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15 Common Mistakes Teachers Make Teaching With Technology. 15 Common Mistakes Teachers Make Teaching With Technology.

15 Common Mistakes Teachers Make Teaching With Technology

31+ Mobile Learning Tips for Instructional Designers. There’s a shift happening in the world of instructional design, and the new kid in town is mobile learning.

31+ Mobile Learning Tips for Instructional Designers

Well, he’s hardly the new kid anymore—he’s set up shop and customers are pretty excited about what he’s got to offer. Learning anywhere, anytime? Redesigning Classrooms: Project Based Learning Not PBL Lite. I have a lot of recent experience of redesigning classrooms and I mean that quite literally.

Redesigning Classrooms: Project Based Learning Not PBL Lite

We are approaching the end of a BSF programme that has seen substantial new build and extensive remodelling of the whole school. We moved into the completed first phase in April 2012. View one of the new Learning Houses and the larger teaching/social space within it A computerised graphic of the school can be found here, it’s amazingly true to life: Due to the hugely inclusive approach of the Blackpool Transforming Education Team we were involved in discussions about the design of the school and helped make key decisions about the new buildings. Teaching With Web-Based Resources. Textbooks are a great source of reliable information and ready-made activities, but the content they provide can be generic and not particularly engaging for students.

Teaching With Web-Based Resources

By leveraging the instructional potential of web-based resources, you can increase student engagement, expose them to authentic content, and engage them in collaborative activities that trigger critical thinking and creativity. Following are six steps to get you started. 1. Select Your Website. What, Why, and How to Flip Your Classroom. The flipped classroom model is here to stay.

What, Why, and How to Flip Your Classroom

This model, although not a golden bullet, puts the student firmly into the educational process. Think back over the last few years that you have been teaching or learning about teaching. What did you do when you came across a new idea? Did you investigate on your own? Did you seek others who had experiences they could share? Every Teacher’s Must Have Guide to Facebook. Want to connect with your students in and out of the classroom?

Every Teacher’s Must Have Guide to Facebook

Consider bringing Facebook into your class as a collaborative tool. Can an Instructional Design Degree Help You Get a Job? Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education. Some educational Pinners to follow This is the editor of the famous blog cool cat teacher.

Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education

It has over 69 boards all with more than 600 pins. Some of her best boards include "Teaching Ideas and App", Collaborative Writing", and " Global Collaboration in Education ". A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom. Is Social Media Relevant?

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Take the Quiz Before we talk social media, let's talk about the relevance of social media by taking a quiz. Which of the following is most likely to be true? ☐ Should we teach letter-writing in the classroom? Kids need to write letters and mail them. The Social Media Answer. Introducing A Facebook Guide for Educators and Community Leaders. Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas. Although students are evermore connected to the social web, many of these networks remain out-of-class digital playgrounds where students congregate.

Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas

In a 2014 survey of 1,000 teachers, just one in five said they use social media regularly with students. Of course, it can be a challenge to incorporate social media into lessons. There are many gray areas for teachers to navigate, like setting guidelines, accessibility at school, and student safety. But to help teachers navigate this ever-changing landscape of social media tools, here are some of the best guides on the web for four popular networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. A Google Map of Freshwater Biomes. OnGuard Online - Concise Internet Safety Videos from the FTC. Is critical thinking a Western concept? Educators agree that critical thinking is a crucial skill for the 21st century, but is it harder to teach in some cultures than in others?

Is critical thinking a Western concept?

Burmese educationalist, Win Aung, argues that critical thinking has a longer history in the East than many have recognised. The British Council's Don Watson reports. According to IBM, 90 per cent of the data in the world was created in the last two years. In order to make sense of this explosion of information you need to be able to tell the difference between wisdom and sophistry, between timely words of warning and interest-driven scaremongering. That power of analysis is what’s called critical thinking. A comprehensive survey (see p. 308) of the world’s educational strategists' thinking indicates that critical thinking is one of the most important skills for the 21st century. Received wisdom indicates that critical thinking is embraced more enthusiastically in the West than it is in the East. Ideas for Productively Using Cells Phones in Your Classroom. Baixar os livros. Epubinclassroom [licensed for non-commercial use only] / ePub In Classroom.

The ePub format has become an industry standard for ebooks. You can easily create ePub books with your students or you can create units and entire textbooks for use with your courses. These resources will help you formulate your ePub format resources. Test ePub.epub Copyright and Fair Use Creating ebooks: PowerPoint from the presentation Creating ePub Books.pptx Converting Files. The complete list of all the text emoticons in the world : Cool Smileys. This list is our attempt to create a resource of all the text smileys and emoticons in the world. This should be quite useful – People currently use ASCII Emoticons in chat rooms, Emails and cellular phones SMS Messages. Don’t Fear the Internet. Teacher-Tested Travel Grants. Educators enrich their profession with globe-trotting experience -- and get funding to do it.

Teachers who travel bring back to their classrooms all of the experiences they had and passions they felt to inspire students and make global content come alive. By applying for grants, teachers can get these unique globe-trotting learning opportunities partially or fully funded. Free Computer Tutorials and Lessons at ThinkTutorial, Basic Computer Training, Computer Knowledge for Work, Beginners Computer Tutorials Lessons! Browse more than 1,442 free tutorials! Portugal. Cloud based, Lean and Complete LMS with an emphasis on Usability and easy Course creation. Free Technology for Teachers. The Twitter Guide for Teachers.

Twitter can be an incredible tool for both teachers and students when used correctly. As a teacher, your role in the process is to be professional, understanding, and as creative as possible. In regards to Twitter, the possibilities are as endless as you make them. At the Teachers Guide to Twitter you will find: How as a teacher can you effectively utilize Twitter, a creative writing lesson plan using Twitter, 15 creative ways to use Twitter in the classroom, and 17 videos on how as a teacher can you use Twitter in classroom! Justin Bieber has 40.3 million followers. Teach. The 21st Century. Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers.

eLearning Newsletter Issue #30 This week’s best e-Learning articles. SubscribeShareShareShareShareShare This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 30) 10 places where anyone can learn to code. 6 Second Learning with Vine: 22+ Ideas & Resources. The Macmillan Education Online Conference. European Day of Languages. Teacher Tech. Creative Commons License by Eric Rice via Flickr What is nice about a digital environment is the ability to differentiate. Classroom in the Cloud: Technology as a Learning Environment.

Slides Storytelling tools. At the Movies: Films Focused on Education Reform. Flipping Book. 5 Ways Teachers Can Use their iPads Professionally. Presentation Ideas. From A to Z: More on the Best INTERNET Sites for Teaching and Learning. Purchase or Subscription required for access Purchase individual articles and papers Receive full-text access to individual articles for $9.95 USD each. Dangerously Irrelevant  Safebook-tips.jpg (JPEG Image, 1349 × 1738 pixels) - Scaled (57%) 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer)

Write About. Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning. Commonlit. How to Find Creative Commons Images Within Edmodo. Five Minute Film Festival: Video Boot Camp. Flipped-Learning Toolkit: 5 Steps for Formative Assessment. A 60 Seconds Guide to The Use of Blogging in Education. A Clever Plan to Teach Schoolkids New Languages With a Free App.