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Music Venues Database & Tour Booking Contacts - Indie on the Move. The Truth about NACA: Gigging on the College Circuit. The National Association of Campus Activities, established in 1960, is a non-profit organization that puts on regional conferences where music acts, comedians, lecturers and other entertainers showcase in front of campus activities programmers from around the country.

The Truth about NACA: Gigging on the College Circuit.

There are 1200 member colleges and 600 associate members (talent or agent) which makes NACA the largest organization of its kind. Acts like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Suzanne Vega, and Toad the Wet Sprocket have all used NACA and the college market as a stepping-stone to success. Comedians also thrive on this market, which has helped the careers of Carrot Top, Jay Leno, Sinbad, and many others. The organization covers the entire U.S. and is divided into 11 regions (Southeast, New England, East Coast, Upper Midwest, etc.) Each region puts on one or two conferences per year, most of them during the fall semester and lasting two to four days. The venues and audiences for these shows can vary greatly. CO-OP. Why bother? Western Arts Alliance. Join Now!

Western Arts Alliance

Discover a wealth of information about Presenters and Artist/Managers programming and touring work in the West. Western Arts Alliance offers the tools you need to launch, grow, sustain, and deepen your performing arts career. It also connects you with the strongest community of performing arts professionals promoting performance in the West. Explore. Discover. Since 1967, Western Arts Alliance has worked to secure the success of its members. Member Benefits Membership Directory Publish your organization listing and designated key staff in our comprehensive annual directory, available online and in print.Receive a free copy of the directory annually.Access the directory in our searchable online database. Annual Conference Gain valuable insight and expertise from dedicated professionals at our annual gathering.

Members-Only Access on Access WAA's Online Directory and Community, where members are able to dialog and share information with each other.New! APAP - Association of Performing Arts Presenters – Artistry. Industry. Community. APAP. APAP Professional Development Institute: The Fundamentals of Presenting on Jan. 14 in NYC 11.24.15 Led by Bruce Thibodeau and Michael Blachly of Arts Consulting Group, this full-day intensive, designed for mid-career and seasoned professionals, will cover what it takes to build and sustain audiences in the ever-changing arts field, balancing the economics of presenting with the curation of presenting and thoughts for the future and ideas for implementation.

APAP - Association of Performing Arts Presenters – Artistry. Industry. Community. APAP.

Open to members and non-members alike. Special discount for APAP members. Register today! Announcing APAP's 2016 annual members meeting at APAP|NYC 11.16.15 The 2016 annual APAP membership meeting will take place at APAP|NYC, 11 a.m., Monday, January 18, immediately prior to the Annual Awards Luncheon. Apply for APAP's Leadership Fellows Program (LFP) Let's Make This! 11.2.15 Gain some insights from the APAP|NYC 2016 co-chairs who discuss and reflect on what it takes to piece together a landmark conference. Pages - Contact Information. Pages - National Association for Campus Activities. Education NACA® membership includes professionals, advisors and programmers from more than 950 colleges and universities, creating one of the largest campus engagement networks in the US.

Pages - National Association for Campus Activities

Entertainment From international booking agencies to self represented artists and everything in between, NACA® associate members provide top-notch campus entertainment for programming budgets of all sizes. Engagement NACA believes that campus engagement is the development of community through student involvement with the university in experiences that contribute to student success and learning. Volunteers are essential to the success of all NACA Regional Conferences, the National Convention, and institutes. Learn more about the regional and national volunteer opportunities available to NACA members today!

Learn More. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - artists, agents, vendors & speakers. APCA Membership Policies Article I.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - artists, agents, vendors & speakers

Purpose and Sensitivity The purpose of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities is to enhance, promote, and reinforce the experience of students and professionals in the field of campus activities programming. To that end, we have formed the association to further the education of students working within this field of academic experience and facilitate the campus activities promotional process. We further state that APCA is an equal opportunity employer and that all members of APCA shall be expected to act in a nondiscriminatory manner with all persons involved in and all matters pertaining to this association. Article II. Membership applicants must submit a membership application form along with all membership fees.

Exhibit Hall Policies Tables must be set up by 1:00pm on 1st day of conference and manned for ALL scheduled exhibit halls. Exhibit hall booths WILL NOT be assigned under any circumstances without payment of booths fees. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION - artists, agents, vendors & speakers.