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Is Active Rest Right for You? Recovery time is an important part of any bodybuilding routine because without it, you run the risk of overworking your body, which can lead to muscle breakdown and weakness.

Is Active Rest Right for You?

Despite the serious risks, many people become restless during their recovery days and because of this, find themselves back in full training mode, once again pushing their muscles to the limit. If this situation is sounding familiar, then it might be better to include ome active rest days in your bodybuilding routine, rather than planning on, but ultimately failing to adhere to, traditional passive rest days. Active rest, sometimes referred to as active recovery, consists of low-intensity exercises including (but not limited to) light walking, jogging, biking, or swimming. Though differing opinions do exist as to what constitutes an active rest session, the general consensus is that it includes any activity that keeps your pulse within 60 - 65% of your target training heart rate.

Why is active rest beneficial? Three Meals to Six: How Altering Your Eating Habits Can Help You... Are you the type of person who enjoys three square meals a day?

Three Meals to Six: How Altering Your Eating Habits Can Help You...

Do you find yourself struggling to lose weight? If you just answered yes to both questions, then you're not alone. Thankfully, the solution to your weight loss struggles may be as easy as altering a small part of your daily routine. By simply moving away from the traditional idea of three square meals a day and adopting a six-meal schedule, you can increase your energy levels and decrease your food cravings. Four Ways to Make Your Bathroom Lighting as Flattering as Possible. When lighting a space, most designers strive for functional lighting that makes the area look its best.

Four Ways to Make Your Bathroom Lighting as Flattering as Possible

When dealing with lighting a bathroom, however, extra thought should be taken to ensure that the lighting not only makes the space look great, but that it also casts the room's occupants in a flattering light. After all, an individual's perception of themselves is often shaped in part by the person they see staring back at them in their bathroom mirror. So, if you'd like to make your bathrooms lighting as flattering as possible, consider implementing the following recommendations. #1 - Choose warmer lighting profiles. Five Interesting Facts about Ghosts. Ghost lore, like so many other fantastical topics of discussion, reaches far beyond the realms of fact and fiction.

Five Interesting Facts about Ghosts

Sleep Apnea May Indicate Higher Alzheimer's Risk. Do you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea?

Sleep Apnea May Indicate Higher Alzheimer's Risk

If you do, you might want to keep an extra eye out for any early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease as researchers may have found a link between sleep apnea and Alzheimer's. The findings were presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 2019 Annual Meeting. The findings, which were gained via the assessment of a study group consisting of 288 subjects aged 65 and older, revealed that the group's sleep apnea sufferers had on average 4.5 percent more accumulations of a protein biomarker named tau than the non-sleep apnea sufferers of the group.

Higher levels of tau have long been reported in people with Alzheimer's disease. DIY Green Cleaning Products: How to Make Citrus-Infused Vinegar. Vinegar has long been touted as one of the most versatile green cleaning solutions around—and for good reason!

DIY Green Cleaning Products: How to Make Citrus-Infused Vinegar

After all, vinegar is an economical eco-friendly cleaner that can be safely used on many types of household surfaces. Despite its usefulness as a cleaning agent, however, there is a major drawback that discourages people from using it: its pungent aroma. So, if you've previously shied away from using vinegar as a cleaning agent due to its overwhelming smell, then it might be time to give the eco-friendly cleaner another chance. To enjoy the benefits of using vinegar as a general-purpose cleaner, without having to deal with its harsh smell wafting throughout your home, try cleaning with a citrus-infused vinegar instead.

Five Ways to Save on Car Insurance. Most drivers know all too well that car insurance is a costly expense.

Five Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Fortunately, there are several ways that car owners can save money on their car insurance premiums. If you'd like to save money on your car insurance, consider implementing these five cost-saving measures. 1. Do your homework If you haven't purchased your car, then do a little homework before you do. 2.

Different insurance companies offer different policies at different prices. Avoid Adding Too Much White Space to Your Pages. White space is an important part of any design and should receive the same careful thought as each of the other elements on your pages.

Avoid Adding Too Much White Space to Your Pages

By taking the necessary time to carefully assess your usage of white space, you can spot areas in need of improvement and make the required changes to correctly balance the elements on your page. Because it is generally accepted that using more white space will improve a page’s readability and overall aesthetic value, many people end up going overboard by adding too much of it in their layouts. Take care to avoid excessive white space on your pages or you'll run the risk of your pages looking incomplete. What is Social and Emotional Learning and How Can It Benefit Alt...

Social and emotional learning (SEL) teaches students to become better communicators who understand, manage, and express their emotions in a healthy way.

What is Social and Emotional Learning and How Can It Benefit Alt...

Such learning gives students the means to create and maintain healthy relationships, plus encourages responsible decision making and the setting of positive goals. Below are some examples of how all students benefit when exposed to social and emotional learning. Understanding, managing, and expressing emotions. Wolverhampton Meets Manchester United - Remontada for United! After the emphatic 4-0 win over Chelsea last weekend, the Red Devils are off to the formidable Wolves in the last game of the weekend.

