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Pinterest. Internet of things. Friends. CV. Untitled. Lumigrids by Prof. Gan Jing, Xun Zhang, An Pengcheng, Sun Yan, Jiang Cong, Li Ke, Du Tao, Zheng Yuemei, Cai Jing & Liu Zhenghao. Lumigrids is an LED projector for bicycles that hopes to improve safety during night riding.

Lumigrids by Prof. Gan Jing, Xun Zhang, An Pengcheng, Sun Yan, Jiang Cong, Li Ke, Du Tao, Zheng Yuemei, Cai Jing & Liu Zhenghao

It projects square grids onto the ground and by observing changes in the grids, the rider can easily comprehend the landforms ahead. Lumigrids can be fixed onto the bicycle’s handlebars and the power is supplied by either an internal battery or by the rotation of the bicycle’s wheels. As the designers explain, on a flat road surface, the grid will consist of standard squares. On a rough road surface, the grids will deform accordingly. By observing the motion and deformation of the grids, the rider can intuitively understand the landforms ahead. Lumigrids has three modes with different grid sizes that can be used to adapt to different situations: normal mode (140x180mm), high-speed mode (140x260mm), and team mode (300x200mm). Bitsphere's Vizify Bio.


Openerp. A big draft for content. March 11, 2013 Content is king Who actually is adding value to the blogs and twitters we are following?

A big draft for content

It seems although there are new social sites growing on a daily basis the amount of content out there is stable. In the mid 00′s there was a saying that 90% of the people are consumers where as 10% of the people really add fresh content as images, music or texts to websites. Soundmapping: Appeareance, Technology and Shortcomes. October 21, 2013 Here are some news from the soundmap project which Bitsphere promised to keep you up to date with: Things are going on.

Soundmapping: Appeareance, Technology and Shortcomes

The initial idea of recording some nice sounds and put them on a map let to some difficulties and interesting insights. it turned out field recording is not plug and play. There are some issues a newbie is not aware and gets to learn: Get good equipment as soon as possible. 3 Tech Trends Your Business Should Watch. The world of technology changes quickly.

3 Tech Trends Your Business Should Watch

New ideas come and go. And while some have the potential to transform how you do business, pursuing others can be a waste of time and effort. Just ask the people who chose HD-DVD instead of Blu-Ray discs back in 2008. - resonating electronic age. Non deterministic or rule based music. Non deterministic or rule based music April 8, 2013 What is rule based art?

Non deterministic or rule based music

Non deterministic art has been around quite a while. In the recent decades it started to break out from modern art museums via computer games while inserting itself into business under the name gamification. Rule based art has many forms of appearance. Rules and interconnections. Hugo Cardoso's Blog - Realistic sales numbers for an unknown PC title. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Hugo Cardoso's Blog - Realistic sales numbers for an unknown PC title

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Greetings everyone! In this article I would like to share the sales numbers of my PC game Survivor Squad that launched one month ago (14th May) I have always enjoyed reading other sales post mortems but one thing I find is that it's difficult to find sales numbers for games that aren't a massive success. Success stories are easy to find and for someone new to the industry it can be hard to figure out how much you can realistically expect to get from a new unknown title.Everyone knows Minecraft has sold millions but for every Minecraft there's hundreds of unknown smaller indie titles, Survivor Squad is one such title. I'd like to give thanks to David Galindo for his excellent sales articles about his game, The Oil Blue. Info The entire cost to develop the game was just below $350. Marketing Plan.

The 2013 Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention. This is a call to artists making art with augmented reality for a city wide art intervention across Bushwick, NY.

The 2013 Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention

The show will open with the Bushwick Open Studios. "The Bushwick AR Intervention" is the 1st and longest running augmented reality art intervention in the world. Artists from around the world will overtake the city of Bushwick with augmented reality art works. The event takes place across the city of Bushwick, NY during the Bushwick Open Studios. All types of augmented reality will be considered for the show including 2d, 3d, sound, video, etc.


Wisdom is power. Media Production. Cliff Pickover sur Twitter : "Map of the complex roots of ax^2 + bx + c for a, b, c between −25 and 25. Source: Programming. Audio. Video. Generative Arts. Blog. Social media. Ring Tones – Muses Calling. Geniales Design, das den Alltag vereinfacht und verschönert. Marianne Kohler am Montag den 13.

Geniales Design, das den Alltag vereinfacht und verschönert

Mai 2013 Diese superkleine Küche zum Aufklappen und der originelle Ordnungshelfer sind gute Beispiele dafür, dass Design nicht einfach nur schön ist, sondern auch praktisch und uns den Alltag vereinfacht.

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