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Texture Packs. The Minecraft texture pack customizer. ▲ ALBION 64x Texture pack ▲ V 2.25 22/8 ▲ Aether 1.0.2 ▲ MC customizer! ▲ Aircows! ▲ Wow, my account was hacked...XD Most of the information in the OP is lost, here is a quick substitute.

▲ ALBION 64x Texture pack ▲ V 2.25 22/8 ▲ Aether 1.0.2 ▲ MC customizer! ▲ Aircows! ▲

Cheers...C: In the last 2 years or so (regrettably with a biggg hiatus though) I've been working on a 64X64 pack, loosely based on a 1995 RPG game called Albion. Here are some screen-shots and a couple of videos (the pack is a work in progress, the actual look might change from those)...C: This pack consists of two different variants, one light and royal, one dark and more sinister. Kenget AlbionDark and sinister, this suits survival players more. Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:MOD SUPPORT] (1.7 BETA) A double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures.

Faithful 32x32 Pack [UPDATE:MOD SUPPORT] (1.7 BETA)

(Screenshot by Gimlao) Download Links A few mod textures are missing, but are being worked on. [32x][1.7.x] DokuCraft 2.5 [Free to use] Looks like 1.8 will be with us within the next few weeks.

[32x][1.7.x] DokuCraft 2.5 [Free to use]

This is likely to restore my interest in the game so I may return to continue this pack. ( no promises ). However if I return I will reduce the pack to default Minecraft content only and no longer support any mods. Obviously the continuation thread can still continue, the guys there are doing a great job, but I would like to finish my own vision of Dokucraft, keeping the 3 seperate downloads for Light, High and Dark, rather than a customiser. [16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x][1.7.3] LB Photo Realism, Another Update for the x512 7/29/11.

Supporting the Union. ^^ I'm currently working on quite a few side-projects.

[16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x][1.7.3] LB Photo Realism, Another Update for the x512 7/29/11

If you're interested in the only one I'm able to show right now here's a link to a video.


Letsplay. MINECRAFT. Let’s say you’re Neo, and you were the first person ever to come up with the idea of a novel.


It’s like a short story, but longer, and you’re really proud of it. Trinity then runs up to you and takes one of the few printed copies of your novel. You don’t want her to do that, as you paid good money to have it printed, and was hoping to get that money back, so you taze her. Trinity tried to commit theft. She sulks for a bit, then asks if she can borrow one copy to read it.

She sobs for a bit more, then starts writing her own novel. I am fine with the concept of “owning stuff”, so I’m against theft. I am mostly fine with the concept of “selling stuff you made”, so I’m also against copyright infringement. But there is no way in hell you can convince me that it’s beneficial for society to not share ideas.

TOOLS. ‪Polarized Planet Image in Minecraft: How To‬‏ How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas. Scene opens to solar winds gently blowing intergalactic tumbleweeds past the open porch door.

How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas

An eerie quiet blankets the solar system. We don’t know about you, but ever since those astronomers kicked Pluto out of the party, we’ve been feeling mighty lonely over here on planet Earth. But wait! We’ve just the solution: Our pal Dirk wrote up a tutorial that shows you how to turn any panorama or landscape photograph into a full-fledged planet! Best of all, once you’ve selected an image to work with, the process takes only 5 minutes. There are special moments in the life of any photographer that suddenly change his view of his hobby (or profession). MineConics. Brickify. [Beta 1.7.3]AJ's Redstone Simulator [v2.0] (Selection! Pistons Pause!)

This project has been abandoned due to lack of time to support it.

[Beta 1.7.3]AJ's Redstone Simulator [v2.0] (Selection! Pistons Pause!)

It was abandoned in September 2011. Soon afterwards, Creative Mode was released, which nullified most benefits to this program. This post is left here as a reference to my post. Selection tools are now available for your use! Pistons respond to pausing and ticking! I'm starting on the "promotional"/how-to video now that selection tools are out. Plugin List. [FUN] ChessCraft v0.3.3 - Play Chess [1000. Minecraft Forum. TECHNICAL STUFF. <div class='message error'><strong>Javascript Disabled Detected</strong><p>You currently have javascript disabled.


Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. </p></div><br /> Latest News Article Meet with Mojang, at Blockholm Next Thursday, April 17 at 11:00 CET, most of the Minecraft team, parts of the Scrolls team, and a bunch of other Mojang peeps will head over to the Blockholm exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design here in Stockholm. A general redstone section for discussing redstone mechanisms, tutorials and discussing the properties of redstone itself. Please log in to post a topic. Kanal von roboticaust.

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Working... roboticaust. ‪Kanal von jigarbov‬‏ CLIPS. Theoretics. Piston wire - fast vertical transmission of signals using pistons. Reversible Signal Generator. One of the EXTREMELY COMMON questions on this forum has been people indirectly asking how to go about making a Retracting piston-door like on Jeb_'s piston demonstration video.

Reversible Signal Generator

The snag people hit when making this is that although they can get the pistons to extend without issue, getting them to retract again is problematic. They need to extend "A first, then B", but then retract "B first, then A". ‪The Redstone Device of Many Uses!‬‏ ‪1 7 3 2x2x3 T Flip Flop‬‏ Piston Circuits. Grizdale's Piston Logic Compendium. Hello fellow Redstone Engineers just me trying to make a list of all the new logic gates that are being found.

