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30 New Modern Line Art Logo Designs for Inspiration. Line art logos are very simple and minimal design with modern art concept logos.

30 New Modern Line Art Logo Designs for Inspiration

Today we are gathered new minimal line art logo designs. 18 mockups de magazine PSD à télécharger gratuitement. Découvrez plus de 18 mockups de magazine PSD pour réaliser un rendu photo réaliste d'une brochure ou d'un magazine papier.

18 mockups de magazine PSD à télécharger gratuitement

Ces templates PSD de magazines vont permettre à vous ou vos graphistes de gagner du temps dans la réalisation d'un prototype pour tester une charte graphique sur différentes mises en pages ou encore de mettre en scène le rendu final de votre création. Les mockups sélectionnés représentent différentes mises en page : de la brochure ouverte de face en passant par le magazine photoréaliste en 3/4 face, j'ai essayé de trouver le maximum de vues différentes pour que vous puissiez trouver votre bonheur dans cette sélection. Fresh Free Resume Templates. New free resume templates, professionally designed with clean, minimal and creative style.

Fresh Free Resume Templates

This is a collection of fresh single page or multiple pages resume templates, portfolio page with cover letters. Resume templates are easy to use and customize, so you can quickly tailor-make your resume for any opportunity and help you to get your job. You may be interested in the following related articles as well. Subscribe to our RSS via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. News. 8 applications incontournables pour graphistes. 1.

8 applications incontournables pour graphistes

The Psychology of Colour. 21 free ebooks for designers. We've done some extensive research and found these brilliant free ebooks for you to download and read – but let us know in the comments if you've come across a good book we've missed!

21 free ebooks for designers

There has always been a healthy market for commercial books written by experts, and this isn't likely to change any time soon: sometimes there's just no substitute for splashing your cash and getting high quality content in return. That said, there's a growing movement towards free and freemium content on the web, and the quality of the content is often on a par with the books you'd part cash for. Obviously nobody can afford to print and distribute free books (with the exception of the excellent World Book Night movement), but in this age of tablets, smartphones and laptops the electronic book offers a fantastic, and very cheap, way to spread this content. So, with all that in mind, what content can you get for free in the field of graphic and web design?

01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. Design Thinking 101. Summary: What is design thinking and why should you care?

Design Thinking 101

History and background plus a quick overview and visualization of 6 phases of the design thinking process. Approaching problem solving with a hands-on, user-centric mindset leads to innovation, and innovation can lead to differentiation and a competitive advantage. History of Design Thinking It is a common misconception that design thinking is new. Design has been practiced for ages: monuments, bridges, automobiles, subway systems are all end-products of design processes. Combine black and white with color in a photo. Sign Up. 68 Mockups PSD à télécharger gratuitement pour Juillet 2016. ColorDrop. How to Skew a Circular Symbol in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to draw and skew a circular symbol in Adobe Illustrator. 1.

How to Skew a Circular Symbol in Adobe Illustrator

Create a New Document. 2. Select the Ellipse Tool, Left-click and hold Shift to draw a circle. Remove any Fill and apply a Stroke width of your choice. 3. La liste ultime des ressources gratuites : photos libres de droits, polices, logos, icônes... How to Make an Infographic in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates] Wouldn't it be great if creating infographics was as simple as writing regular ol' text-based blog posts?

How to Make an Infographic in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates]

Unfortunately, the reality is that making visual content like this usually takes a lot more time, effort, and let's face it -- skill -- than the written word. Usually. But considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual content in marketing today, you can't just afford to throw in the towel. That's why we decided to take all the pain and suffering out of infographic creation. Seriously -- don't throw in the towel just yet. Download our 15 free infographic templates here. Then, all you have to do is provide the content to use inside them. Would you rather watch this tutorial instead of read it? Click here to download your free infographic templates. [Vidéo] – 28 Tips & Hacks pour Photoshop CC. ZippList - The best sites to download free stock photography. 16 Templates PowerPoint vraiment magnifiques. Vous recherchez un template PowerPoint professionnel avec des animations de qualité pour votre prochaine présentation ou votre prochaine conférence ?

