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Turn Me Loose: A Harry Potter Adventure Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer – You're still Harry Potter. Someone named JKR and her publishers own all your rights to you and everyone in your universe. Even the title of this story and the chapter titles come from a different source – an eighties classic by the band Loverboy. Acknowledgements – As this is the sequel to Bungle in the Jungle, this wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of all those who helped me with the previous story. Thank you all. Now, this particular chapter goes out to all the members of Alpha Fight Club and all you folks clamoring for me to go ahead and get this thing started already. And now here's what you've been waiting for… Turn Me Loose: A Harry Potter Adventure Chapter 1 – I was Born to Run Saturday October, 12th 1996 You already know what you would do with five minutes to live – you've answered that question. Every year since Hagrid told you that you were a wizard, you've been fighting other people's battles.

That doesn't sound very heroic, but 'Hero' is a funny word. Transcendence Chapter 13, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own Harry Potter. Whee! New chapter for you guys, a long one at that(: This chapter was supposed to be posted in June, but my preparations for my mid years delayed it :p Enjoy! Chapter 13 The Headmaster leaned back on his chair, his blue eyes twinkling as he thought of the students – in particular, Harry Potter. It was the only way to keep him safe, and to keep him shielded from any negative influences at the same time. He expected the child to be shy, complaint, and helpless, lost without a direction, needing someone to lead the way.

Harry Potter was far from shy, but he was filled with prejudice and anti-socialism. 'Perhaps if I had paid the family a few visits…' he contemplated as his wrinkled fingers stroked his beard. Young Harry was lost among the intricacies of the magical world, that was for sure, but he had no chance to steer Harry in his way. The boy was powerful, no doubt about that. He possessed great power, and his charm rivaled it. Who? "Yes! Time, Mr Potter? Chapter 4, a Harry Potter fanfic. Thanks to my wonderful beta, Dea Hatch! A/N: Review! This is a rewrite of the chapter. Just some dialogue changes, and the Draco scene has been edited. Chapter 4 – Some things never change The creature had been working for hours.

It had sat in the half-darkness, brooding, until it had decided what to do. Blood. The creature knew patience. Ron screamed as the spikes drove into his flesh, blood splattering onto the tarmac. Harry Potter woke up, screaming. "You alright? " Where am I? "I'm… I'm fine, thanks Ron, just a bad dream," he muttered, rubbing his forehead. Ron gave him one last searching look before going back to his bed and resuming getting dressed. "Dumbledore wanted to see you," he said without looking up. Before Harry could reply, Ron left the room with a wave. He sat in a daze, thinking about what had happened. He was tugged from his reverie by the arrival of Fawkes in a silent flash of flame, who probably sensed when he had woken up. "Excellent. "I see. "That… that is correct. " The TriSchool Tournament Chapter 1: The First Tournament, a Harry Potter fanfic. The TriSchool Tournament A/N: Here's a story I wish I had found when I read GoF or some of the GoF fanfiction.

More and harder challenges; more contestants allowed to participate. A slightly different ending for Voldemort! So I decided to write it myself as a series of impressions and scenes. (GoF, and the Triwizard Tournament, still remains my favorite bit of canon. I automatically smile if I even think of the phrase, "blast-ended skrewt. ") Observant! Harry Potter was not looking forward to his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At least Sirius was free now. "This is it, Sirius. "But it's Hogwarts, Harry…" "It's not a good school. "We're going to have to have a long talk at some point.

Harry just looked sour. Sirius frowned. Harry shook his head. "Right, right. "I might even toss my name in the hat just to ensure I get the full Hogwarts experience this year…" Sirius smiled. "Last chance, kiddo. "I got out of that class. "Runes, then? " "Mr. "Why, I never," he scowled. The Wise One: Book One: Becoming Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any character or location that was created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series. I do not currently earn or plan to earn money by these stories, and I make no profit from writing these stories other than my own enjoyment. Any character or location appearing in these stories that was not a creation of Rowling is a product of my own imagination and is not meant to represent her works in any way. All the poetry appearing in this trilogy is my own writing (unless otherwise specified) and therefore belongs to me exclusively.

The Wise One Book One: Becoming Arc One Nature, Nurture, and Long History Bright eyes Looking fresh on the world So quickly disappointed Dark eyes Looking out with jealousy Never satiated Young lives Starting out with prejudice Wanting tradition Careful hands Shape them with love and power They are becoming "You live and learn. Chapter One The day he slipped through the bars and left the prison, he knew what he had to do.

