About Online anonymizer and web anonymous proxy We take pride in being the number one site that is committed at offering people with a wide source of information, on how they can browse the internet anonymously. Online Proxy - Anonymizer Online Proxy - Anonymizer will protect your anonymity on the internet, helping you evade URL and IP filters! will defend your anonymity on the internet, helping you evade url and ip filters! will protect your anonymity on the internet, helping you evade url and ip filters!
By using Bypass School Filter, you not only protect your personal information from the site you are visiting, but you also reduce your risk of identity theft. Sites created for the purpose of phishing identities loom on the web, and every time you accidentally stumble upon a site you leave a footprint of your location. These thieves use all the information they can to eventually steal your credit information for their own profit. Bypass School Filter - Unblock Websites Bypass School Filter - Unblock Websites
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Online Anonymizer - Web Proxy - Surf Anonymously Online Anonymizer - Web Proxy - Surf Anonymously Abouts From a common user point of view, there are two types of proxies PHP proxy and CGI proxy. PHP proxies use PHP scripts to power the server while CGI proxy depends upon CGI scripts to make things work for netizens. If to juxtapose both, PHP proxy is a cleaner script and it does not consume too much server resources. However, it must be kept in mind that PHP proxies do not support
Unblock Myspace Proxy. Free Myspace Web Proxy Site! - The Proxy Authority How to Use This Proxy Site Like anything - when you know how, it is simple! Go to the field near the end of the page under "Enter Url" and key in the url you wish to visit - then hit Go. The inner page is encoded to allow you to break blocks and have the pages you visit kept private. The field provided is where you key in a domain you wish to visit and hit "Go" to be taken to the inner page. Menu - The Proxy Authority
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PageWash - Clean & Safe Web Surfing - Home Page While surfing the Internet you leave a record of your IP address, operating system and browser type, web pages last visited, and save numerous cookies, java scripts, adware, spyware, trojans and viruses to your hard drive. Malicious web site owners, hackers, identity thieves, spammers, etc. can use this information to probe your PC for security holes and possibly gain unauthorized access. Another concern is your entire search history is logged by search engine operators which in itself is an invasion of privacy. - Home Page