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3 Essential Design Trends, June 2017. Sometimes a simple design tweak can move your website design from ordinary to trendy.

3 Essential Design Trends, June 2017

Each of this month’s trends is that type of technique, from tiny typography to geometric features to blurred imagery. Any of these techniques can work in a new design project or as an adjustment to an existing design. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1. “Tiny” Text Does it seem like oversized typography is a thing of the past? While there might be some concerns about readability when it comes to small text sizes, particularly for body text, smaller fonts are not a bad thing. Smaller typefaces feel somewhat softer and give the design more space for other elements for the eye to move around to. Balance is a concern as well. HTML Burger takes almost the opposite approach with a bold headline and small secondary lines of text. Mountain Dew’s NBA design pushes everything to a small scale. 2. New ways to layer elements has been steadily growing in popularity. 3.

News. Essential Design Trends, April 2017. It’s all about geometry.

Essential Design Trends, April 2017

The trend is design right now centers around interesting shapes and layers that combine to create stunning visuals. While there have been periods where squares or circles were the shape of choice, that has shifted to more interesting asymmetrical shapes, lesser used elements such as diamonds and layering of shapes of all kids. Page speed as a ranking factor: what you need to know. It’s official: Google announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index.

Page speed as a ranking factor: what you need to know

But what does that mean? There’s no beating around the bush anymore: you should work on making your site as fast and accessible as possible. Don’t wait, do it now. I mean it. The Evolution of UI/UX Designers Into Product Designers. What is a product?

The Evolution of UI/UX Designers Into Product Designers

Until recently, the term was only used in relation to something material and often found in a retail store, but nowadays it is coming to mean digital products as well. Apps are modern products. Apps are modern products. Moving to HTTPS - migrate from HTTP to HTTPS with ease. Endlich auf HTTPS umsteigen: Dieser Guide unterstützt dich dabei. Die Hürden, auf HTTPS umzusteigen, werden immer geringer.

Endlich auf HTTPS umsteigen: Dieser Guide unterstützt dich dabei

Der folgende Guide zeigt dir von Anfang bis Ende, wie es geht. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2017 - WpThemesChecker. What makes a theme worthy of being considered the best premium WP theme?

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2017 - WpThemesChecker

To better understand this, it’s critical to know everything WordPress has to offer in terms of website creation and design. WordPress has the distinct honor of being a highly configurable Content Management System (CMS), which was originally designed to address the needs of bloggers but eventually evolved into a platform that accommodates plugins and design widgets – adding not only aesthetic value, but also functionality. There are numerous premium WP Themes available on the Web designers’ market, including ones that ThemeForest offers, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the optimum one – especially when people’s needs and business demands are constantly evolving.

In addition, technology continues to develop, creating additional themes which better respond to changing user needs. 14 great free Bootstrap themes. Bootstrap is a free framework that helps you get responsive web design up and running quickly and easily.

14 great free Bootstrap themes

With Bootstrap, you can use HTML and CSS templates for web-based content like forms, buttons, navigation and more. You can also use JavaScript plugins. While there are a number of reasons to use free Bootstrap themes, the biggest are that it's easy-to-use and has a mobile-first approach. This makes it an excellent choice as the framework for a website builder. But it's not just for beginners; Bootstrap is great choice for experienced web developers too.

Learn about Typography in Bootstrap 4. In this article, we are going to learn about the Typography feature of Bootstrap 4.

Learn about Typography in Bootstrap 4

Typography refers to the various styles present in Bootstrap 4 style sheets which define how various text elements will appear on the web page. It shows how certain text elements are rendered when we use Bootstrap without including the style classes. 10 About Us Page Examples That Are Probably Better Than Yours. Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower.

10 About Us Page Examples That Are Probably Better Than Yours

It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all about creating compelling content. But it's that last part that's crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business. HTML | CSS | JAVASCRIPT. Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware Scanner. Choisir la meilleure solution e-commerce pour la Suisse. L'une des premières problématiques est le choix de la plateforme e-commerce.

Choisir la meilleure solution e-commerce pour la Suisse

Material Design. Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet PDF With Examples and All Classes 2016. Bootstrap 4 Classes List Reference Looking for a Bootstrap 3 Cheat Sheet? Go Now Click each column header to sort alphabetically. Pixels to Rem Conversion Table. SVG Line Animation for the Uninitiated – Bitmatica Lab – Medium. Today, we’re going to be animating an illustration created in Adobe Illustrator, using SVG and CSS. We’ll use a technique popularized by Polygon in their reviews of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. These are great examples of what is possible but we’re going to be working with something much simpler. Preparing Your Vector File. Guide for Using Typography in Responsive Web Design. Ever since Ethan Marcotte coined the term, we have been trying to figure out how a truly responsive website can be made. Five years after the term was actually defined and recognized, we now have a fair understanding of the theorems, the methodology that comes in to play in creating responsive apps.

Photoshop Style Guide .PSD (et workflow) - Stéphanie Walter : design et mobile, UX et UI Stéphanie Walter : design et mobile, UX et UI. Voici le fichier Photoshop de mon style guide de projets web. Vous avez été plusieurs à me demander ce que j’y mets, je me suis dit que je pourrais tout aussi bien vous partager le fichier .PSD. I contient des instructions de couleur, de typographie responsive, de boutons et éléments de formulaire dans les états normal, active, survol, des tableaux, alignements d’images, etc. Télécharger Photoshop Style Guide .PSD sur github.

