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Hawaii Kawaii Blog - Kawaii, random cuteness and silly stuff. Plastic Candy: Birthday stuff and melon pan turtles. My right hand hurts so I'm not going to type much.

Plastic Candy: Birthday stuff and melon pan turtles

I had my birthday at the end of September and it was a wonderful day. I went out for lunch with the knitting group, got a few unexpected gifts and had pasta with my husband at home later that night. My husband had asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I picked out a few Sylvanian items. We ordered late so they actually arrived exactly a week after my birthday. He went and surprised me with the Watermill Bakery on the day itself, because he's sweet like that.

Another two friends pooled together and got me a Lalaloopsy doll. I got my first teaching paycheck today too :D. I've also been working on some sample packets of mini food for the Sylvanian Families forums. Anyway back to the turtles; I decided to brush some green pastel over the 'shells' because I saw some very cute green melon bread turtles on the net. Some WIP pics: Hello Ashleyann – For all things girly. Kawaii Universe - Cute Revolution. Sashimi and Snow. Hawaii Kawaii Blog - Kawaii, random cuteness and silly stuff. Super Cute Kawaii!! Ling's Blog. Asking for trouble » Tokyo Shopping Guide. I have visited Japan three times now and each time I’ve researched an exhaustive itinerary of cute, crafty and creative places to visit.

asking for trouble » Tokyo Shopping Guide

You’ll find individual posts on my favourite shops and sights, plus a guide to the main areas of Tokyo. After my most recent trip, I’ve added a few places in Osaka and Kyoto too. You’ll also find links to other shopping guides and trip reports, plus resources, articles and maps. I hope you find it useful in planning your own trip! Make sure you check the Japan section of my blog too, for regular posts and links about Japan. If you enjoy these posts, please consider buying my printed Tokyo Shopping Guide, also available as a printable PDF or ebook. My Tokyo Shopping Guide You can view the whole set of posts in backwards order (i.e. most recent post back to the first post) via the Tokyo Shopping Guide category or you can jump directly to the posts you’re most interested in, using the links below. Super Cute Kawaii!! Watermelon3.livejournal. How to Make a Yo-Yo: Step 01. Cute Daily - Your Daily Dose of Cuteness. House of Mishibu. Cute Daily - Your Daily Dose of Cuteness. Tizzalicious Crafts and Cuteness - Cute Indie Shopping Tips & Creative Adventures.

- meomi cloud house - Jujujenny ❤ 豬豬珍妮 ❤ 正在建設中. Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li. Clover. Resin clay experimentOriginally uploaded by Snowfern.


Mini top hat tutorial. I thought I'd just document how I made the hats, then with the benefit of my experience you can venture forth and give it a go yourself, knowing I had no idea what I was doing but still managed to do it good enough regardless!

Mini top hat tutorial

Things I used: Construction Paper (though any paper will do, this is just thicker so a bit easier) CompassPencil/pen Tape Patience Spray Adhesive Fabric for hats (I used satin for the white one, and an acetate lining for the coloured ones) Scalpel / Utility Knife / whatever you want to call it Scissors Hot Glue and Hot Glue gun Box board/strawboard/thick cardboard, whatever you want to call it.

As long as its a thicker board that is still (just) bendable and will keep its shape. I used a mixture of 1.2mm and 2.4mm thick card. The groundwork: First up, I made a basic pattern out of paper and tape to work from. To do this, I started with the base of the hat. Then cutting along the line just drawn, it will leave the shape of the crown/barrel of the hat! Making the hat: Cloudy PURPLE sky. Tea Party. Ku-ki-shop.livejournal. Chicki-Blog.

Monster Sale, Free Delivery and Awesome Goody Bags January 22nd, 2014 It’s that time of year again and we are having a super monster sale.


There are loads of bargains plus anyone ordering over £30 of goods will get FREE delivery (uk only) and a fantastic goody bag. Drop Dead Cute - Kawaii for Sexy Ladies. The basics of how to build a terrarium. The Best of Cardboard Boxes and Adorable Animals. Pusheen the cat. Blog. Amy Hicks’s Oakley the Bear Amy Hicks, winner of our 2012 photo contest, just released her first pattern!


Meet Oakley the Bear. It makes me happy to see knitters try their hand at design. Everyone has their own unique approach and style. (The felt details on this guy are so sweet!) You can buy Amy’s pattern on Ravelry or at her Etsy Shop. Congrats, Amy! Happy Bunny Passover This is a re-blog, but fhmitchellaud’s Steinbunny family celebrating Passover is cute enough for another go-around! This was one of the many fun entries that we got in our Tiny Bunny photo contest from 2012. Happy Passover to those who are celebrating this week!

Vintage View-Master Magic Happy Friday, everyone! Today I have wonderful vintage cuteness to share. Maybe I saw some of these as a kid, but either way I’m blown away by the style and level of detail in the carefully constructed scenes. These are so amazing to me, I have to share more. OK, some are cuter than others. Sweet Sweet Roving. Everyday Cute. It’s Tommy the Pomeranian - Pusheen style!

Everyday Cute

Requested by Feb 04. 4425 Notes. Oct 30. 92932 Notes. Bonus gif by Emmy Cicierega :) Hello Kitty Hell.