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BIS Research is a global cutting edge technology research and advisory company which focuses on those emerging trends in technology which are likely to disrupt the dynamics of the market. With coverage of more than 12 technology verticals, BIS Research provides a complete end-to-end market intelligence solution to its partners and clients.

Integrated Cellular Connectivity To Propel The Growth Of Global Automotive Telematics Market. Telematics in automotive industry has emerged as the latest trends in this technology driven industry.

Integrated Cellular Connectivity To Propel The Growth Of Global Automotive Telematics Market

With the availability of high speed internet connectivity and increasing mobile phone penetration in the market, the telematics business has spread widely in many application industry, including automotive industry. Rising awareness about driver’s safety and stringent road safety regulations imposed by various governments, such as in European Union, Russia and Brazil, has led to the integration of telematics as an essential component of vehicles. Telematics is a communication technology that can be provided through an integrated communication module or smart phone.

The telematics system is a combination of hardware and software that helps in cellular communication with cars on road, i.e. vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), roadside infrastructure, i.e. vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle-to-device systems (V2X). Pharmacovigilance Gaining Momentum As Emerging Markets Acknowledge Its Importance. Prescription drugs come with a note of certain side effects that they can cause and thus, these drugs are never declared as safest in any circumstances.

Pharmacovigilance Gaining Momentum As Emerging Markets Acknowledge Its Importance

Side effects of the drugs may result in hospitalization, life-threats, disability, and death among others. Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) has become prevalent nowadays, with 10-20% patients suffer from serious ADRs in hospitals, and these ADRs contribute to 5-10% of the hospital costs. Therefore, keeping an evaluation of these adverse effects and monitoring those gains utmost importance in healthcare industry. Pharmacovigilance (PV) plays an important role here by assessing drug safety, associated risks and overall patient health till the expiration of the medicinal product. Pharmaceutical organizations have made it a point to inculcate PV in their business practices, as it helps in identifying the adverse effects of medication across diverse population. Moving Ahead To The Era Of Online Gaming: Global Online Games Of Skill Market To Grow Exponentially. Games of skill, a category of games which requires skills from the player in the form of dexterity, knowledge or strategic thinking, has helped the gaming industry in its development and wide expansion over the last decade, and the global games of skill market is exploring new avenues now.

Moving Ahead To The Era Of Online Gaming: Global Online Games Of Skill Market To Grow Exponentially

This expansion has helped in creating a new range of platforms for revenue generation and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscriptions fees, pay-per-play, in-app purchases, royalties to premium account and upgrade remunerations. The users in developed countries are familiar with the online paid games, however, among the developing economies, there was inhibitions regarding the online payment gateways initially, but now the user base is adopting the real money online games, thus becoming a loyal revenue base for the industry. 3D Printing Set To Revolutionize The Manufacturing industry Across Different Verticals.

The market of 3D printing has witnessed drastic changes since its initial years and has expanded over many end-use industries including healthcare.

3D Printing Set To Revolutionize The Manufacturing industry Across Different Verticals

The 3D printing material market has become more pervasive with rapid technological advancement and the expansion of 3D printing industry, transforming the dynamics of manufacturing industry. The deep chasm between the digital and physical has been bridged with the innovation of 3D printing and now people are widely using this emerging technology for a physical representation of their digital design and products.

Starting initially with prototypes, 3D printing has taken the world by storm, by producing prosthetics, complex mechanisms, batteries, robot, clothing and food, among other fully functional components. Now with the rapid technological developments in 3D printing technology, wide range of 3DP materials and high speed of manufacturing is disrupting the market and paving the way for future growth. Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market - BIS Research. With the increasing pressure on ground water and fresh water resources, the treatment of waste water has come to the forefront to solve the issue of water scarcity.

Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market - BIS Research

Governments of different countries are taking initiatives with private companies to install waste water treatment plant in different areas. In a similar move, Indian River County has proposed to spend $32,926 to reduce discharges from sewage treatment plants. Similar steps are being taken to treat waste water efficiently so that it does not affect the surrounding flora and fauna adversely. Global Multi-Rotor Drone Market Research Report - Bisresearch.

Drones have spread over the world in a short span of time and has attracted the attention of the established a well as novice market players due its application in commercial sector, with latest advancements in this emerging technology.

Global Multi-Rotor Drone Market Research Report - Bisresearch

The industries are now ready to move over from semi-autonomous systems to fully autonomous ones and this demand has intensified the competition in the global multirotor drone market. One of the major companies in the multirotor drone market, AeroVironment, recently announced the launch of its latest drone Quantix, which will help farmers collect and record infield observations. In an interview with AgWired, Matt Strein from AeroVironment mentioned that the drone will be available commercially prior to the end of this year. Rising Safety Concerns Propelling The Video Content Analytics (VCA) And Video Surveillance As A Service (VSaaS) Market. There has been a gradual increase in the terror related and criminal activities on a global scale and this has pushed the law enforcement agencies to adopt various surveillance and security methods to ensure safety of the people.

