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kaya na noite woensdag 31 augustus 2011 update 2 mother Earth Onze stille natuur.......Elke seconde kan een nieuw begin zijn van iets dat je pas ziet als je daar bent ? kaya na noite
Essa merece seguir viva no blog! Esta postagem de Setembro de 2007 traz um álbum de 1999 lançado pelo Studio One, com gravações do Wailers junto com outras lendas da ilha. Entre elas, como citado no post abaixo: Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, Lee Perry... Esse disco tem gravações raras de Bob Marley and The Wailers com participações de grandes nomes como Jack Sparrow, Ken Boothe, Rita Marley, Lee Perry, Delroy Wilson e muitos outros... Com tantos feras juntos, nem preciso falar que o Cd é ótimo! Smoke Two Joints Smoke Two Joints
Evidently Chickentown
There and Back Again Lane
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A-Flúor A-Flúor YEAR: 2013 LABEL: Odd Box Records TRACKLIST: 01 - The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Love Is A Poison 02 - Fever Dream - Teeth 03 - Tyrannosaurus Dead - Sadie 04 - Noun Verb Adjective - Kim Trailzzz 05 - The Wolfhounds - The Ten Commandments Of Public Life 06 - Flowers - Hide And Seek 07 - Gum - Sinking 08 - Year Of Birds - For The Record 09 - Cars Can Be Blue - Sick 10 - Giant Burger - S.M.I.L.E.S. 11 - Good Grief - Holding Doors 12 - City Yelps - Citizen Yelps 13 - Sock Puppets - Hey Honey 14 - Ace Bushy Striptease - The Bournebrook Emancipation Pt. II 15 - Humousexual - Octopus Hop
There and Back Again Lane
Originalmente postado em 4 de julho de 2008 John Dawson Winter III, mais conhecido como Johnny Winter (Beaumont, Texas, 23 de fevereiro de 1944) é um guitarrista e cantor de blues norte-americano. Johnny começou a se apresentar ainda jovem com seu irmão Edgar Winter, que, assim como ele, é albino. Seu primeiro disco ('Schoolboy Blues') foi lançado quando Winter tinha 15 anos de idade. Em 1968 ele começou a tocar em um trio com o baixista Tommy Shannon e o baterista Uncle John Turner. Um artigo na revista Rolling Stone ajudou a gerar interesse no grupo. Collective Collection Collective Collection
Many fantastic colors makes me feel so good ... Change is always hard. We get accustomed to doing things one way, and when something comes along to mess that up, our natural reaction is to revolt. It’s no surprise, then, that Microsoft didn’t get the warmest reception when it releasedWindows 8 last year. Designed to be an all-in-one operating system for both PCs and tablets, Windows 8 was a stark departure from previous versions of the OS, and required a steep learning curve that involved juggling between two interfaces and giving up some familiar favorites like the Start button, among other things. To address some of those issues, last month Microsoft released Windows 8.1. The update brings a series of tweaks and new features that generally make the OS better — though, if you found Windows 8 confusing, you still will in this new version. Many fantastic colors makes me feel so good ...
Small Town Pleasures Small Town Pleasures The FONTANA years 2This was the third album from the chapter two version of the Manfred Mann group featuring lead-singer Mike dAbo. The group is mostly known for their big and fine hit-singles during 1966-69 such as "Just Like a Woman", "Seme-detached Suburban Mr James", "Fox on the Run and of course the two included on this album "Mighty Quinn" and "Ha, Ha, Said the Clown".Their albums are all fine examples of early British pop-rock at its finest and really worth seeking out. All band members were experinced, talented and capeable of playing very different instruments and musical styles. This obviously shows on their albums and there is a great variety in instrumentation on their albums."Mighty Garvey" is probably their most consistent with fine original material from Hugg and dAbo, and apart from the "comedy" tracks "Happy Families" they stay away from their tendency to put in a couply of jazz-tunes.
Jamz for The Soul
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