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Voice Over Newbie Success. 3 Steps to a 6-Figure Voice Over Business. APA - Audio Publishers Association - the voice of the audiobook industry. Voice Over Resource Guide. The Business of Voice-over | Television Academy. East Coast vs. West Coast: Where’s the Voiceover Work? By Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker | Posted April 23, 2014, 2 p.m. Voice actors often come to a crossroads as to whether the west coast or east coast will provide the most fertile ground for a gainful career, or whether they can truly live their dreams outside of these two media behemoths. New York and Los Angeles are generally the cities in question, though solid opportunities abound in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and elsewhere. The good news is that you can have success on either coast, and being bicoastal or multi-regional is a growing reality, even if a virtual one. For most folks this quandary has to do with L.A. and N.Y.

The challenge is taking a hard look at the differences between the two regions as they relate to your skill set, personal resources, lifestyle, and networking style. One of our readers, PaSean Ashley, framed her dilemma this way: “I have been voice acting for almost 20 years—the last 15 in L.A. Robyn: I do not believe there is a difference.

Wes: It doesn’t. The Other Side of the Microphone. By Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker | Posted June 18, 2014, 2 p.m. As a voice actor, understanding the mindset of the creative director/buyer/client is a tremendous asset. Before the era of home studios proliferation, this was a skill you learned on the job, working with them face to face. You would witness their day-to-day challenges—rewrites, time pressures, approvals, and last-minute changes. Today’s voice actor is so far removed from the experience of the buyer, that his or her attempts to deepen an existing relationship or start a new one are often uninformed, awkward, and sometimes detrimental to employment. Join us now, on a magical trip to the world of TV Land.

VO Exchange: Describe the process that goes into determining the language of the script? VO Exchange: As a TV network, your programs and the network itself are the products. VO Exchange: What do you look for in an audition? VO Exchange: Do you generally go through agents or casting directors for voice talent? Kalmenson Voice Casting and Voice Over Classes- Upcoming Class Cycles. 90210 Talent | Voicebank. ACX Master Class | An Audible Approved Producer's insider secrets for voice actors wanting to record ACX audio books via Audiobook Creation Exchange. Booking AudioBooks | Dave Courvoisier's Blog. RATES | Nancy Wolfson • Braintracks Audio. Pursuing a new line of business requires an investment of both time and money. The business of Voice Over is no different. Following is what you can expect to invest financially to make yourself highly competitive in this field. Each private coaching lesson is 50 minutes at the rate of $160.

Every individual learns at their own speed. Some folks have made it through the coursework in as few as six or seven lessons, and the average student takes about 12-14 lessons to obtain a comprehensive, working understanding of all fifteen concepts before they are prepared to merit having a demo produced. Your demo will be engineered by SantiSound. The cost for the demo is $1500, half of which goes to Braintracks Audio for brand-crafting, direction and post production services. We STRONGLY encourage our students to employ Village Green Studios for graphic and web design. Hourly Rate= $100 Website= 17-20 hours Print Materials= 1-2 hours per design + actual printing and shipping cost. Cashman Commercials. BTA Sound Real. I really loved the videos and so appreciate all the information. I've been auditioning a lot more because I'm feeling so confident.

I'm actually ranked as a favorite on 3 projects right now. I used to barely be listened to. I am seriously working studying with you into my business plan. Thank you for all you do. Regards, -Christi Bowen I don’t brag on myself a lot, because I’m usually too busy picking my work apart. I believe it’s one of the best VO’s I’ve ever done, and it’s because of your influence. That was the most enlightening 83 seconds of the last 6 months. I just have to tell you this, Nancy, although you surely already know it. Voice Over Resource Guide - Training. Garden of Sound Voice Over Studio. TUESDAY November 12th with Ilko Drozdoski from TGMD 7:30-9:30pm - Garden of Sound.

November 12th – Ilko Drozdoski with TGMD – PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ON A TUESDAY!!! Ilko Drozdoski didn’t aim for a show business career but gravitated toward it; working as a jack-of-all trades on music videos, setting up rigging, painting sets, processing invoices, doing whatever job came his way. Meanwhile, Ilko was absorbing the complex components of the entertainment industry. Several years working in Hollywood production offices taught him to appreciate the politics and strategies demanded by the business. Arriving at Tisherman Agency in 1998, Ilko started as an assistant, but his drive and connection to cultural trends quickly became an asset to the company as he helped develop and refine the Latin department at Tisherman.

Ilko’s passionate interest in the film business and his wide experience have sharpened his communication skills and helped him respond to a market increasingly concerned with prototypes, rather than age ranges or vocal styles. “The technology is not just global. Studio Gear Series Part 3: Headphones | Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX) Welcome to the third part of our popular Studio Gear series. Part 1 focused on microphones and preamps, and part 2 laid out many popular options for the recording and editing software known as DAWs. Today, we’ll discuss the finer points of headphones, and the importance of a sold pair (or pairs!) To the finished sound of your ACX audiobook productions. Headphones, Not Speakers It is imperative that you use headphones when editing and mastering your audiobooks. Before we get into the specifics, we’ll offer the technical definition of headphones courtesy of Sweetwater: A headphone is an electromagnetic transducer designed to be worn on the human head for the purpose of audio listening/monitoring, and as distinct from an earphone, or system worn in the ear.

Two Types of ‘Phones When it comes to recording and editing audiobooks, there are two main uses for headphones. The Recommendations Senheiser HD 202 II – These are great headphones for editing and narrating on a budget. Like this: Demo Production. "A La Carte" Demo Coaching & Production Robin will help you through any and all parts of the process you need, including Material Selection: helping you find what genres and material best show-off your abilities and match the market Pre-session Coaching: Adjusting your pacing, proper word stress, and finding the author's point of view and releasing the emotional content of the characters and overall material.

Recording direction: Securing the highest quality studio and engineer, overseeing takes and re-takes, and performing any final re-edits. De-Brief: Delivery of final product (your master discs & USB drive backup), and discussion of marketing process. (Client pays for actual time usage. Studio costs are approximately 1.5x greater than quiet room cost.) Note: Demo Production costs hinge in part on your preparedness: you can greatly reduce them by being ready for coachings and recording.