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What is Connected Learning. Ninth-grader Charles Raben has seen first-hand that by connecting the many spheres of his life -- peers, interests and academic pursuits -- new learning experiences can and will present themselves in both organized and unstructured ways.

What is Connected Learning

In the summer of 2012, Charles utilized his photography skills and the petition website to capture and share the story of Jerry Delakas, a longtime local newsstand operator who was in danger of losing his New York City license over a technicality. "I wanted to have that experience of creating change myself. " The petition-making process proved to be a life-changing learning experience for the teen. New Vision for Education, o cómo se construye la educación del futuro (con falacias)

El proyecto del Foro Económico Mundial titulado “New Vision for Education” persigue tres objetivos fundamentales: Comparar y contrastar los niveles de eficacia en Educación Primaria y Secundaria (en términos de resultados deseados y obtenidos) alrededor del mundoIdentificar “agrupaciones” (clusters) de países con contextos o perfiles similaresEncontrar soluciones escalables y transferibles El informe New Vision for Education: Unlocking the Potential of Technology, que está disponible en formato pdf y en formato web, recoge los resultados de este proyecto y de tan respetables objetivos.

New Vision for Education, o cómo se construye la educación del futuro (con falacias)

Pratiques des adolescents sur Internet et les médias sociaux. L'article de la Revue Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication prend appui sur certains des résultats de l’étude JAMES (Jeunes/Activité/Médias/Enquête suisse) menée en 2012, en partenariat avec les Universités de Zürich, de Lugano et de Genève.

Pratiques des adolescents sur Internet et les médias sociaux

The consecration of the selfie. A cultural history. Abstract (French version, pdf).

The consecration of the selfie. A cultural history

The term ‘selfie’ corresponds to a late process of identifying a set of photo or video reflexive practices, related to the emergence of an aesthetic of subjectivity. Exploring the articulation between autonomy of shooting and participation in the action, as well as the take-off produced by conversational uses, this article shows that a media controversy triggered this phenomena. In 2013, the denunciation of the narcissistic character of self-representation or disrespect of values and norms presents the selfie as a subculture. Blueprint for a Transmedia Classroom — Silverstring Media. On Saturday I was at DIY Days in New York, an event organized by Lance Weiler's Workbook Project as a gathering of creatives.

Blueprint for a Transmedia Classroom — Silverstring Media

I was honoured to sit on a panel with Laura Fleming and my Time Tribe partner Karen Wehner on using transmedia in education and for children. Education has always been an area I wanted to explore with Silverstring Media, back when I started in 2010. The panel, which we called Worlds of Learning, started off by looking at where education has gone wrong -- that one-way lectures and rote learning don't work, that schools are lacking for funding and teachers, that kids aren't learning the skills and technologies that will actually help them in the real world. It's a hot-button issue -- millions of dollars are being poured into trying to find a solution to these problems. Karen, Laura and I suggested that one solution is to use transmedia storytelling methods to engage kids in their education.

Engagement vs Passivity Reaching kids where they are. Transmedia in Schools and Libraries: Thoughts and Strategies from Tyler Weaver. Edutonica: Transmedia Storytelling, ARIS Game Tool, and K12 Education. Edutonica Friday, March 23, 2012.

edutonica: Transmedia Storytelling, ARIS Game Tool, and K12 Education

Transmedia in Your Classroom - Ctrl+Alt+Teach. In the Convergence and Schools series, I will be considering ideas from Dr.

Transmedia in Your Classroom - Ctrl+Alt+Teach

Henry Jenkins‘ book Convergence Culture: Where old and new media collide and discussing / converting those ideas into school implications and classroom applications. Read more about this series here. PBL Resources. Edtech. Digital Literacies. Critical Thinking Model 1. To Analyze Thinking We Must Identify and Question its Elemental Structures Standard: Clarityunderstandable, the meaning can be grasped Could you elaborate further?

