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LastFM. Carpatho-Rusyn Community. My FindLaw. Linked In. SU. Reddit. Topic Craze. Topix. The Free Dictionary Language Forums. Pearltree People. Crime & Federalism. Dallas-News. Fox Nation. NewsOK. WSJ Community Profile. We're sorry, your corporate account does not support this type of functionality.

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To set up your profile, you can Register for Free Or become an individual subscriber now to gain full Journal access. Your account type requires additional information before we can set up your profile. Please send your login username and your real first and last name to This feature requires membership in the Journal Community. Become a member to get the most from your Wall Street Journal experience. Darwin Awards Submission. Ready to make your Nominee famous?

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Write it up! Even better than an exact copy of the news report! The creative reader is encouraged to take a stab (heh heh) at writing the story in faultless wry prose. Roll up your sleeves, warm a beverage, and spend time describing the nomination. Your insights help me write a better story. Extract relevant details from the source (and your memory) and explain the circumstances in full Darwinian glory. Once your nomination is submitted, it will be reviewed by a panel of volunteer moderators who will either promote it to the Slush Pile or explain why they didn't. Clipmarks. Folkd. Submit a New Link to Folkd. Rollyo. Crowdspoke. Blakelylaw's Diigo Public Library. Digg - Submit a link.

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For more than 10 years, ChefMoz was the largest international online directory of restaurants and reviews, covering more than 300,000 restaurants in 142 countries. Unfortunately, due to persistent hardware issues and a lack of resources, we have been forced to make the difficult decision to place ChefMoz on an indefinite hiatus. We would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the thousands of volunteer editors who devoted countless hours toward building ChefMoz, as well as to the tens of thousands of members of the public who submitted reviews and added restaurant information.

Your altruistic efforts created a tremendously valuable, freely-available resource, and exemplified the highest ideals of the web community. Dmoz Open Directory Project. MusicMoz. The Opinionated Beer Page. OU Alumni Association. The OU Alumni Store offers all the latest in Sooner merchandise, including the All-State Sugar Bowl Championship gear you'll want to have and the official Sideline Gear Collection from Nike.

OU Alumni Association

In addition, you'll find clothing, accessories and all things Sooner for men, women, children, and even your favorite pet. Gift certificates are available, and online shopping is convenient 365 days a year. Join the OU Alumni Association and receive a 15 percent discount on all OU Alumni Store products. Mail Order Gardening Guide. The Garden Watchdog is a free directory of 7,705 mail order gardening companies.

Mail Order Gardening Guide

Here gardeners share their opinions on which companies really deliver on quality, price and service. After you review the Introduction and Acceptable Use Policy, you can share your own mail-order experiences, or use our search and browse features to find reputable sources for all your gardening needs. Are you looking for a particular plant? Check out PlantScout to find vendors offering the plant, seed or bulbs you're seeking! For local gardening resources, visit our new Go Gardening feature. Yahoo! Smileys.

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The Eclectic Walrus. A newly discovered species of giant orb spider, named after Charles Darwin, weaves super-strong, super-sized webs.

The Eclectic Walrus

The silk of Madagascar's Darwin Bark Spider is the strongest, most energy absorbent ever discovered. It is strong enough to bridge rivers. Link. The Walrus Speaks. WebRing Forums. Epinions. Ripoff Report. Get Glue. Gnooks Literature Forum. Gnovies Movie Discussion. Google Groups. Gozaic. Infiltration. Alternate History. Habsburg Discussion Network. Attorney Pages. My FindLaw. Blakelylaw ESPN Sports Nation Profile. FanNation. My Home Page. This has got to be the hands down winner.

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Most of those who follow sports have ssen the headlines by now that Jimmy Johnson, yes, THE Jimmy Johnson with NCAA & NFL rings, is going to be on the next "Survivor. " I'm still not sure I believe it; it could just be a mega publicity stunt. I just can't see Johnson, he of the perfect hair, as being the bug-eating type. Plus, he couldn't take his fishing boat with him. It just doesn't make any sense. Yardbarker. Blakelylaw's Yard. Member Since: July 20, 2007 Favorite Sports Movies: Rudy, Brian's Song Favorite College Team: Oklahoma Sooners Favorite Mascots Besides Your Own: Reveille (Texas A&M), Chief Osceola & Renegade (Florida State), Sparty (Michigan State), Oregon's Duck Best Beers to Watch Sports By: Shiner Bock, Michelob, Rolling Rock, Sam Adams, Budweiser Second Favorite College Team: Michigian State Spartans.

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