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Producing Digital Content and Formats. How do you build and engage audiences around films and television programmes online?

Producing Digital Content and Formats

The film and television industry needs people who have ‘interactive’ and ‘new media’ skills in order to maximise the potential of films and television programmes across platforms. Course Overview As audiences turn into users, film and tv production companies need people who can maximise their presence online. Transmedia Week. Free Cortazar Experience “Cortázar Experience” is an interactive journey through moments of Julio Cortázar´s life, the argentine writer, enriched by the participation of all of us, active readers, fans contributors.

Transmedia Week

“Cortázar Experience” is a transmedia project being developed as part of the commemoration of the centenary of Cortázar´s birth, the seventy years of his arrival to Mendoza (Argentina) to be a professor at the National University of Cuyo, and the thirty years of his death in Paris (France). Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production. Are you a Writer, Producer or Director working in television, film, advertising or gaming?

Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production

Are you keen to connect with audiences? Do you want to take your work to the next level, whilst identifying fresh approaches to distribution and rollout? Thedriftproject. Learn Do Share is a global prototype developed and run at Columbia University - Learn Do Share. Call for projects. Marjorie Faulstich Orellana: Transmedia Events to Link Education and Social Good.

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana hopes that she and her colleagues in the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies can find ways to utilize entertainment and popular media to bring positive messages to youth about the links between education and health.

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana: Transmedia Events to Link Education and Social Good

To that end, she looks forward to bringing three media professional experts to campus this spring, as part of the Transmedia Storytelling for Health, Education & Social Good Speaker Series. The first talk will take place on Wednesday, April 23, with Katie Elmore Mota, CEO of Wise Entertainment and executive producer of the web television series, “East Los High.” Annenberg Innovation Lab. Show Your Work! Blogger Kit on Pinterest. Cross Video Days. Call for projects. Main criteria.

Call for projects

Show and Tell: feed-back for free - London's Interactive Factual Narrative meetup. Have a Great Idea for a Show? Apply to the Sundance Institute's Episodic Story Lab. If you have a great concept for an episodic project, either for TV or online platforms, the Sundance Institute is now taking applications into their second Episodic Story Lab.

Have a Great Idea for a Show? Apply to the Sundance Institute's Episodic Story Lab

For filmmakers and creatives who are into telling original stories with complex characters, TV has been the platform on which to do it. This is why the Sundance Institute began the Episodic Story Lab last year, to help writers cultivate and learn the skills it takes to construct a serialized program on TV and online through intensive training. This 6-day immersive experience takes place in the Fall of 2015 at the Sundance Resort in Utah. Ten chosen writers will work with show runners, TV execs, and producers, attend one-on-one story meetings, pitch sessions, and many other activities that will help them develop their projects. But it doesn't end there. Win 12 weeks in Vienna. Startseite - story:firststory:first. Online Educa Berlin 2014. Storyworlds Across Media - ARG-Reporter. Geschichten aus und in aller Welt – An der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz findet vom 30.

Storyworlds Across Media - ARG-Reporter

Juni bis 2. Juli eine internationale Konferenz zum Thema Storyworlds Across Media statt. Die Webseite selbst gibt dazu bekannt: The increased interest in the relation between media and narrative sparked by the development of digital technology and the recent proliferation of delivery techniques in the context of media convergence has reinforced the need for an interdisciplinary and transmedial narratology that studies storyworlds across media.

(verkürzt) … und beleuchtet dabei folgende Aspekte: Wer einen genaueren Blick auf das Programm werfen möchte, kann dies hier machen. Here's What The Future Of Storytelling Looks Like In 2014  Staten Island's status as New York's Forgotten Borough was thwarted Wednesday as hundreds of tech geeks and creatives arrived at Snug Harbor for the third annual Future of Storytelling Summit.

Here's What The Future Of Storytelling Looks Like In 2014 

The two-day event -- a kind of Ted Talks meets gaming convention meets Burning Man, because, obviously -- included Jonah Peretti and the brains behind Google Creative Labs and Product Innovation at Netflix hosting intimate roundtable discussions and workshops for the five-hundred invite-only attendees, a story arcade with the requisite Oculus Rift demos, and live performances. Multiplatform Writing and Production for Creative Media - London College of Communication - University of the Arts London.

