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Claude Monet

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Monet - Artists - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives & Games. Claude Monet. The Kids Pages; Claude Monet for Children. Soft wonderful colours and the use of light and shadows is probably how most people would describe the work of Claude Monet, one of the greatest painters of all time.

The Kids Pages; Claude Monet for Children

His date of birth was in 1840 in Paris, France. His family owned a grocery business and naturally they expected their clever son to work for them as he became older. Monet had other ideas and he chose to follow his dreams of becoming an artist, much as many individuals do today. Painting and colours intrigued him greatly. When Monet was only 11, he studied at the Le Havre school of the arts and would sell charcoal caricatures for 10 to 20 French Francs. After the death of his mother when he was 16, he lived with a widowed aunt who had no children of her own. At the age of 21, he joined the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry for a seven-year commitment, because he sought adventure. Monet studied with Charles Gleyre during his early adult life.

For more reading and links to paintings visit the Web Museum site. Claude Monet: Facts and Information. Monet and Impressionism - Art History for Kids- KinderArt. Artist: Two Socks (TS) Title: "The Japanese Bridge" Level: Junior, MiddleGrades: 3-8 | Age: 8-14 | Written by: Judy Sassano [Judy is an art teacher at George Washington Elementary School in Camden, N.J.]

Monet and Impressionism - Art History for Kids- KinderArt

Summary: This lesson from Judy Sassano teaches students about Monet and Impressionism as students are encouraged to create their own Impressionistic painting. Objectives:Students will learn about Monet and Impressionism Students will learn about negative space Students will develop ability to use materials Students will develop imagination and creativity Students will develop ability to mix colors on a palette Vocabulary: Biography: Claude Monet Art for Kids. Biography >> Art History Occupation: Painter Born: November 14, 1840 in Paris, France Died: December 5, 1926 in Giverny, France Famous works: Impression: Sunrise, Water Lilies, Haystacks, Woman with a Parasol Style/Period: ImpressionistBiography: Where did Claude Monet grow up?

Biography: Claude Monet Art for Kids

Claude Monet was born on November 15, 1840 in Paris, but his family moved to the port city of Le Havre, France while he was still young. He loved to draw as a child. He began drawing caricatures of people that were quite good. Even as a kid he was able to make some extra money drawing pictures of people. Around the age of eleven, Claude entered a school for the arts. Moving to Paris A few years after his mother died in 1857, Claude moved to Paris to study art at the Academie Suisse. Women in the Garden Monet continued to paint outdoor scenes. London War broke out in France in 1870 and Claude moved with is new wife, Camille, to London.

Impressionists They organized an exhibition of their art in 1874. Monet Craft for Kids. This is the series of Great Artist books we're using in our classroom.

Monet Craft for Kids

They are written in an engaging way with lots of colorful examples of the artwork.Click Here Claude Monet is well known for his beautiful water scenes! This is a fun (and messy) finger painting craft that will leave children with beautiful results. The materials used are simple and you're sure to have them on hand in your art supply closet. I suggest you try this craft beforehand to get a feel for removing the tape. Hey Kids, Meet Claude Monet. Hey Kids, Meet Claude Monet from the Hey Kid's, Meet the Artist!

Hey Kids, Meet Claude Monet

Index Claude Monet was born in Paris, France on November 14, 1840. He was the second child of Louise-Justine Aubry and Claude Adolphe Monet. In 1845, the Monet family settled near the ocean in Ingouville, France. In 1851, Claude began attending school. Claude's mother died on January 28, 1857. In 1860 Monet was drafted into the military and sent to Algeria. Monet became known as an "Impressionist" - a title derived from his painting, "Impression, Sunrise ".

In his later works Monet continued to capture the affect of light.