"Whatchoo fink, Phil? " The Valley of the Kings Massacre, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Valley of the Kings Massacre A/N: I loved Jbern's take on cursebreaking and DrT's take on ancient Egyptians who survive into the present day. Here's my take on some of these ideas. Harry Potter walked to the top of the hill and looked down the other side to the 'East Valley' where a couple thousand non-magicals were gazing at various sites in the Valley of the Kings. He sat down and watched the ignorant goggle at the few poor sites they were allowed to see. How little they knew. The Muggles knew that Egypt had bloody, warring history for five thousand years before Rome was ever founded.

They knew all about the Pharaohs who rose to power; all about the religion they followed that stressed immortality for a select, privileged few. Of course, Harry and the few magicals who were interested knew better. A woman – Harry identified her by the scent of her perfume – walked up behind Harry and sat down next to him. Harry looked over at Tracey Davis and nodded. "Yup. " "Everyone finish breakfast. " The Tapestry of Time Chapter 2, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Tapestry of Time - by teddylonglong Please refer to the content/warnings/disclaimer note above page 1. Chapter 2 'The devil doesn't like me,' Harry mused, sensing Severus' feelings, although he had spoken to him in a not unfriendly voice. 'He doesn't want to be my guardian. I'll better try to be out of his way.' While the angel vanished into thin air, Harry stared at the floor that was covered with several smaller and larger carpets. 'Ouch,' Harry thought in shock, when the devil stepped on him, muttering to himself in an upset voice.

時代を示す絨緞 Severus crossed the room, which Helga had pointed out as her guestroom earlier, and walked through the newly made connecting door into his quarters, where he let himself sink into his favourite armchair to ponder his situation. "Yes Master Severus, I will tell the little one," he promised and popped away, only to return alone a few minutes later. "Very well. " "Of course, Master Severus," Cicero replied and popped away. Severus frowned. (Flashback) The Scars of Human Nature Chapter 16: Life in the Dark, a Harry Potter fanfic. Disclaimer: Do not own Warnings: Nothing A/N: I finally updated, sorry it took so long, well here you go! The Scars Of Human Nature Sirius sighed as he waited for the children that were to be coming tonight, he had just gotten back from a mission assigned to him by the Dark Lord, and was hoping to spend some time with his Godson as Sirius and not Padfoot, but Lucius had came to him just as he left from delivering his report to tell him he had to meet Draco and the rest of the children immediately.

Sirius had argued about it, but in the end he was kicked out the manor and to the spot where he was to meet. A loud pop echoed through the night, and Sirius stared amused at the pile of students. "Amazing entrance, I give it a 10" Draco glared at his cousin from underneath one of the twins, before wiggling from underneath the body, once everyone was on their feet Sirius led them through the maze they landed in, until they got to a wooden door. He opened it and they walked in. "Mione, Ray, Two! " "Albus" The Scariest Halloween Ever, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Scariest Halloween Everby Healer Pomfrey All recognizable characters belong to J.

K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story.I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes. Lily sighed as she abandoned her warm bed in order to turn to a wailing, hungry one-year-old. "Good morning, sweetie. However, Harry looked crossly as he stretched both arms into the air and demanded, "Up. " Sighing in exasperation, Lily carried the child downstairs and had just placed him into his child seat at the dining table, when the fireplace flared and her best friend's face appeared in the flames.

"Lily, I think Neville is sick," Alice told her, sounding very worried. "Of course. "Good morning Neville," Lily said kindly, giving the baby a sharp look. The boy, who normally used to greet her with a happy smile, remained unresponsive, merely staring into space from glassy eyes. ハロウィーン The afternoon passed anything else than pleasantly. However, it was too late. The End. The Road Less Taken Chapter 1:Notice, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Road Less Taken Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, do you think I'd have to write Fanfiction? A/N: This story is heavy AU. If you don't recognize it odds are it's mine. I don't mind sharing, as long as you ask. Chapter 1: Notice The International Federation of Wizarding Worlds had become fed up with Wizarding Britain's ignorance. The IFWW had felt that they had no right telling a country how to rule its people, but with all the problems Wizarding Britain already had, there were rumors that the IFWW couldn't really do any damage.

Luckily for British wizarding citizens it never came to that. It was at breakfast when the news came that Britain had been invaded with magical troops for 'its own safety'. Shooting up from her seat at the middle of the head table with the rest of the teaching staff, Headmistress Umbridge glowered at the man; before calmly asking his business. "You are Madam Umbridge? " The man stood just a little tall at about six feet. "Why yes I am. The Founders' Heir Chapter 40: Doubts and Hot Chocolate, a Harry Potter fanfic. And then there's the calm before the storm… "" Just so that you know.

