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BISSELL Homecare Inc., is the World’s No.1 brand in carpet & vacuum cleaning appliances. For customer services, pls ring 0344 888 66 44 (8am - 5pm, Mon - Fri).

BISSELL UK BLOG » Prepare for Your Big Game Day Party - BISSELL UK BLOG. By BISSELL|BISSELL Tips , Lifestyle “We want families to enjoy the family room during movie nights and for sports fans to be able to cheer as loud as they can for their favorite team, without dreading the inevitable cleanup that follows,” said Sean Regan, Category Director, BISSELL.

BISSELL UK BLOG » Prepare for Your Big Game Day Party - BISSELL UK BLOG

With an action-packed month of World Cup Rugby already underway, the team here at BISSELL want to help you ensure that your home is geared up to make the most of the good times ahead. Here are some tips to scoring the winning try with your guests. Preparation Consider the number of quests you will be accommodating when planning seating arrangements. Clean Up Ahead of Time Stock Up Be sure to buy enough to food cater for the number of guests you’ll be hosting.Get all your grocery shopping done well ahead of time. Set Up the Room Chill Cool beer mugs in the freezer overnight.Print drink labels to help your guests keep track of their glass.Chill drinks ahead of time. Plan for the Kids Plan for unexpected mess. How to Keep Your House Clean When You Don't Have Time to Clean. Back in 2005 when I began this blog I thought I was pretty busy.

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Don't Have Time to Clean

I was the mother to two young daughters, I was Relief Society President in a large LDS ward, my husband was never home because he was working on his doctorate, I taught a handful of voice lessons, and I sometimes (very sometimes) performed. And I thought my life was completely overstuffed. How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows.

At first I hesitated doing this post because it teeters precariously close to over-sharing…but the more research I did, and the more I asked around, I realized that pillows that become yellow over time is a pretty common thing!

How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows

Download the How to Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows PDF guide for easy reference. One of the most common reasons why pillows can turn yellow is sweat. Even when you’re sleeping your body continues to sweat to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Depending on the type of fabric your pillowcase is made from, sweat can seep through the fabric. As the sweat dries, it can leave a yellow stain on the pillow. In the past when the yellowing got really bad, I would simply toss the pillow and buy a new one. After I read Martha’s suggestion I decided to take it to heart and set out on a mission to systematically wash all the pillows in the house, and since I was going to the trouble…I decided to address the YELLOWING issue at the same time. 10 Decorating Tips Pro's Live By.

By BISSELL|BISSELL Tips , Lifestyle Many people appreciate beautiful homes and thought out décor, but not many people know where to begin.

10 Decorating Tips Pro's Live By

Social media sites can leave optimistic amateurs overwhelmed and feeling slightly hopeless, so we’ve created a guideline to help you tackle any home and create a fabulous interior. Here are ten tips the décor professionals live by: Consider the bigger picture first. It’s important to think of your home as a whole, and pick an overall theme or style to help streamline the decorating process – as well as to create a degree of consistency or “flow” throughout the home. Clean it Like You Mean it: Your Guide to a Glowing Home After the School Holidays… By BISSELL|Lifestyle Get your home back in tip-top shape, with this simple cleaning checklist to help streamline the post summer break clean up.

Clean it Like You Mean it: Your Guide to a Glowing Home After the School Holidays…

Just hover your mouse over the exclamation marks to get extended information: FLOORS: Kids will be kids and foot traffic over the summer break is usually characterised by muddy shoes and dirty feet by the masses, so give them some much needed TLC that they so desperately need. Start by sweeping or vacuuming (flooring finish dependent), then use a carpet cleaner to remove any deep-seated dirt build-up from your carpets or area rugs. Use a steam mop to sanitise the sticky mess on your hard floors and help kill those unwanted germs & bacteria.

KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Run cleaning product through the washing machine and dishwasher while they’re empty to clean the machines themselves. MATS: Vacuum and machine wash all doormats and area rugs – ideally on a higher temperature as this helps to kill germs and bacteria. The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – A home library of resources. Image Credit: © Suzette at | here & here | CC by 2.0 When I first started this little blog of mine, I never thought I’d be posting on health.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – A home library of resources

In fact, when the idea first started to germinate, I thought MPMK would be all about home design. 13 Hypoallergenic Pets for People with Allergies. By BISSELL|Lifestyle Pets.

13 Hypoallergenic Pets for People with Allergies

The sad truth is that many of us can’t live with them, but can’t live without them. The good news is that if you or somebody in your home insist on having a pet (for whatever reason), a hairless pet isn’t the only solution. Dander is the most commonly troublesome pet allergen. This is shed by the skin of warm blooded pets, and can be found on the animal’s fur. Bedlington Terrier: These cute pooches sport curly, woolly coats and weigh in at around the 10kg mark. Bichon Frise: Affectionately referred to as “powder puff” dogs, bichon frises have a softer fur undercoat and a coarse, curly outer coat. Kerry Blue Terrier: This breed is deemed hypoallergenic because it sheds less dander than many other breeds. BISSELL Clean Team Blog » Pet Related Chores for Children: How Young is Too Young?

By BISSELL|Lifestyle Pets hold a dear place in the hearts of many, adults and children alike.

BISSELL Clean Team Blog » Pet Related Chores for Children: How Young is Too Young?

Whether it’s as a playmate, cuddle buddy or confidant, pets have been found to help nurture qualities of commitment, compassion and empathy within children. Allowing children the opportunity to get involved in routine pet-related chores is a fantastic way to teach them about the value of responsibility and what that entails. While the adults will inevitably be responsible for the overall well being of pets (much to the disagreement of children worldwide), even very young children can get involved when it comes to caring for family pets. Why routine? 20 brilliant things to make in a jar.

