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Thebitterbusiness - Business and Leadership – The Bitter Business. Business leadership can be hard to define but it is a title many aspire to regardless of company size or industry. But is business management different to business leadership and which of these traits (leadership or management) is the most valued when promoting someone to a senior role. Is the term "business leader" being overused to the extent that it is rendered nearly meaningless? Business leadership The press and online articles are full of sound bites and quotes from business leaders. What are these so called business leaders?. Anyone with a Twitter account and a blog is a Business Leader.

It is important to state that titles are an important aspect of any organisation, business or company. This is probably the reason middle or senior managers in large multi-nationals often get referred to as "business leaders" in press articles. Business leadership has nothing to do with titles. There are lots of business managers who aspire to be business leaders but lots more do not. Share this: Social Selling Tips. The sales and marketing buzzword word at the moment is “Social Selling”; where the sales process is now tapping into social media conversations and the impact of social networks in driving brand awareness or buyer consideration.

Most sales and marketing leaders would concur that the sales process has completely changed. Sales people need to adjust their skill set as tactics like cold calling has a low return for allot of effort so learning how to harnessing the power of selling via social media is important. A social selling strategy should be about a genuine effort to share value and content prior to engaging in any sales conversations.

Social selling is not SPAM, too often the simplistic approach is for sales people to spam sales messages on Twitter, Facebook, on LinkedIn groups, or to a new connection with a vanilla flavoured sales message and a self serving web link. If you do this stop, as the moment anyone gets these messages, the brand loyalty and any trust gets flushed away. Managing a Startup Business. If you can’t find a way, then make a way! Starting a business, any business is a brave step. But how do you manage a start-up business as well as find customers or put in place a customer acquisition strategy on tight or even zero budgets.

Working with early stage and start-up companies I know first-hand how limited resources can be. The tendency for many small businesses is to focus on the product. They add in more and more features or take comfort in a well designed website or just even they talk about strategy rather than putting in place a plan to find and sell to customers so the business can getting on track to achieving business success AKA revenue generation. Know your Target market – don’t try to sell to everyone Product to marketing fit is critical to any business success however a business start-up should never try to be a great product to satisfy all buyers’ needs, this will simply not work as no one product will be for everyone. One Swallow does not make a summer Make a plan.

The Bitter Business: Business Mentor. To make a business mentoring partnership work, both parties relish in leaving the ego outside the door. They are there to chat, explore, discuss, educate and enjoy the time away to think. One big mistake many new or growing businesses make is to “cocoon” themselves where they forgot to reach out when things are not working. To help find a business mentor, maybe the guide below might help. What do you need mentoring on? Decide what aspects of the business or skillset a business mentor can help with? A retired CEO of a large company probably isn’t a good mentor for growth hacking a business on a small budget.

So have an objective whether it is for sales, marketing, management, finance etc.Listen and Learn. Do take the time to seek out a business mentor, someone who will genuinely care about the business and the person. Lastly, business mentoring is not a flippant decision for either the business person or mentor. Business Mentoring – The Bitter Business. The Bitter Business: Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing impacts on SEO or search results as content marketing (articles, blogs, whitepapers) and status updates (news, press releases, stories) when shared or published leads to search engine discovery around a set of keywords or a title. Research also shows that people also search on social media sites like LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook etc. to find relevant social media content. Social connections who share a company’s social media links can also impact the position they show up on search engine results for keywords, whether within a social media network or on Google. In marketing, harnessing the power of content marketing, social selling and social influencing can deliver big increases in traffic, audience and customer engagement.

Before a business talks about marketing automation, social bookmarking, social sharing or social data they should discuss how to get the fundamentals of social media marketing right. Social Media Marketing – The Bitter Business. LinkedIn for Lead Generation. LinkedIn can be a powerful sales tool when used as part of lead generation and networking activities. As social selling and reaching social influencers becomes ever more important in raising awareness of a company, brand, product or service it is important to use LinkedIn effectively. However, before any lead generation can happen, it is important to build up your network and influence across the social groups on LinkedIn. Every business, marketing and sales person should focus on 3 key actions. Give to receive: Share quality, relevant content and news from multiple sources.Behaviour: Buyers are well informed and knowledgeable so be genuine and insightful.Connecting: Invest time connecting to people you know plus customers, influencers etc.

