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The Catholic Heart WebRing The Catholic Heart WebRing Manager: deleteddeleted's profileDenominations and Sects > Catholic Just like in any religion, no two Catholics are identically the same; each bringing a part of their uniqueness to the whole. Members, in this ring, share about their faith, the parts of tradition they value most, their desire for traditional and modern Catholics to be united, just whatever things that are dear to their heart. And if any desire restoration, the best place to start is when we 'set self aside' to listen for the heart.
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Manager: genessagenessa's profilePerforming Arts > Musicals Find in this ring sites personal, academic and/or commercial pertaining to any aspect of the Broadway Musical, be it the professional or fan-created site of an actor who has performed on Broadway, the home page of a theatre or performing troupe, reviews or general information. Pictured: a used 1911 postcard titled "Ina Claire In The Quaker Girl," which reads, on the back, "The Musical Comedy Success On Three Continents. Broadway Musicals WebRing Broadway Musicals WebRing
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Manager: cartoonsurfcartoonsurf's profileCartoons > Warner Brothers Add your site to the Looney Tunes Greatest Web Ring, it will be easier to find your url and it would increase your traffic! Besides what is greater than Looney Tunes? You got it! Want your site featured in this ring? Looney Tunes' Greatest WebRing Looney Tunes' Greatest WebRing
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Legal History WebRing Legal History WebRing Manager: Social Sciences > Anthropology and Archaeology This webring is for websites on legal history in general, regardless of time and place, whether ancient, medieval or modern legal history, of any country around the globe, such as Roman Legal History or Anglo-American Legal History, — and last, not least the Early Legal History of Israel (1441-961 BCE), with the Tablets of the Law of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai, the first legal document in alphabetical script, chosen as logo for this ring.
Animation Online WebRing Animation Online WebRing Manager: system2system2's profileComics and Animation > Cartoonists A webring of professional animators wishing to showcase their work, and get in touch with others in the business. Also one of fans of animation, wishing to share their website with like minded people. This ring is the ultimate guide to the best animation sites on the net! Here you will find news, festival guides, techniques, tutorials, downloads, behind the scenes coverage, software and book information, pictures and videos, and much more!
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Gnostic Ring Gnostic Ring Manager: alicornaalicorna's profileReligion & Beliefs > Gnosticism Gnosis (from one of the Greek words for knowledge, γνώσις) is spiritual knowledge and human liberation. Gnosis is a transcendent as well as a mature understanding.
Manager: opossumsal1opossumsal1's profileReligion & Beliefs > Angels "The Most Popular WebRing on Angels" - since 1996! This angel ring has been dedicated to find, collect, and link the best angel sites which offer the very best in angelic art, music, poems, inspiring messages, heart-warming stories, and insightful discussion. Angel Sites WebRing Angel Sites WebRing
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