Via: Start saving your old jam jars!

20 brilliant things to make in a jar

From cakes to herb gardens, pies to photo frames, and even entire meals … here are 20 fantastic things you never knew you could make with a jar. (Above: red velvet cupcakes in a jar. Get the recipe here). 25 (more) clever ideas to make life easier. .

25 (more) clever ideas to make life easier

We heard you loud and clear. When we published our first list of clever ideas to make life easier last year, we received an overwhelming response. So without further ado, here’s another 25 ingenious household tips and organisational tricks that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Source: BISSELL Clean Team Blog » Pet Fire Safety. By BISSELL|Lifestyle Did you know? Pet Fire Safety Day happens once a year on the 15th of July. This special, fur-friendly day was officiated in the late 2000’s, and many pet owners as well as emergency services now celebrate it annually.

The purpose of Pet Fire Safety Day is to make pet owners more mindful of fire related hazards in the home, and what this means in relation to any resident fur-children. Senior Dog's Rescue Is An Amazing, Heartwarming Tale. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Tweet A homeless 8-year-old dog named Mufasa was found by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws living outside of a sewage treatment plant in Los Angeles. He had been alone all of his life, starved, and at risk of coming in contact with toxic chemicals generated by the facility, so he had to be rescued quickly. The look of relief on Mufasa’s face when he realizes he will now have someone to depend on is priceless.

Younger dogs are usually the first to be adopted at animal shelters because they’re so tiny, clumsy, and overall adorable. 16 Simple Steps to an Allergy-Proof Home! By BISSELL|Lifestyle Nothing puts a damper on summer quite like allergies. Itchy throats, runny eyes and blocked noses can make it rather difficult to achieve that sizzling summer glow! While medication can help alleviate symptoms, there are many other ways to help decrease the presence of allergens in your home environment. What is an Allergic Response? 8 Things You Must Consider If You Are A New Pet Owner.

With adorable faces and irresistible eyes, dogs are loved by many people. But, loving a dog and being ready to take on the responsibility of your canine companion are two very different things. The bitter truth is very few of us look beyond the cute lovable eyes of puppies and imagine the world with an adult dog. Rather we happily picture a world, which is filled with fun, with that puppy. In this article, we have written eight things that you must consider before owning a new pet.

Almost all breed of dogs take up a lot of time as well as energy. 20 of the World's Rarest Dog Breeds. Corgi talks to cat. Fascinating Facts about your Fur-baby! By BISSELL|Lifestyle Pets. Whether they are our best friends, our babies, or our long time confidants, it’s undeniable that they mean the world to us. But unfortunately owning pets also mean increased exposure to a host of nasties; including allergens like fur and mites.

Because BISSELL loves pets, we make sure our pet-friendly products get rid of every last little nasty. Which means that both you and your fur babies can enjoy a happy home, without jeopardising your health or the health of your pet. And because pets are as special as they are, we’ve decided to celebrate them with not only a cleaner home, but also with a round-up of rather impressive pet-related facts. When dogs bite down, their mouths exert around 200 pounds of pressure conservatively. Fleas can jump up to 200 times the length of their body. The degree of effectiveness of a dog’s internal cooling system is directly proportional to the length of its nose. Pets are included in over 50% of family and holiday portraits. Cleaning Tips - BISSELL Blog.

Entertainment, Recipes, Parenting & Love Advice. Cleaning Tips: Bathroom on Pinterest. 10 Easy Ways to Find More Time in a Day! These DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cubes Keep the Sink Fresh. Healthy Child Healthy World. Clean an Oven with Vinegar and Baking Soda to Avoid Abrasive Cleaners. BISSELL TIPS: February 2015. 15 Life Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom. Walking Holidays - BISSELL UK. By BISSELL|Family Fun Everyone knows that going for a walk is good exercise, but it’s getting out the house to go on these walks that is the real problem!

It’s a New Year and most of us have already copped out on our New Year’s resolutions. But the fact remains the same: walking is good for you. So how can you make it happen? Picking yourself up and getting out the door can be tricky when you’re alone, so why not turn walking into a fun day out with the family while getting healthy and fit in the process? Cairngorm Reindeer Walks (Aviemore, Scotland) Take a relaxed, easy stroll into the Cairngorm Mountains just outside Aviemore to visit the reindeers. Opening Times: All Year Walk Leaves: 11am (winter), 11am & 14:30 (summer) Costs: Adults – £13.

Hadrian’s Wall Path (Northumberland, England) Bordering the Northumberland National Park, explore the Site of Hadrian’s Wall including Roman settlements and forts on your own time and selected distance. BISSELL UK - Spring Babies Competition - Vacuum Cleaners. How To Clean Rust Off Old Loaf Tins. Previous image Next image old metal baking pans will rust. look out for red spots. The Chic Site. An organized home is a happy home. Making sure that each of your belongings has a resting spot within your house is the quickest way to add a little more zen into your everyday schedule. Even with how important organization may be in my eyes, storage items should NOT be the area that you splurge on in your home.

Save your pretty penny for the exciting decor items that you’ve had your eye on, and save on the drawer dividers, filers, pantry organizers, etc. Storage Ideas for Kids' Bedroom. Home furniture should be planned in such a way that it adds beauty to the house yet helps parents to maintain it with ease. Decorating the bedroom is an important aspect in relation to the whimsical ways of children. The furniture should be planned keeping in mind the functionality. Cleaning. 25 (more) clever ideas to make life easier. Clean Team Review: Vac & Steam - Welcome to the BISSELL Clean Team Blog. Vacuum / cleaning market. Organizing Tips from Professional Organizers - Neat Method. Uncommon Organizing Hacks. 12 Christmas Cooking Cheats - Welcome to the BISSELL Clean Team Blog.

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