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Search Results. GreyHybrid GalaxyTask 9.x Theme. (Apps) 7 aug: Doc's optimized apps collection, Launcher2, Android 3.2. [30.Nov.2011][ROM][P75xx] ◄► Overcome 10.1 Series v2.1.1◄► Recovery v5.1.2.6 ◄► At long last, Android 3.2 has come to the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

[30.Nov.2011][ROM][P75xx] ◄► Overcome 10.1 Series v2.1.1◄► Recovery v5.1.2.6 ◄►

Version 2.0 of the Overcome 10.1 Series ROM marks the first release of the rom based on Android 3.2. For the P7500, the base was graciously provided to us by brucewein and advocator, as well as the country of Israel. That said, this version unfortunately lacks a lot of locales. In it you will find English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Korean – no more, no less. Hopefully sometime in the near future we get a release from Europe/Asia that will feature many more locales. For the P7510, we have the now infamous UEKMM build, the “official” US release that was yanked. On to features in this release – well, the most obvious is Android 3.2 But there are a lot more niceties to be found.

Along with those apps, I have brought an oft requested feature over from the stock HC experience – it’s animations. First, for the P7500 folks, there is unfortunately NO extended power menu at this time. Teamovercome Galaxy Tab 10.1. [GUIDE][APP Now In Market] Unlock for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [11-14-11] [GUIDE][APP Now In Market] Unlock for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [11-14-11] So I managed to unlock my T-Mobile Tab 10.1 over the weekend and I discovered that it works on ATT at 3.5G speeds.

[GUIDE][APP Now In Market] Unlock for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [11-14-11]

My Tab has several files in the /efs/ folder that weren't there in my previous Samsung phones. Unlock App for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with a hex editor BTW... I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your phone.... Before you start... if you don't have root you WILL need it. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF THE /efs/ FOLDER Step 1. - Retrieve nv_data.bin file use "adb shell" or a terminal emulator to get a terminal prompt and run the following commands Code:

[ROM][29 Nov][CWM] BinDroid Gtab KK4 3G V1.0 Themed. [ROM][27 Nov][CWM] BinDroid Gtab KMM Wifi V3.3 Themed. [GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough] [GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough] A big thanks to RoboBear, tphillips, Lorddeff07, and anyone else that has helped make this happen.

[GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough]

I try to make my guides simple and straightforward so that the average user can root their device. I show every detail and walk you through the process. This guide is a complete video walkthrough on how to root the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi with edits based on the issues that some may run into with previous guides. Without further ado, let's get started! How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1 the Easy Way! There’s a newer, easier method to root your Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead the old method.

How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1 the Easy Way!

This one is pretty simple. First, you will need Windows computer. If you don’t have one, borrow a Windows laptop from your friend or family member. Second, make sure you’ve installed Galaxy Tab 10.1 Windows drivers. (Download it here) Third, put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into ODIN download mode by holding down both Power Button and Volume Down buttons. Fourth, download the file and unzip: [GUIDE] How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video Walkthrough] "LOOK" Here First {List} Roms/Kernels/Mods/Themes/FAQ'S *Update 27/09/11* "LOOK" Here First {List} Roms/Kernels/Mods/Themes/FAQ'S *Update 27/09/11* This thread is here to make the lives of every one just that much easier.

"LOOK" Here First {List} Roms/Kernels/Mods/Themes/FAQ'S *Update 27/09/11*

Will try to keep the first and reserved posts as up to date as humanly possible. Please ask all questions in relation to issues you are having following the FAQ instructions to make it easier to answer your questions and easier for us to track the solutions that way the FAQ post is as up to date and accurate as possible. As the GT10.1 landscape changes this thread will get updated. I will try and keep everything as simple and to the point as possible. Turn device off. Just tap volume up when you have highlighted the android robot icon. Vol. up/down to navigate up or down and power button to select. This is what you use to install ROMs/KERNELs and even themes for your specific roms when they become available. Don't worry about losing your apps as you can always re-download them once you sync your device with your google account.

P7500XWKK4 [03.11.2011][Android 3.2] [ROM][27 Nov 2011][3G only][HC 3.2]Ganbarou GT V0.4[P7500XWKK4] Its booted and runinng but im having problems getting it smooth.

[ROM][27 Nov 2011][3G only][HC 3.2]Ganbarou GT V0.4[P7500XWKK4]

Just as the DXKI2 firmware. I wiped my device via CWM, factory reset, wipe cache and dalvik, formated system, data, cache. then i flashed DXKI2 with odin and then factory reset and iinstalled your build. So i installed on clean system. What was the reason for choosing DXKI2 as rom base? I have tried that firmware for days and tried various solutions for getting it to run as smooth as KI1, but not succeded. Nexus 5- Vanir Nightlies Sony Xperia Z - Paranoid Android ( Still under my roof as I gave it to my son ) Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 LTE- Rooted Nexus 7 - Paranoid Android Retired Android Phones: Nexus one, HTC Legend, SE X10, HTC Desire, Galaxy S I9000, HTC Desire HD, Nexus S, SGS 2, SGS 3, SGS 4, Nexus 4Retired Android Tablets: Archos 70IT, Toshiba Folio, POV Mobii 10.1, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500, Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000.