Rising Safety Concerns Propelling The Video Content Analytics (VCA) And Video Surveillance As A Service (VSaaS) Market

This has propelled the demand for advanced surveillance system and video surveillance cameras in governmental organizations as well as private enterprises. Stringent regulations have been passed by the governments to install security cameras in all public places as well in establishments to curb criminal activities. The video surveillance market has now developed IP/network based system, after 30 years of market dominance by analog video surveillance systems. It was observed that nearly 1.6 million die every year as a result of violent activities and terror attacks. But with the increased investment in video surveillance camera installations, the crime rate has fallen by 70%. Global VSaaS Market Outlook And Forecast - BIS Research. The global video surveillance as a service market was worth XX million in FY 2016 and is expected to witness a tremendous growth, growing at a CAGR of XX.XX% during the forecast period of 2016-2022.

Global VSaaS Market Outlook And Forecast - BIS Research

The increasing adoption of advanced video surveillance solutions coupled with the innovations in data storage technologies and need for centralized storage has led to the strong growth of market globally. The report is a compilation of various segments including market dynamics, market breakdown by service type, by geography and by applications. The report also includes a detailed section on the Video Content Analytics along with its market estimation and analysis. Moreover, each technology type in VCA is further mapped as per their geographical markets and application verticals. Augmented And Virtual Reality To Take The World By Storm. The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices are moving towards a paradigm shift with the development of aesthetically pleasing forms which incorporates itself in the daily lives of the consumers.

Augmented And Virtual Reality To Take The World By Storm

The latest VR devices are compatible with smart glasses, head-up displays, head mounted displays and handheld devices, and VR devices control the processing power of smart phones and computers to display VR contents. Due to this, the development of compact devices which are powered to display VR contents without being tethered to any computer are being developed and hence, the global augmented reality and virtual reality market is witnessing a huge growth. OTT & Convenience Service Providers Become Drivers Of Food Tech Market. Time is money, and people are always looking for alternatives which save their time and energy, and are convenient for them so that they can direct their strength in more productive works.

OTT & Convenience Service Providers Become Drivers Of Food Tech Market

Modern lifestyle is fast paced, with technology sweeping across every aspect of life, all across the globe. The food market is not left behind in the technological advancement, and new platforms have sprung up to supply food, which makes it easier for the consumers to save time. Just like online cab services, the online platform of food and FMCG industry offers convenient delivery services for grocery shoppers. Global Prenatal Testing and Newborn Screening Market Report. Over the past two decades the infant mortality rate has slashed down significantly on a global scale, owing to the advancement in healthcare technology, along with the help of international organizations and government support. Now to further reduce the infant mortality rate, advancement in prenatal diagnosis and newborn screening tests such as next generation sequencing, high throughput screening and cell free fetal DNA, are being promoted and implemented across different regions globally.

Prenatal testing helps in detecting genetic abnormality present in the foetus, which consequentially helps in saving the life of the mother as well as the child. A foetus with genetic disorder is more susceptible to increase the childhood mortality rate and risk the health or life of the mother. According to a research study by BIS Healthcare, countries which had higher percentage of newborn screening, had lower percentage of infant mortality. Custom Research Services - BIS Research. Healthcare industry is undergoing disruptive technological change with consistent innovations and new development, enabling increased accessibility of medical treatment and better services. A wide range of innovative technologies are emerging, which further aids in improving healthcare delivery.

The continuously evolving healthcare environment make it increasingly difficult for companies to sustain traditional growth. Additionally, ongoing consolidation, emergence of new players, disruptive innovations and digitization of healthcare present myriad of opportunities and challenges for market players big and small alike. Unmanned Ground Vehicle To Help Beef Up The Defense System Across The Globe. Automation has taken the wold by a storm, from commercial industries to defense system, every sphere of life is witnessing a huge investment in automation process. Industrial automation is on a gradual rise with increasing demand for cutting labor cost among manufacturers, which helps in increasing efficiency and production.

But beside the application in manufacturing and services sector, a major share of automation technology is used by defense sector. Armed forces and law enforcement agencies are utilising automated vehicles for a wide spectrum of tasks, ranging from explosive handling to terrain mapping. However, the most important reason for the use of unmanned ground vehicles is to reduce the casualty rate in course of dangerous encounters. Proportional Increase In Demand Of Enhanced Safety Systems And Efficient Vehicles Garner Higher Revenue For The Automotive Actuators Market. The automotive industry is a huge platform for a plethora of sub-industries which are witnessing monumental growth as the automotive industry is gaining momentum with time. One of these sub-industries is the automotive actuators market. Constant innovation and low cost has driven the technological development in the actuators industry. Are Multi-rotor Drones The Future Of Commercial Industries?

