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Ella Turenne

artist, activist artivist cultural superwomyn :: art or die :: i'm an artist...that means poetryvisualartfilmtheatrevideotapdancingafricandanceceramicsprintmakingsingingvoiceoversfilmmaking and everything in between. i love to do it all!

Jury Duty - LA Court. Adopt a child from foster care – Foster LA Kids.


Podcast. Travel. I LOVE CUBA Tours. New biz. Leadership. Design tools. CIQ. Productivity. Bada$$ Jobs. Speaking. Crowdfunding. Real estate. Hair. Shopping. Music. Acting business. Poetry. Sounds. Theatre. Funding. Greek. Dance. Business tools. Home design. Hair. True.paid.good. Volunteer orgs. Learning. Crowd funding. Self care. Articles ii.

Real estate. Black LA tour. Fitness. Civil rights. Memes. Conferences. TED. Art. Finance. Cars. Music. South africa. OCE. Murals. Voice acting. Writing. LA. Travel.


Activism. Spirituality. G school. Shopping. Books. Acting. Diversity resources. Misc. Fashion. Black voices. Brazil. Misc. Fashion. DST. Haiti. Film. Web gadgets. Grants. Theatre. Articles. Submissions. Solo show. Foodie. Health/fitness. Prison. Arts & corrections.