Here is some pointers to maximize LinkedIn for lead generation: Tip 1. Tip 2. Tip 3. Tip 4. Tip 5. Tip 6. Build Relationships Steadily LinkedIn suggest this 5 step process for building effective relationships based on social media best practices: Selling. A growing use of social media within companies by marketing and sales teams is in the area of social selling. In the sales process connecting with prospects and establishing relationships can be the difference to winning or losing deals, more and more companies are using social media selling to help them accomplish these connections quickly and easily. Selling and sales methods are evolving; the vast majority of buyers (business or consumers) are socially engaged and informed. The sales team must be too. They need to have the tactics, tools and training to leverage social media for sales success. The Inform versus The Interruption based sales model.

Why bother with social selling? So social media is informed based, to intelligently inform a target audience thus allowing the sales teams to enlighten their prospects rather than interrupt them with cold calling or hard sells for meetings. Sales success in Social Selling. Why is this important to a sales person? Untitled. Sales Strategy Plan | brian o'connell. "To compete with a larger firm there’s got to have something different.

Your product must higher quality, easier to use, more convenient to buy, or a better fit than the competitions. " Sales Strategy Selection. The sales strategy selection should cover what is the customer sweet spot, what are you offering them, sales deployment for customer coverage based on customer sweet spot, sales and marketing activities, what sales and marketing enables/tools will the business use, how you will manage and track performance against the goals. 1. The target market. This is the customer selection, customer sweet spots where the sales and marketing focus will be. Give it some detail. Way “what is your customer acquisition plan”, is it online, social media, cold calling, partners, channel or networking? Marketing Effective sales strategy using getting the sales team selling.

Marketing” effort should have a target of. Brian oconell. Sales Consultant. The bitter business acts as a sales consultant providing sales as a service in the areas of business development, sales strategy; social selling and high level lead generation. Entrepreneurs and early stage companies have no shortage of ideas on products and solutions but may struggle with ramping up sales and customer acquisition. In today’s digital environment — social media, social selling, inbound marketing, lower cost of customer acquisition, driving web traffic —it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on generating sales revenue. As a hands on sales consultant with real world experience in growing profitable businesses, The Bitter Business can help you plot and implement the paths that will lead to significant increases in sales revenue. 1 Goal – Help You Improve Sales Revenue The first step is to get to know the ins and outs of your market sector, quickly grasping the dynamics in the market.

Sales Consulting Approach from “The Bitter Business” Like this: Social Media Marketing Plan. A social media marketing plan should not pose any major challenges to a small business. As in any growing business with a great product or service, the marketing team or person is most likely to be working on different tasks at different times and these tasks can change rapidly depending on the business needs.

However, even with taking this into consideration, social media is now so vital to business success there are some tasks that need to be planned as part of the daily marketing routine. Set the social media goals and objectives. Every article, news release, research or whitepaper are assets in a social media strategy to serve the goals that have been set. Work on the content strategy When it comes to marketing the product or service, social media marketing success depends on the content strategy a business decides upon.

Make sure there is new quality content to post Set up a content sharing schedule Sharing sector Expertise Selling is not sharing. Generate new content ideas Reporting. Weheartit. Selling Techniques. In sales, for selling techniques to work effectively there needs to be clarity in both the actual sales role and in the process of selling. Successful selling is about always having a clear objective based on where we are in the sales process. Challenge the buyer’s journey Sales people can too often view the sales process as a linear process with a WIN/LOSS outcome at the end where the prospect either chooses you or the competition. There is a third option which studies show that effects up to sixty percent of deals getting marked lost, this is the “No Decision” scenario where the prospect parks the deal due to the fear of change or just don’t see the value.

