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King Kong

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[Flashback] Les trucages de King Kong 1933 : Dans les coulisses d’une légende. [Flashback] Les trucages de King Kong 1933 : Dans les coulisses d’une légende Article Cinéma du Lundi 17 Aout 2015 Les réalisateurs Ernest Schoedsack et Merian C.

[Flashback] Les trucages de King Kong 1933 : Dans les coulisses d’une légende

Cooper ont su réunir des artistes exceptionnels pour mener leur projet à bien. C’est grâce au génie de l’animation Willis O’Brien, au spécialiste des effets optiques Linwood Dunn, et au bruiteur Murray Spivack que King Kong a pu prendre vie avec une telle vérité. Voici une évocation des trouvailles de ces trois magiciens de l’écran… Par Pascal Pinteau L’apogée d’une carrière dédiée à l’animation Willis O’Brien est l’un des pionniers de l’animation de personnages en trois dimensions. Malheureusement, le studio connaît ensuite de graves difficultés, car Edison est accusé de monopoliser le marché de création et de distribution des films. Le monde perdu En 1925, on lui confie tout naturellement les animations de The lost world (Le Monde perdu), la première adaptation du célèbre roman d’Arthur Conan Doyle. Production 601. Les trucages de King Kong 1933 : Dans les coulisses d’une légende. Search for "king kong 1976" - Film on Paper. Title.

Search for "king kong 1976" - Film on Paper

King Kong 1976 : la naissance mouvementée d’un remake inutile. King Kong 1976 : la naissance mouvementée d’un remake inutile Article Cinéma du Vendredi 17 Juillet 2009 Au début des années 70, Hollywood savoure le succès des « films-catastrophe ».

King Kong 1976 : la naissance mouvementée d’un remake inutile

Sortis tour à tour, L’aventure du Poseïdon (1972), La tour infernale (1974) et Tremblement de terre (1974) dominent aisément le boxoffice mondial. Mais après avoir décrit le naufrage d’un paquebot, un incendie dans un gratte-ciel géant, et un cataclysme à Los Angeles, quels autres sujets pouvait-on exploiter sans lasser le public ? KONGTOBER 19 — 1977 King Kong Lunchbox by Thermos. Remember the days when every kid at school had a metal lunchbox?

KONGTOBER 19 — 1977 King Kong Lunchbox by Thermos

The cool kids were lugging this one around… This King Kong lunchbox by Thermos was released in 1977 to coincide with the media blitz that accompanied the release of the movie. They sure got their money’s worth with the John Berkey artwork, as it appears on all sorts of merchandise. This image of Kong on Skull Island was used on some of the movie posters, but it’s nowhere near as iconic as the art of Kong straddling the twin towers.

Apparently, the artist, John Berkey, painted several versions of King Kong, but the art department wanted to make sure that the ape looked the same in all instances, so they literally cut and pasted the twin tower face onto the other paintings, like the one of Kong in the jungle and this one of Kong grabbing a subway train. This lunchbox is one of the newer additions to my collection. “Don’t be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Pinterest. King Kong (1976)  Film history isn’t a highlight reel of universally agreed-upon classics.

King Kong (1976) 

It’s an epic story. But some chapters of the story draw more attention than others. Secret Cinema is a column dedicated to shining a light on compelling, little-noticed, overlooked, or faded-from-memory movies from years past. Let’s talk about the films nobody’s talking about. The original King Kong hit theaters in 1933, and I doubt it could have been released much later.

But even as the world that made King Kong possible faded, Kong carried on, getting a second life through regular re-releases of the original film. History begs to differ, but unfairly so. Here’s the first image I encountered of King Kong in any of his incarnations: That’s a poster by John Berkey, a fantasy artist familiar to fans of science-fiction paperbacks and some of the less widely seen Star Wars posters. In a word: awkwardly. Walton Ford - Paul Kasmin Gallery. Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of nine new, large-scale watercolor paintings by Walton Ford, on view for the first time, at 293 Tenth Avenue.

Walton Ford - Paul Kasmin Gallery

The most monumental watercolors that Ford has painted to date, three of the works measure approximately 9 x 12 feet on a single sheet of paper. These nine paintings are grouped into two series of work: one comprising three portraits of King Kong; and the other six meditations on a passage from the memoirs of the ornithologist John James Audubon (1785- 1851). Both series were painted in 2011, and are consistent with Ford’s practice of expanding the visual language and narrative scope of traditional natural history painting. The first series, presenting three huge portraits of King Kong, is based on the 1933 movie co-directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Ford’s second series, which depicts a monkey capturing and strangling a parrot, was inspired by an unsettling passage from Audobon’s memoirs.

Les trucages de King Kong 1933 : Dans les coulisses d’une légende. The Censored Scenes of King Kong! Ten Valuable 1933 King Kong Movie Collectibles. Valuable 1933 King Kong movie collectibles include posters, lobby cards, movie heralds, jigsaw puzzles, Popular Science magazine articles, coming attractions glass slides, art stills and gas bomb props.

Ten Valuable 1933 King Kong Movie Collectibles

Hail, the mighty Kong! RKO Radio Pictures' King Kong debuted in New York City on March 7, 1933. Directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, King Kong features Robert Armstrong (Carl Denham), Fay Wray (Ann Darrow), Bruce Cabot (John Driscoll), Frank Reicher (Captain Englehorn) and Charles Weston (Sam Hardy) in the principle roles. Here are ten valuable King Kong movie collectibles that are sure to bring out the collecting beast in film buffs.