Critical Thinking Model 1

TASC: Every Hour Counts: Document Library: Bringing Transmedia to Expanded Learning Settings: Emerging Practices. 12 Feb 2013 Topics: » Effective Practice, » Expanded Learning Time, » Families & Communities, » Parent Engagement, » Digital Learning This paper presents emerging practices by public media stations in implementing "transmedia" content in expanded learning settings across the United States.

TASC: Every Hour Counts: Document Library: Bringing Transmedia to Expanded Learning Settings: Emerging Practices

Introduction With support from the United States Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and Public Broadcasting System (PBS) are leading Ready To Learn, an initiative designed to develop and deploy dynamic new educational content to support math and literacy learning among children ages two to eight, especially those living in poverty. The Education Foundation – the UK’s education think tank Publications - The Education Foundation – the UK’s education think tank. Digital Colleges: the journey so far The Education Foundation in partnership with Digital Business Britain, IBM and the Association of Colleges (AoC) have produced a new report on the future of the digital agenda within the Further education and skills (FES) sector.

The Education Foundation – the UK’s education think tank Publications - The Education Foundation – the UK’s education think tank

A copy of the report is available to download HERE and was launched on the 18th November 2014 in Birmingham at the AoC National Conference by Gill Clipson, Deputy CEO, AoC and Penny Power OBE, Chair, Digital Business Britain & CEO, Digital Youth Academy and a gathering of top further education principals and leaders. The report was co-authored by Ian Fordham, Co-founder and Nathan Martin, Associate Director, The Education Foundation to identify the range of ways in which digital is transforming Colleges across their provision and an emerging roadmap for the future. Laura Park Gogia: The Coloring Book: Defining "Connected Learning" through Educational Research Literature. What is connected learning? I admit that I have always answered that question using the Connected Learning Research Network’s Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design.

But when I got systematic about it, and searched the academic databases that exist beyond Google Scholar, “Connected Learning” elicited a surprising number of peer-reviewed journal articles some that predated my favorite report by almost 20 years. So I opted to be systematic and review relevant literature in ERIC, Educational Research Complete (ERC), and Academic Search Complete (ASC). Jonathan Harris: 5 ways to appeal to millennials online. Digital Natives and Immigrants. This page originally authored by Jennifer Hanson and Andrew Jevne (2009) This page was revised by Sandra Netzel (March 2010) This page was revised by Kiersten Walker (March 2014) This page was revised by Sarah Fedko (February 2015) A digital native refers to an individual who has grown up using technology and is considered a “native speaker” of electronic media's digital language.

Students who are labelled “digital natives” are said to have a “natural affinity with technology, and seemingly, are able to effortlessly adopt and adapt to change in the digital landscape” (Waycott, Bennett, Kennedy, Dalgarno, & Gray, 2010, p. 1202). This generation of learner multi-tasks efficiently, works quickly, and favours interactivity while learning (Prensky, 2001a; Tapscott, 1998). Lance Weiler : le transmedia et le storytelling comme outils d'apprentissage. Réalisateur, producteur, professeur à Columbia et membre de l’Institut de recherche sur le futur du film de l’Université de New York (NYU), Lance Weiler se définit comme un « storyteller ».

Son métier ? Créer des contenus narratifs transmedia pour éduquer et inspirer, à l’image de Pandemic, présenté au festival Sundance en 2011 ou Body/ Mind/ Change, réalisé en collaboration avec David Cronenberg. Nous l’avons interrogé à l’approche d’un événement dont il est le fondateur, Learn Do Share, qui aura lieu à l’ESCP Europe (Paris) du 9 au 11 avril. Connecting Disability with “Connected Learning” Last month, the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, made possible by grants from the MacArthur Foundation, published a research report on the findings of the Connected Learning Research Network, a group led by scholars such as Mimi Ito, Sonia Livingstone, S. Craig Watkins, and Katie Salen. The Connected Learning Research Network, according to the report, is “an interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, designers, and practitioners to advance an evidence-driven approach to learning, the design of learning environments, and educational reform that addresses contemporary problems of educational equity.”

