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Maintain the Quality of Your Curtains with These Handy Care Tips

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Beautify your Home with Custom-made Curtains. 5 Things to Know About Taking Care of Your Curtains. A regular clean is vital.

5 Things to Know About Taking Care of Your Curtains

A healthy curtain is of course much easier to clean. When it comes to remove a stain from this decorative item, the best results can be achieved with a thoroughly clean curtain which is totally free from dust. The first step for an effective and easy cleaning is therefore a good maintenance. How often do you clean your home curtains? 10 Tips for Caring for Delicate Curtains. You carefully select window treatments that compliment the décor in your home, including lace and sheer curtains.

10 Tips for Caring for Delicate Curtains

Cleaning and caring for delicate curtains can be tricky. These tips will help. 1. If the label has care instructions, follow them. Although most modern lace and sheer curtains can be washed by hand or on the delicate cycle in your washing machine, your curtains could be the exception. Best Tips for Drapery & Curtain Care - In Small Bathroom. Maintain the quality of your curtains and drapes with these cleaning and care tips.

Best Tips for Drapery & Curtain Care - In Small Bathroom

Caring for Your Window Treatments Both the selection and care of window treatments are important for the protection of your home furnishings as well as for your privacy, comfort, and personal preference. Care depends on the construction and fabric of your window treatments. The Basics of Cleaning Curtains. I've had my eye on some new curtains for our front room.

The Basics of Cleaning Curtains

They are gorgeous and will add just the right touch to this part of my home. As much as we love our curtains, sometimes knowing how to care for them can be a mystery. How often should you be cleaning curtains? How do you protect delicate sheers? Immaculate Curtain Cleaning. Vacuum Regularly Curtains, Binds and Drapes must be vacuumed regularly (at least monthly) to remove dust, dry soil and any insects or animals that might have set up home in your window dressing.

Immaculate Curtain Cleaning

Use the upholstery hand tool .This will not only keep your window dressing looking clean and fresh for longer, it will also increase the life span of this costly investment. Rotation Rotate the curtains were possible periodically so that fading does not turn into perishing along the lead edge of the curtain. Eventually all curtains, blinds and drapes will perish and rot but rotation were possible will make this more even and increase their life span.

How to Clean Curtains. Top Tip When hand washing curtains, use a mild laundry detergent.

How to Clean Curtains

Most good-quality brands offer a suitable option – we like Persil small & mighty Non-Bio. Regardless of your chosen product, be sure to wear rubber gloves if you have sensitive or damaged skin. How to Prolong the Life of Curtains by Mary Connolly.