This thread has turned out to be hugely popular and the improvements to redstone circuitry just keep coming in all these circuits are hugely improved on previous versions and that is not just in size almost all of these circuits are also hugely improved in speed. I am keeping all the gates in spoiler tags since it would take up A LOT of room otherwise. "AND" Gate (Made by ohmganesha) Spoiler: ok first lets start of with what is easily the biggest and most used logic gate The "AND" gate with pistons you can make it 3*2*1 which is half the size it was before. it does also have the nice advantage having 0 delay which is always a plus Note: ohmganesha is not the first person to create this but as ohm did not mention who or post any links I don't mind giving the credit to ohmganesha for pointing it out. ‪1 7 3 Updated Simple Circuit Gallery‬‏ Farms, industry. Minecraft - The Grid - Mob Farm Extreme - Over 140,000 items/hour.

Minecraft - Pocket Mob Farm v2 - Tiny size - HUGE production! SlimeBallFarm. Find Slime spawning Chunks. Online Map Generator Link: Old Slime Finder: Version Compatibility: The logic of the app has not been modified since the app's release, because the slime chunks have remained the same since then. For this reason, I will now only add a note if the app stops working. ‪Minecraft 1.7 Automatic Wheat Farm Using Pistons‬‏ ‪Minecraft 1.7 Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Using Pistons‬‏ ‪Minecraft with L!sette: Automatic 360 TNT Cannon‬‏ Gadgets, Transport. Entity's Piston Elevator. Piston elevator. Minecraft: Super Compact Piston Elevator. More square. ‪Fast Minecraft piston elevator tutorial‬‏ ‪Compact Piston Elevator Tutorial‬‏ ‪Minecraft Two-Way Piston Elevator‬‏ Piston elevator using stairs. The videos below were created by jamesbwatt and posted with his permission, they show an 100% glitch free piston elevator capable of reaching speeds faster or as fast as that of the now broken boat elevators.

It works as follows quoted from the video description: Quote * Explanation* When a piston pushes a block into the player, the player will be displaced by the width of the block. When a player is pushed into stairs, they will "walk" up the stairs at the speed of the piston rather than having their legs crushed as you may expect. The pistons are stacked with blocks like so: PS__BP PB__SP PS__BP P=Piston S=Stair facing inwards B=Any block not affected by gravity and so on so that the player is alternately pushed up the left stair by the right block, then the right stair by the left block.

Piston Monorail. ‪Tutorial: High Speed Piston Monorail‬‏ Minecraft warpcarts—travel at 220 kph (130 mph) ‪Minecraft - Tutorial - Light Switch [beta 1.7]‬‏ ‪Minecraft 1.7 On/Off Lights Using Pistons‬‏ ‪Minecraft 1.7.3 3x3 Piston Door (No exposed PISTONS or wiring)‬‏ ‪Piston Gate v2.0‬‏ ‪Minecraft piston creation #9: THE MEGA PISTON GATE (4x8 blocks!)‬‏ Simpler 3x3 Piston Door. Browse your computer drag and drop here Ctrl + V paste from your clipboard By uploading, you agree to our terms of service That file type is not supported! Supported formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF Imgur is home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

View full resolution Download full resolution The only difference with this door is the visible piston, I can live with it View full resolution. ‪Minecraft: Self building and repairing castle using pistons‬‏ ‪Minecraft Analog Clock v2: Tracking the Sun‬‏ [Minecraft] Minimal Boat Launcher TUTORIAL. Station Delta - Now with PistonPEZ Dispensers for 1.7! Before I dive right into Station Delta, a little info about its origins might help explain its unique, and somewhat awkward appearance. It all started with this big ugly gravel box, named Station Alpha. Minecart Station Assortment: 2-way through 7-way stations. All wires hideable. Minecart stations - Imgur. Albums. Minecart Rapid Transit Station v3.0 - Part 2 (Minecraft) SMP-Friendly Open-Air Minecart Station. ‪BRF009: non-PEZ Minecart Dispensers. Minecraft!‬‏ Giant Automated Minecraft Station - 1.7.3 SMP. "The BIG One" - Piston Elevator - Bedrock to Skybox (2x2 Car) I've been saying my designs can do Bedrock to Skybox for a while now.. figured it was time to prove it.

Full credit for the design goes to.. [NEW] "Ultimate" Piston Elevator Mk5 - The Slim One. Minecraft : 12hr Digital Clock - (Smallest Ever?) Daft's Fantas-Magical Counting Contraption (v2.0) Minecraft on reddit. Mizu Font Alphabet Font. Released Mods. 7.3] OptiFine HD_F (FPS Boost) 7.3][SP/SMP] Inventory Tweaks 1.22 (July 30) [V1.7.3] zombe's modpack (26 mods) [V4.31 upd: 28.jul] DJoslin's Creations - Minecraft Mods. 7.3] TooManyItems in-game invedit *July 1*

Marglyph's TooManyItems Create and enchant items in-game, including mod items.