The report summarized an international investigation into the ways that new media, embedded within a strong network of social relationships, can support young people’s interest-driven learning and direct that learning towards traditional educational, economic, and political opportunities. Augmentative and alternative communication devices as “new media” Conclusion.

Pro Video Coalition - Opportunities for Transmedia and Education by Laura Fleming. The education market in the United States has long been constrained by a combination of red tape and an almost complete absence of cohesive standards across the country. Producers of educational software and curricular content have had to deal with numerous guidelines across all 50 states and have therefore had to adjust their products to meet a bewildering array of requirements at local levels. It was simply not an attractive market to enter. Consequently, until very recently, the single most influential force in terms of impacting what is taught in school has been a small exclusive group of large book publishers, who have enjoyed long term deals with school systems across the country, and indeed across many parts of the world, for many years. The increasing pervasiveness of digital technologies of late, however, has started to level the playing field and has enabled a more grassroots approach to begin to encroach on the market.

Digital Learning Day: Resource Roundup. Young digital makers. This report surveys the opportunities and identifies gaps and next steps for young people to create with technology across the UK. Key Findings 82 per cent of young people say they are interested in digital making. However, half of young people make things with digital technology less than once a week or never.Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of digital making. 89 per cent think it is a worthwhile activity for their children. 73 per cent encourage their children to make things with technology.We identified 130,800 opportunities to experience digital making provided by the organisations surveyed.

This is a long way from providing for the interest shown by 82 per cent of our survey, which represents a possible 8.2 million school age children and young people in the UK.Digital making is powered not just by money, but also by volunteers. This report explores the emerging field of digital making for young people in the UK. Partners in Learning Ireland › Transmedia Storytelling. 9 Steps for Using Digital Storytelling in the ClassroomLearn2Earn Blog. By Kristy Andre Turn the ancient expression of storytelling into an engaging task for your 21st century students by adding a media component. Called digital storytelling, this “is the practice of combining narrative with digital content, including images, sound, and video, to create a short movie, typically with a strong emotional component,” according to 7 Things You Should Know About Digital Storytelling, by Educase.

Not only does this help bring your classroom into the new age of educational technology, but it gets kids excited about writing and sharing their work. Introduce your students to digital storytelling with these nine simple steps. Jason ohler : Home. PBL for 21st Century Success. 12 Nuggets of 21st-Century Learning. Earlier this year as I was preparing for a series of presentations at annual school leaders and administrators events, several of my fellow EdLeader21 members suggested that I compile a list of my favorite 21st century resources -- tools and practices that introduce and encourage the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) in our schools.

It was great fun pulling this list together, and I'd like to share it with you. Nugget #1: The Plate I often tell the story of the Upper Arlington plate. It was a way for this Ohio district to talk about the core educational constructs "on" and "off" their 21st century "plate. " Language Learning Space. Partners in Learning Ireland › Transmedia Storytelling. Resources — InfoSavvy 21. An Outstanding Free Literacy Resource Using Video. @derekrobertson's...: If Vygotsky played Minecraft... Last week my daughters were playing with their friends. As a group they were all working together to make a movie and their efforts were industrious, noisy and committed. I listened in on their chitter-chatter and I could hear them make the story up as they went along and as the story unfolded, and as great ideas sprung to mind, they shared and accommodated them and collectively created their masterpiece!

At one point there was a disagreement and so I, being the skilled adult who knows better, intervened and suggested that they storyboard their movie and plan it in advance. I mean, that’s how we make movies isn’t it, that is the received/perceived wisdom from the educated educator who thinks they are skilled in such matters? The reaction from them was thought provoking. A few months back I was dragged to the cinema by my youngest daughter to see The Lego Movie. But, the boy is discovered in the basement by his dad!