BafS/Gutenberg: Modern framework to print correctly. - Le site spécialiste des logiciels de gestion de contenu web. HTML 5 Cheat Sheet - Including Free PDF Download. Posted at 13:04h in Web Cheat Sheets by Jamie Cheat sheets; don’t you just love them? I love them as they offer me a simple way to recall a software program or help me to learn a new skill.

Plus there’s always a useful keyboard shortcut to forget, a command you will just fail to remember, a newly introduced function that slips your mind or element you cease to think of. So to get things rolling with my up and coming series of HTML5 tutorials and guides which I will be sharing on I have spent the last few days creating this HTML 5 “Mega” cheat sheet for all you front end types to get your little hands on. Pourquoi Google veut-il le responsive design pour tous les sites mobiles ? 75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers. 10 creative event websites  

I love designing event websites. They’re ephemeral and almost always simple (no complex user interfaces here). This combination affords us a unique opportunity to test new boundaries of web design, to try a creative navigation pattern, test an unfamiliar layout, play with a interesting animation library or, dare I say, hark back to the days of Flash and ActionScript 3. Here, I’ve assembled a list of 10 event websites that are creative, inspirational and just downright beautiful. Check them out below. 15 effets CSS3 pour vos images. Vous l'avez constaté, la technologie Flash a quasiment disparu de nos pages Web.

Et c'est plutôt une bonne chose. Lourde à gérer et à modifier, peu ou pas du tout ergonomique, c'est à se demander comment on a pu s'en servir aussi longtemps. De son côté, le duo HTML5 et CSS3 ont fait d'énormes progrès, à tel point qu'ils sont devenus la référence. 75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers – cmd + T – Medium. A lot of these lists just cram everything and anything into the lineup. So, we decided to pick our designers’ brains to bring you the best resources that we are using on a daily basis. Feel free to add other useful resources in the comments below :) Images + Video 1. Simple Tips For Avoiding Working For Lower-Quality Clients. Lower-quality clients suck. All they focus on is how little they can pay. They make unreasonable demands for the amount of work they want you to do and how fast they want it done.

And they’ll inevitably ask you for the type design that you just don’t enjoy creating. Does this sound familiar? Then chances are you have suffered from working for clients like these. 15+ Best Flexible Multipurpose HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates 2016 - DesignMaz. 5 nouvelles Tendances Webdesign pour 2016. Nils Sköld a partagé dans son article sur Medium 5 tendances actuelles en webdesign pour l’année 2016, illustrées par quelques sites qui méritent vraiment le coup d’oeil ! Comme le dit Nils, bien souvent lorsqu’on lit le titre d’un article sur les dernières tendances en webdesign, on est déçus car la majorité du temps ce sont les tendances de l’année passée qui sont listées ou encore des choses qui n’en sont pas comme l’illustration dans les webdesigns ou l’emploi de typo (sérieusement, ça a existé de tout temps et ça le sera sûrement toujours).

Crème de la Crème - Blog. Créer des pages web en HTML et CSS, apprendre la programmation, réaliser un jeu vidéo … Toutes ces pratiques font désormais partie intégrante de ce que doivent maitriser les entreprises, et se révèlent même indispensables aux startups qui doivent être visibles sur le net. Et on a tous envie de savoir s’en servir, du moins les bases, sans forcément passer par une école spécialisée.

Building Themes with CSS4 Color Features - Cloud Four. I’ve been experimenting lately with a new way to apply color values in my CSS. Instead of setting explicit values for each color, I calculate the entire palette from a small set of base colors. Untitled. Die Entwicklung von Websites kann ein langwieriger und mühsamer Prozess sein. Besonders, wenn du einen Klienten erwischt, der keine klare Vorstellung vom Projekt hat. CSS Writing Mode. HTTPS Tops 30%: How Google Is Winning the Long War.

How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop [Tutorial] If you've spent any time on the internet at all, you've probably come in contact with an animated GIF. It's an image file that allows you to feature animated images that makes it seem like the image is moving. What IS Flexbox? Animation of Fall JavaScript Plugin Preview. Optimizing for Large-Scale Displays. HTML5 Cheat Sheet. Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines. Site Internet : 10 conseils pour rédiger un brief de qualité.

Mobile Menus

Skeleton: Responsive CSS Boilerplate. 50 trucs pour optimiser votre expérience utilisateur web. Facebook Design Resources. E par Geoffrey Dorne –Facebook nous donne ses gabarits pour créer. Resizer - Google Design. Joomla a désormais son plugin AMP. Tout savoir sur la maintenance d'un site web. The W3C Markup Validation Service.

Un menu en "vertical fixed" avec effet d'icônes en :hover. Responsive Webdesign: 18 kostenlose Tools und Extensions zum Testen deiner Seite. Conseils de base sur les URL pour les agences web. Responsive Web Design Testing Tool - FontReach. Creating a Website Design Strategy and Plan. How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business. EdgeAnimate. Working with Shapes in Web Design.

Le meilleur du web #78: liens, ressources, tutoriels et inspiration. Coverr - Beautiful, free videos for your homepage. 20 signaux d’alerte indiquant un besoin urgent d’améliorer le contenu de votre site internet. Graphisme : 200 sites indispensables / Graphic design : 200 Essential Websites - Design. Why learning to code can help you land any job. BOOTSTRAP resources. Front-end Frameworks: Getting Started with Bootstrap : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog. What Are Top Graphic And Web Design Trends in 2015? 9 Things Every Good Project (Portfolio) Page Needs. Twitter Bootstrap 3 Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners. New to Material Design? 12 Principles You Need to Know : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog. Responsive Navigation: Design-Trends 2015. Webmaster's Mobile Guide.

Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework. Your Questions Answered: How do I create a responsive dropdown menu with Bootstrap? : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog.