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L'homme au harpon. "Art Girls" : L'ultime film catastrophe ? "Art Girls" est bien plus que cela !

"Art Girls" : L'ultime film catastrophe ?

Feedback form « price-of-secrecy. Music of the Spheres - An Interactive Sci-fi Web Series by Ruth Gregory. Share this project Done Share.

Music of the Spheres - An Interactive Sci-fi Web Series by Ruth Gregory

Miranda July Creates an App That Doubles as a Social Experiment. I Should Be Dead By Now I Swear It — Matter. From Comic-Con: A New Transmedia App That Blurs Reality. For 14 years, Keith Arem has built up a reputation as a top talent director for some of the world’s most popular video games, like Activision’s Call of Duty franchise and Transformers, and Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs.

From Comic-Con: A New Transmedia App That Blurs Reality

His PCB Productions boasts five recording studios in Los Angeles and proprietary technologies such as vocap, a voice-capture system that enables motion-capture actors to perform and do voice-overs at the same. More recently, Arem wrote four self-published graphic novels that have been optioned for TV and film, and just finished directing his first independent film, an action thriller whose title he’ll announce next year. Now he’s combining these arenas—the traditional narrative and artwork of graphic novels with the nonliner interactivity and world-building of gaming—into an iPad app, Infex iOS. Phrenic. Do not track - Participate.

In the following statement, a GIF refers to a short animation without sound composed of various images displayed successively within a loop and saved in a GIF format.

Do not track - Participate

You grant the producers (hereinafter named the “Producers”) of the “Do not track” interactive project (the “Project”) the non-exclusive, irrevocable and worldwide rights to use, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform the GIF thereof, in whole or in part, free of charge for the legal duration of intellectual property rights The rights of use apply for unlimited exploitation of the GIF, on any format and media, in any manner whatsoever, in connection with the Project and its promotion and especially online on the Project website (, and other partners’ websites including but not limited to,, The NFB and The Guardian launch Seven Digital Deadly Sins. An interactive reflection of our digital selves June 9, 2014 – Toronto – National Film Board of Canada An interactive documentary created by the National Film Board of Canada's (NFB) award-winning Digital Studio in Vancouver, The Guardian and Jam3, Seven Digital Deadly Sins invites us to take a momentary break from our endless stream of tweets, shares, views and comments, to examine who we are as moral creatures in the 21st century.

The NFB and The Guardian launch Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath and sloth: human behaviour has been seen in the context of the seven deadly sins for many hundreds of years. Today's digital world brings with it a whole new set of moral dilemmas. Many users still struggle with these new challenges: Is it OK to download that movie for free? Seven Digital Deadly Sins is available on, in conjunction with a special edition of The Guardian weekend magazine on the same topic. Associated Links. Language Learning Space. Karen. The Chatsfield – Conducttr. Watch Dogs Location-based Game.

This post discusses how to build a Watch Dogs-inspired location-based game using Conducttr, SMS and phone calls.

Watch Dogs Location-based Game

Note: the video is Rob developing an idea on the fly and you’ll see the mis-steps and retweaks as well as hear the thought process. How its Played Players find CCTV cameras around the city, text a unique code and watch pre-recorded video of a story unfolding at that location as seen by the CCTV camera. About. 42 Students Montreal and LA 2 Teachers 10 Stories 1 Rocket into space Working together each day to get a robot back to her home.


Students will research, explore and discover as the robot makes her way across North America. Robot Hearts Stories is an experiential learning project that uses collaboration and creative problem solving to put education directly in the hands of students. Wish for the Future - One Wish, One Hundred Years. Land of Opportunity. 20 Day Stranger. The social media universe is filled with peoples’ self-narrated lives—we curate the versions of ourselves that we want to project and then share them with our friends.

20 Day Stranger

But what might our stories look like if we weren’t involved in the telling? MIT Media Lab’s Playful Systems group has created an app called 20 Day Stranger that pairs two strangers together and shares each person’s story with the other for twenty days. The catch is that the story is filtered through phone data—what time you wake up in the morning, Google Street Views, Instagram photos from around your neighborhood, etc. The Devil’s Toy Redux. We Are Data: transmedia, datos y videogames — Documentales Interactivos y Narrativas Transmedia. Ubisoft, una de las empresas de entretenimiento mas reconocidas a nivel mundial, lanzará este año el juego “Watch Dogs”, una de sus propuestas mas interesantes presentada en la Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012.

We Are Data: transmedia, datos y videogames — Documentales Interactivos y Narrativas Transmedia

La trama de la aventura gráfica transcurre en el presente, en la Ciudad de Chicago, y tiene como principal protagonista a “ctOS” (Central Operating System), el sistema informático que controla la totalidad de los dispositivos tecnológicos de la Ciudad almacenando en su interior los datos de sus habitantes. En este contexto descubrimos a Aiden Pearcem el único ciudadano que ha podido hackearlo.

La idea de “We Are Data” es mapear la gran diversidad de datos que generan estas tres ciudades haciendo visible la masa de información a la que es posible acceder libremente en las sociedades contemporáneas hiperconectadas. Según sus creadores es una forma de tomar conciencia de la cantidad de datos que generamos a diario y de la importancia de tener un debate sobre esto.