One selling technique is to challenge the status quo of the win/loss scenario and focus on getting buyers to see that change (choosing your solution) can make them a hero, will make life easier and has value far beyond the price being paid. Find the USP Share social stories with real meaning The customer is the Hero Focus on the customer. Klout | Be Known For What You Love. Sales management. Brian OConnell - CEO @ The Bitter Business. Sales Strategy – The Bitter Business. Brian Connell's Posts. Inbound Marketing Strategy. Every business today needs an inbound marketing strategy.

In the digital world nearly all marketing efforts are focused on actions like growing web traffic, increasing visitors, gathering sales leads, driving up conversions and securing buyers and customers. Inbound marketing strategies deliver on all the same marketing goals but in a different way. Traditional marketing or push marketing is really about interrupting buyers, trying to get their attention with TV or radio ads, online advertising, cold calling, direct mail to name a few. Whereas inbound marketing is focused on “pull marketing”, devising marketing tactics to get buyers permission to share information as to add value to the buyers journey when researching products or services.

Every business will most likely use a blend of inbound and outbound marketing tactics to deliver the targets. Listed below are some inbound marketing tips to compliment the marketing strategy in pulling in buyers to a business. Brian Like this: Brian O'Connell's soup. Sales Outsourcing Ireland on Behance. In Ireland, sales outsourcing or Sales-As-A-Service should be considered as it can offer multiple benefits to a start-up or growing business. Companies can boost its sales functions, accelerate sales and build the business faster by contracting in an interim sales manager or director for outsourced selling, business development or lead generation.

Outsourcing is nothing new as many Irish small businesses already outsource their PR, advertising, marketing or finance functions. In fact a number of recent studies have shown that mid-market companies that are using sales outsourcing can have a competitive advantage over companies that have all these sales functions in house. Lean, agile, high growth companies are now taking a different approach; they are finding sales partners with the experience to cost effectively and efficiently drive their sales strategy.

Building a sales team is not easy or cheap Recruitment costs and time makes building a sales team no easy task. TheBitterBusiness's profile on The Bitter Business: Getting Sold on Selling | via Popist. Hands on senior manager from the digital media, software and online technology sectors who has operated both within large organisations and start-ups. Focused as a business enabler I have sales and marketing skills plus strategic, operational and management experience in multiple channels (online sales, inside sales, field sales and ...

TAGS: Focused, Marketing, Market, Experience, Bitter, Strategy, Sold, Software, Businessgoal, Channel nnel) across software, digital media and solutions markets. I have demonstrated a track record of achievement in both top and bottom-line growth. I have a deep understanding of sales models, online marketing, sales channels, product offer development, KPI management and sales processes to meet business goals.

Sales Strategy. To have an effective sales strategy a business needs to consider its products, its market and how the sales effort will be directed to ensure it captures profitable growth selling to customers. Sales strategy is a business decision on (1) who the sales teams are going to sell to (2) what are they going to sell them and (3) how are they going to sell to them? Sales strategies ensures market and customer coverage with plans that give the best possible opportunity to win business.

In more detail, a sales strategy defines the customer segments it wants to target(verticals, industries, geographical), the business value propositions for each segment (product, pricing, distribution), how the sales force will be structured (inbound, field, deal value) and the selling processes. Today’s business is more about “Smarketing” than sales and marketing. Sales strategy Tips. Business planning The sales strategy must be based on the business and marketing plans. Target customers Reaching the customer.

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Guide for Business. Building Blocks for a Successful Business. Customer acquisition. Small business news; tips; networking | BizSugar | User | bitterbusiness. Customer Targeting. The Bitter Business | Ireland sales and marketing services company. Business-ireland's soup. Social Media Marketing. Why Customers Buy. Business Strategy. Sales Leads Generation. Business strategy for growth | brian o'connell. The Bitter Business Sales and Marketing - Dublin, Ireland | The Bitter Business. Marketing Plan. Social selling. Sales Lead Generation. The Bitter Business - Business Consultants - Dublin - Leinster - Ireland. Brian o'connell | Brunel University | Business Tips -

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Building Blocks for a Successful Business. The Challenge of Generating Sales Leads. What do we mean by Business Leaders. The Challenge of Generating Sales Leads. The Bitter Business: Getting Sold on Selling. The Bitter Business: The Cost of Customer Acquisition. The Bitter Business.