Millennials and Media Consumption Infographic. Snapchat's new original series is called Literally Can't Even. Snapchat will premiere its first original scripted series tomorrow, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The show, Literally Can't Even, will star Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn. Index. Language Learning Space. New Media Narratives. 7 Transmedia Families merged with @Gestoried v1. Exploring English: Language and Culture — British Council. What level of English language do I need in order to understand the course? This course is aimed at non-native English speakers who have studied English to around intermediate level (approximately B1 on the CEFR).

Is the whole course really free? Yes, it is free to take part in the whole course. Is the course live or recorded? I am not based in the UK - will time difference be a problem? Foreign Language Education Learning with Video Games and Authentic Web Media Tasks. Digital Storytelling and Authentic Assessments. Digital storytelling is a powerful way to engage students in the writing process. Whether they are telling stories from a summer vacation or writing a persuasive essay on a community issue, technology tools can help motivate reluctant writers. Future educators. Interactive Storytelling for Education and Training. Transmedia stories and games explained - Dr Christy Dena - ABC Splash - Transmedia in Education. Transmedia stories and games explained - Dr Christy Dena - ABC Splash - Supervisão. Facebook And YouTube Account For Almost 40% Of All Mobile Internet Traffic - Business Insider. Transmedia Frictions: The Digital, the Arts, and the Humanities - Kindle edition by Marsha Kinder, Tara McPherson, N. Katherine Hayles, Lev Manovich, Yuri Tsivian, Patricia R. Zimmermann, Grahame Weinbren, Caroline Bassett, Steven F. Anderson, Stephen Dav.

Student-Centered Transmedia Inspired Language Learning Projects. Learner Experience Design in Transmedia Webspaces. COLLABORATIVE LEARNING AND SOCIAL NETWORKING IN FINE ARTS APPLIED TO DESIGN TRANSMEDIA PROJECTS. Transmedia: The Next Technology Flood. Transmedia storytelling in the academic library. Inside Curtin - Transmedia and Education: October 2014. ISTE 2014: The Future Tech That Excites Educators. James McSill on Prezi. Speaker Deck - Share Presentations without the Mess. Aspen Institute Task Force Releases “Learner at the Center of a Networked World” Augmented Reality Art - From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium.

2014 Transmedia Storytelling II - Lecture 1 by Renira Gambarato on Prezi. What happened in the planetary event of the Near Future Education Lab: the challenge of the Future of Education has started. InterDocsBarcelona: Mandy Rose (ESP) Videos from Transmedia for Good Speaker Series Now Available! Transmedia Digest - Storytelling Across Multiple Media. Transmedia Storytelling and the New Era of Media Convergence in Higher Education:Amazon:Books. Mapping transmedia success. Home. #7: Transmedia Storytelling: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement. New Qualitative Research. Vol 8 (2014) Table of Contents. Latitude — The Future of Storytelling. Henry Jenkins explains his vision of transmedia and audience engagement. Principles of Transmedia.

Defining Transmedia Storytelling - Australian Children's Transmedia Storytelling. The Future of STORYTELLING. SITE 2013:1 Contents. Technology and the Changing Nature of Narratives in Language Learning and Teaching. Journal of Educational Technology & Society. Marie Laure Ryan keynote speech 2013 ISIS Conference. SemioticaStudio » Transmedia Literacy Seminar II – The chronicle. SemioticaStudio » Transmedia Literacy Seminar II – The chronicle.

Program of the Seminar » Transmedia Literacy. Conferences.


Ts_projects. Reports_reference. Ts_education. Knerd. Why Transmedia is Catching On (Part 1) Transmedia: The Birth of a New Art Form. Transmedia Blog. Ideas Become Reality At The Storytelling Innovation Lab. Lastrefuge: #rhizo14: the Community is the Curriculum. The 15 Things I've Learned about Transmedia Storytelling. S Ultimate Guide to Transmedia. Transmedia Storytelling is Bullshit... Studies of the Remediation of Films, Comics and Video Games.