Wolverhampton Meets Manchester United - Remontada for United!

The season got off to a flyer for Solksjaers’ men with a dominating and confident performance which has inevitably lifted the mood around Old Trafford significantly. At these early stages of the season, it is hard to pin down the momentum a team carries, especially when you are travelling to Molineux, a ground that gave two setbacks to United at the latter stages of last season. The good part however for the Devils is of course, that they didn’t have to play any game midweek, unlike Wolves, who played the second leg of their Europa League third-round qualifying match on Thursday.

Southampton Meets Liverpool, Sees A Glorious Win! Football is a sport admired by many, but to some, it serves as the world within and more. The season brought an enormous surprise for all such sports lovers, as it brought the most magnificent lions of sports together. Ahn Jae-hyun Wants Divorce - Ku Hye-sun Talks It Out! Flying with Children? Put Your Mind at Ease by Trying These Tips!

Anyone who has traveled with children knows that doing so can be challenging. This is especially true whenever flying is involved. Thankfully, there are several ways to ease the burden of flying with children so that you, your children, and the other passengers can have a more enjoyable flight. Here are some tips that can make flying with children a less stressful experience.

Tip #1 - Be strategic when picking a flight and selecting your seats When picking a flight, aim for the earliest flight time available this will give you the best chance of avoiding lengthy delays at the airport, which can feel especially torturous to little ones who are just itching to get on the plane. Tip #2 - Pack with a plan. Never Discount the Importance of Testing Your Website's Links. Links are an essential part of any website. After all, they form the basis of all online navigation. Take Your Real Estate Game to the Next Level with Seasonal Staging. When it comes to home selling strategies, one of today's most commonly used tactics is staging. So, how can you stage a home, yet still have it stand out from all the other staged houses for sale in the neighborhood? Well, to help a staged home stand out from rest, try adding some seasonal staging props. By including some subtle seasonal additions in your staging displays, you can take your home staging game to the next level.

Continue reading for staging tips unique to each season. Spring Staging Tips: Three Meals to Six: How Altering Your Eating Habits Can Help You... Four Ways to Prevent or Minimize the Effects of Seasonal Affective... Seasonal affective disorder, sometimes referred to as the winter blues or summertime sadness, is a mood disorder that is closely linked to variations in tight.

For this reason, it is most prevalent in populations who live far from the equator, where seasonal light fluctuations are more severe. Though seasonal affective disorder is most frequently experienced during the winter months when daylight hours decrease, around ten percent of cases do present during the summer. It's these summer cases that have medical professionals on the fence about the possible evolutionary causes of the disorder. Neo Partner And Ontology To Create Global Cross-chain. In the town hall meeting, the leading projects of China Neo and Ontology revealed the plans for the partnership to make a foundation for the next-gen internet by making an open cross-chain platform. Optimize Your Website With The New Seo Secret Weapon- Voice Search. Nowadays, voice search has become very popular and it could greatly affect your website SEO. But as search with spoken queries is different from written one, you will have to optimize your site to develop for the future SEO voice search.

Want To Know What Is Voice Search? Voice search allows all internet users to search with the help of their voice rather than typing a query into the search bar. The Social Implications of Blockchain. Carrying The Right Energy Makes Successful Networks. Many of the young professionals with a shortage of experience and knowledge have a lack of a huge network of relationship capital.

Bitgram Social — Carrying The Right Energy Makes Successful... Connectivity And Networking In Internet Of Things. Internet of things or IoT alludes to the expanding network of physical devices that are connected to the Internet and share data. A New World Where Artificial Intelligence Treats Mental Health... Startup Trends to Lookout for a Successful Run in 2019. How to Be a Smart Shopper This Year? Quick Blogging Tips: What Makes for Good Blog Content? Is Permanent Eyeliner Right for You? Greenies Pill Pockets. Five Ways to Improve Your Life by Becoming More Active. Man Vs Wild : PM Modi with Bear Grylls, Episode to air on 12th Aug. How to Quickily Rehydrate Dry,  Brittle Hair. Should I Block Sensitive Categories of Adsense Ads? Visiting Paris? Gourmet Restaurants You’ll Never Forget. What is #Hashtag ? The Four-Second Rule of Website Design. The Rewards and Challenges of Entrepreneurship. What is Social and Emotional Learning and How Can It Benefit All...

Three Ways to Avoid Being Victimized by Financial Scammers. Are You Drinking Enough Water? NO , Total ban on crypto currencies in India : Government says. NO , Total ban on crypto currencies in India : Government says. Some Common Misconceptions About a Startup. Smart Steps to a Start-Up. Shopping; Much More Than Leisure. The Psychology of Shopping. The Super-strong artificial muscle lifts 1000 times its weight. AI beats professionals at a six-player Texas Hold ’Em poker game. The United Colours of Indian Culture. YOGA! it's all about practice and not just perfection. Lendo Epitomises Emergence Of Gibraltar As A Blockchain Country. Lendo adds major utility to ELT with bond investment offer.