouse for Asset Tracking and Management. Wearable Technology : Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry. Smart Home : Intelligent Home Automation Technology. Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing with Beacons. Top Internet of Things (IoT) Trends to Watch Out For In 2018. Gist about bluetooth smart by BLE Android. Beacons : Blurring the Lines between Physical and Digital World. Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 To Scale New Business Heights ~ Bluetooth Low Energy Apps.

Gist about Bluetooth Smart - Bluetooth Low Energy Apps. Glimpse%20of%20ble%20communication%20in%20ble%20ios%20app by BLE Android. BLE iOS App — Glimpse of BLE Communication in BLE iOS App. Smart Locks: Opening Doors for the Keyless Future. Ble technology to transform education industry by BLE Android. Improve your business roi with bluetooth low energy ios app by BLE Android. Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. BLE App Development on iOS Explained - BLE Technology To Transform Education Industry. Things to know before developing ble android app by BLE Android. BLE Technology and Mobile Applications - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Make Your Product, A Smart Product. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Competitive Advantage -

Use of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in Healthcare - Smart Retail: Proximity Marketing With Beacons - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Revolutionizing the Retail Industry. Ble technology the future of retail industry by BLE Android. Use of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in Healthcare - Use of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology in Healthcare - BLE Technology and Mobile Applications - BLE App Development Company. Using IoT to Offer Enhanced Customer Experience - Role of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in Wearable Technology - Bluetooth 5 and The Internet of Things - Smart Locks: Your Entry to the Keyless World - BLE Mobile Communication. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Make Your Product, a Smart Product - Bluetooth Smart To Make Better Future - Bluetooth Low Energy Apps. BLE iOS App — BLE Technology - The Future Of Retail Industry. Things To Consider While Developing BLE iOS App – BLE Android App. Interesting ble powered applications by BLE Android.

BLE – Concreting Its Path Via BLE Mobile App ~ Bluetooth Low Energy Apps. BLE Mobile. Internet of Things. What is BLE? by BLE Android. How ble android applications help in growing business by BLE Android. BLE iOS App — What is BLE?