Disclaimer: Not Mine. Talk to Rowling. Just borrowing them a while. oooOoooOoooOoooOoooOooo Last Time "You survived. " Harry felt a small smile on his lips as he turned back to the view out the window. The Founders' Heir Chapter Thirty-Nine Doubt and Hot Chocolate By the time Harry wandered out of the tower, it was evening, and the din from the direction of the Great Hall told him it was supper time. Deciding to forgoe the crowds of the student body, Harry returned to the chambers he shared with Snape in the dungeons. Harry blinked at the scene, a bit surprised to find Ron and Hermione in the dungeons. Deciding to ignore the now palpable tension in the air, he addressed his friends. "Snape's trying to give us a detention! " "Professor Snape, Ron. " "Trying? "We haven't done anything wrong! " "Haven't? " Ron retorted with something he probably shouldn't have said, which only caused Snape to bristle.

"You. "Fine. " The End and the Beginning Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. Chapter 1 She was dead. The world was in flames. Voldemort sat on the Queen's throne in Westminster Abbey. Hogwarts was rubble. Diagon Alley was a collection point for muggleborns to be shipped to concentration camps. Continental Europe was on the verge of collapsing as the magical and mundane armies of Emperor Voldemort savaged those who stood against them.

The Americans, Australians and the Brazilians had warded their continents. It didn't matter. Harry Potter, last surviving member of the Order of the Phoenix lay in a ditch in western Cornwall, a gentle rain soaking him. "Please God, don't let her be dead. They had taken to stealing food from abandoned markets. "Please God, don't let her be dead. " It all went to shit after Sirius died. Harry looked around wildly as his curtains silently opened. "Harry, it's just me. As he scooted over, she gingerly climbed in bed with him. "I think we should leave school tonight," she began. She paused and let that sink in. Times were becoming tough. The Dreams of a World Beyond Us, a Harry Potter fanfic. This is a re-write of my other story Wandering Soul.

WS will not be abandoned. Harry Potter stumbled through the battlefield which had once been the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He tried to get away from all the bodies, the bodies of his family, his friends, his love. He ignored the arms of the ministry wizards as he reached the edge of the Black Lake. The armies from both the dark and the light side fell silent as Harry wept over the body of Thomas Marvolo Riddle. It was a little girl who rescued him, she had been separated from her housemates when the war broke out. Anita Temps wove through the crowds, completely ignored by everyone else until she reached Harry Potter and bent down next to him. "Thank you," whispered Anita. Anita pushed Harry down onto the bed and went to get a small bowl of water and a cloth to wash his face with. "I'm sorry for your loss, though I can't begin to understand it," the eleven year old whispered.

"No it's not, it's his fault. The Dawn of Darkness Chapter 4: A Hero's Death, a Harry Potter fanfic. -Previously The three marauders followed after the young teen. The four of them ascended the stairs and arrived upon the third floor. There were very few Aurors on the third level, maybe a handful and only half yet still drew breath. Scattered desperately in the fray were people dressed as Ministry workers who were all anxiously casting spells in a desperate attempt to push back all the Death Eaters in the room. They had built barricades of sorts, using fallen rubble, upturned desks and sideways filing cabinets to shelter them.

Around one-hundred Death Eaters were swarming the visible part of the floor, and Voldemort was amongst them causing more havoc then all the others combined. Harry blinked and beheaded a Death Eater from behind; annoyed that they were cocky enough not to watch their backs; assuming Greyback would stop any advancement of enemy forces.

"Voldemort! " Chapter IV –A Hero's Death "Insolent brat! " "Traitor! " "Traitor? " He hissed under his breath and stumbled forwards. "No! " The Dark Chronicles Chapter 1: Prologue: Prophecy, a Harry Potter fanfic. One of the good things about being a writer is that you grow as you write. Unfortunately this also means that most of the times you outgrow other stories you've already written. This means that you either abandon them or rewrite them over again. I seriously considered abandoning this but someone *cough* hewhoistomriddle *cough* wants me to continue. So. Um. Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine.

Warning: Although nothing has been finalized, there is a great chance this will be slash (Draco/Harry) but probably not for a long, long time. Prologue: Prophecy It was the height of summer and the sun seemed determined to melt absolutely anything and anyone caught under it. One of the two was a short, slight man dressed in an overabundance of robes that made people wince when they thought of him wearing that in this weather. Noticed but unhindered, the two men kept on walking until they reached their destination – the Hog's Head pub, managing to look even dingier in the harsh brightness of day.

The Circle of the Moon Chapter 1: A Future Unfortold, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Black Bunny Chapter 1, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Apprentice Chapter 4, a Harry Potter fanfic. The Abyss Chapter 1 of 4, a Harry Potter fanfic.