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Airex Balance Products. Rustic metals. Folding Geodesic Dome. A “3V” geodesic or polyhedral dome is made of hexagons and pentagons, which means you will need 2 basic triangle shapes, called BAA and BCC.

Folding Geodesic Dome

Start your project with a visit to, where you will find dome diagrams, dome formulas and an invaluable dome calculator. This Instructable is for a dome with a 7’ radius; this is a “5/8” 3V dome meaning taller vs flatter, over 8’ tall in the middle. The dome likes a flat surface to sit on making it ideal for the open desert playa, not so suitable for uneven terrain. The dome base isn't exactly flat, but close; the flexible nature of the coroplast bows and yields a little when you deploy it to make up for any uneven contact (Note: the prototype pictured here has a radius of 7.2’ but wasted more material from a 4x8 sheet.

My next dome and this Instructable use the dimensions for an 84” radius - 7') Expect More. Pay Less. International Orders are not eligible for, free shipping (including for REDcard holders), free returns, gifts/gift cards with purchase, gift wrap services, Cartwheel offers, subscriptions, registries, coupons, store pickup, warranties, extended service plans.

Expect More. Pay Less.

Other promotional restrictions may apply. International Shipping - Target partners with Borderfree inc. ('Borderfree') to fill international shopping orders. By orders from this site ( your personal information collected during checkout will be subject to Borderfree's Privacy policy and orders are subject to Borderfree's Terms & Conditions. Joseph Joseph Lotus Non-Scratch Folding Steamer Basket Green/yellow. Not what I was hoping for. – April 11, 2016 kitchenlady – April 11, 2016 My original metal steamer baskets finally gave out two weeks one after the other.Found replacement large size, but couldn't find small.

Joseph Joseph Lotus Non-Scratch Folding Steamer Basket Green/yellow

Bed Bath & Beyond carries small in this ugly green non-scratch folding steamer. Shape optimization of cover plates for retractable roof structures 2004. Simple origami fold may hold the key to designing pop-up furniture, medical devices and scientific tools. What if you could make any object out of a flat sheet of paper?

Simple origami fold may hold the key to designing pop-up furniture, medical devices and scientific tools

That future is on the horizon thanks to new research by L. Mahadevan, the Lola England de Valpine Professor of Applied Mathematics, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and Physics at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).