During this unique and extensive ten-week course you will develop your own story into a live media production.

Multiplatform Writing and Production for Creative Media - London College of Communication - University of the Arts London

You will learn to evolve your story into a cross media brief, produce and launch your media, test it’s success and, finally, have the chance to pitch your project to industry professionals. Topics Covered Using social media for developing stories Digital technology Writing for multiple platforms Writing cross media briefs Producing media Launching media Testing the success of a launch Portfolio presentation Pitching to industry professionals Creative media content production Audience engagement New media environments Storytelling and active audience immersion Writing and production skills Rapid prototyping. Learn Do Share. London College of Communication: Transmedia Storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using traditional and digital platforms.

London College of Communication: Transmedia Storytelling

From an advertising point of view this means deconstructing a brand story and using each communications channel (TV, print, online) in the most effective way to reinforce and extend the marketing reach. This course, taught by an award winning advertising professional, will bring you up to speed with the latest developments in the advertising industry. Over five days you will create, write, and art direct ads for posters, print, online, TV, and radio. Each activity will require you to select the most appropriate concept and content and for the channel. Contented Ltd: Learning Innovation. Ontente delegates are selected following participation in our Whirlwind Labs. Apply for Ontente.


Vídeos de la conferencia interDocsBarcelona: Mandy Rose nos enseña a diseñar la cocreación en los documentales interactivos - Webdocs. Historias del siglo XXI. TransmediaMIXFutur en Seine 2014. What ? The Institute for Research and Innovation of the Centre Pompidou is welcoming the TransmediaMIX, a MIX between the BARCAMP and the HACKATHON formulas staged in order to co-create a transmedia proof of concept, a cooperative collaboratively generated artistic work, within an original Storyworld about CHANGEMAKERS and EDUCATION. It is a CHALLENGE during which we will also recontextualize the term transmedia with the help of online on site mentors and mediators. The work resulting from this cooperative event can be repeated with similar groups in other cultures and countries. The generic theme, “The agents of change and education” is now discussed online through social networks #transmediaMIX. Conducttr Conference. Program Schedule.

TransmediaMIX: a Transdisciplinary Hackathon in a... Registration, Paris. Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Please enter the code as shown on the image. Please select the date you would like to attend. Please enter a valid email address in the To: field. Please enter a subject for your message. Please enter a message. You can only send this invitations to 10 email addresses at a time. $$$$ is not a properly formatted color.

Please limit your message to $$$$ characters. $$$$ is not a valid email address. August 4th 2014 - Summer School - sign up! RIDERS Interactive Storytelling Summer School 04/08/2014 – 08/08/2014 Hosted by York University The Riders team will organise, for the summer school, a series of workshops, talks, and demonstrations, the aim being that attendants can collaborate with cross-discipline experts, gain new knowledge and practice, in order to further develop their own abilities within interactive Art and Storytelling. The focus of Riders Summer School is on developing these individual skills within the traditional story domains of Role-play, Film, Text and Graphic Illustration, then challenging the attendants to use technology, their knowledge and the experience of group interaction to create an original digital story output. Each group will choose the medium they wish to work on across the strands of Comics, Mixed Media and Role-play.

The Game about Love. Conducttr conference: Transmedia storytelling. By Valentina Ciarapica and Suha Hazboun. This post originally appeared on Transmedia Storytelling Berlin and has been republished with permission. During October, the Conducttr conference took place in London attracting creators, technologists, academics, producers, and all kinds of professionals involved in designing and producing transmedia storytelling projects. “Interaction” is the keyword that better defines this one-day experience: the program consisted in a series of talks given by experts and academics, but also involved several open mic sessions where people from the audience had the opportunity to spontaneously talk about their projects and involve other members.

Interactive Storytelling: 4th International Conference on Interactive ... - Google Books.