16 Templates PowerPoint vraiment magnifiques

Découvrez notre sélection de 16 templates PowerPoint animés vraiment magnifiques à utiliser sans plus tarder. Souvent utilisés dans des réunions ou dans des conférences, les templates PowerPoint animés sont nombreux et sont pour la plupart, il faut le dire, horribles ! Des vieux designs pouvant faire penser que notre ami Clippy, le vieux trombone de Windows, peut resurgir n’importe quand, même si nous sommes en 2016 ! Voila pourquoi, je vous propose de découvrir aujourd’hui une collection de templates PowerPoint animés, tendances, qui impressionneront les lecteurs de votre présentation. Dans cette sélection, vous en aurez pour votre argent ! Vous aurez ainsi toutes les possibilités pour intégrer correctement votre contenu à présenter lors de votre prochaine réunion. 21 Templates PSD à télécharger gratuitement. Free New Year 2016 Gift Pack For Designers. New Year mega free resources gift pack for designers.

Free New Year 2016 Gift Pack For Designers

Freebies included custom fonts, PSD graphics and other useful free design elements. A Quick Guide to Photoshop Filters and What They Do. In Photoshop, filters are individual algorithms (e.g. behind-the-scenes calculations) that alter the appearance of an image. For example, a simple filter might blur a selected region while an advanced filter could make a photograph look like a hand-drawn sketch. There are thousands of third-party filters that you can find on the Web and install into Photoshop as plugins, but Photoshop itself comes with a few dozen filters of its own — and these are more than enough for amateurs and hobbyists.

Here’s a quick guide to what they do. Note: I’m personally using Photoshop CS6, but many of these are interchangeable with Photoshop CC. Some are even applicable to the mobile version of Photoshop, but not all of them. Blur The Blur category contains some of the most-used filters in Photoshop. Average Finds the average color value within a selection, then fills the entire selection with that color. Free download: Elegant Vector Kit. The Elegant Vector Kit is a set of beautifully rendered workspace elements, designed by Nasti Funny. Great for creating hero images, and desktop illustrations, many of the elements are also useful for design mockups. The set includes 60 workspace elements, ranging from coffee cups to Apple watches. Today we’re happy to release yet another freebie: a set of 60 lovely workspace illustrations of items that many web and graphic designers use every day: tablet and desktop computers, Apple Watches, cameras, Moleskine notebooks, headphones, pens, pencils, pairs of glasses — even coffee cups and cookies!

The set has been designed by Anastasia Kolisnichenko3, from Minsk, Belarus, and released free for Smashing Magazine’s readers. Feel free to use all these elements and others for your projects. Grab what you need for a poster or website. You can customize everything you want: stroke width, size, color, shape — everything. Each illustration is provided in five different formats (AI, PNG, PSD, EPS and SVG). The kit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. 40+ Extremely Useful Design Presentation Freebies. In this list of 40+ extremely useful design presentation freebies you’ll find not only some fresh and new mockups to use for design presentations, but also some great tools which will help you create scenes and place your designs in realistic environments.

Check out our list of design presentation freebies and choose the ones you like most. You’ll find mockups for mobile devices, apps, advertising panels, scene generators, and more! Want more? Check out these Logo Mockups, Free iPhone 6 PSD Mockups, and Free PSD Electronics Mockups. Graphisme : 200 sites indispensables / Graphic design : 200 Essential Websites - Guide für Designer: Diese Wirkungen haben Farben auf das menschliche Gehirn [Infografik] Farben können den Erfolg einer Kampagne beflügeln Welche Wirkung hat die Farbe Lila auf die menschliche Wahrnehmung? Vor allem aktiviert sie die Kreativität und öffnet den Sinn für Spiritualität. Ganz anders die Farbe Rot. Sie steht für Hektik und für entfachte Energie.

Learn how to build a first-class online portfolio using Behance. Stock Photo & Texture. Le guide d'une bonne charte graphique - l'importance de la palette de couleurs. Une bonne charte graphique ? De quoi s’agit-il vraiment ? Voici le début d’une trilogie sur des conseils et outils utiles pour choisir la bonne palette graphique pour votre projet vidéo.

Commençons par le début pour notre première partie : le choix d’un style graphique, d’une identité visuelle… La charte graphique– votre point de départ Votre lignée graphique est la pierre angulaire de votre branding. Cela vous permet de garder le contrôle sur votre design. Les principales composantes d’une charte graphique.