Drones have revolutionized the technological world, with spreading end user applications and industries. The multipurpose drone has evolved through many stages and these drones are now being used for delivery services by online retailers. These are still undergoing innovation, with companies engaging in research and development of this emerging technology in commercial sector. Voluminous Increase In Waste Water To Affect The Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market. The small share of fresh water present on Earth helps in sustenance of life and livelihood and thus, it becomes immensely important to save and recycle it. Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market Outlook - BIS Research. Unmanned ground vehicles are an integral part of automation that includes industrial automation as well automation in defense and security applications.

They come in different in shape, and varying payload capacity, providing logistics supports, negotiating tough terrain for surveillance mission in military operations to ferrying materials, and lifting goods and sorting within factory workplace. BIS Research - Global Multi-Rotor Drone Market Report Forecast. Global Jet Lag Therapy Market Analysis Report - Bis Research. Global Jet Lag Therapy products are primarily used to cure jet lag symptoms, which includes insomnia, sleepiness, daytime fatigue, lack of concentration, constipation, diarrhea, dehydration, and nausea among others.

Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market Outlook. Waste water produced is primarily, a by-product of civilization which is a threat to public health and environment. Increased globalization, growing waste water volumes and depleting resources for fresh water, among others have led to an increase in the demand of water resources globally. According to United Nations, by 2025, an increase in the level of extraction of water from fresh water resources is expected to grow by 50% in developing countries and 18% by developed countries.

It is also estimated that by 2025, approximately 1800 million people will live in water scarce region and approximately two thirds of the global population will reside in water stressed regions. Therefore, the need for water and waste water treatment has increased largely at a global scale. Unveiling The Future Of Energy Efficiency With Quantum Dots Technology. Our dynamic world is advancing at a fast pace, and with rapid technological development, a better lifestyle is promised to the expanding populace. But to provide a better lifestyle, the basic necessities have to be met, one of which is energy. Energy consumption will increase manifold in the coming years with the ever rising population. But how do we suffice this need when the concern over depleting environment is a priority? Global Intelligent Transportation Systems Market Report 2017.

Global Quantum Dots Market Analysis & Forecast - Bisresearch. The television industry is witnessing a golden era with the innovations in quantum dots. IOT in agriculture market expected to grow at a CAGR of over 16% by 2022-Agricultural Mar. 30, 2017. Revolutionary Increases in the Global AGV Market. Provided by BIS Research As the world moves towards a dynamic technological age, the factories are moving towards automation for their intra-factory operations such as materials handling. Global ITS market estimated to reach $72.32 billion by 2022 according to new research report.

Increased energy consumption pushes the demand for energy efficient devices according to new research report. Global solid waste management to take charge of sustainable environment explored in latest research. Research focused on the new industrial revolution with automated guided vehicles. Research report explores the IoT in agriculture is the next big thing in agricultural industry. Global Tungsten Carbide Market To Spread Its Wings Wider. Use of sensors in IoT to revolutionize the monitoring of our surroundings just published. Global automotive aftermarket to witness a robust growth at a CAGR of 8% according to market forecasts. Recent research: The global autonomous vehicle market to grow at an exponential rate.

Metamterials market to grow at a CAGR of 21.6% by 2022 according to new research report. Research focused on the Global emerging cancer diagnostics to show a robust growth. Global Emerging Technologies In Cancer Diagnostics Market Report. Global Quantum Dots Market, Analysis and Forecast. Global Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Market Analysis. Companies Contemplate Autonomous Future, Global Autonomous Vehicle Market To Surge. Agricultural Robots Are Here To Change The Agriculture Industry. Tungsten Carbide Market To Speed Up At A CAGR Of 4.4% Global Emerging Cancer Diagnostics Market To Take A Big Leap Towards Development. IoT In Agriculture Is The Next Big Thing In Farming Sector. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Expected To Cross $700 Billion Mark. Global Prenatal Testing and Newborn Screening Market: A Boon For The Modern Family’s Woes. The Global Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Market To Soar Higher.

Developing Global ITS Market: The Solution To Space And Traffic Congestion Woes. Increasing Low Fertility Rate Gives A Boost To Global IVF Market. Global Small Caliber Hunting And Shooting Market: A Potential Multibillion Dollar Industry. Better Medicare Ahead As The Emerging Cancer Diagnostics Market Set To Rise. Global Fuel Cells Market Flourishing To Rescue The Ailing Environment. Industries Across Different Verticals To Be Revolutionized, With Soaring Global Tungsten Carbide Market.

Startups downplay tobacco as they talk up cannabis. Will The New Regulations Slow Down The E-liquid Market In U.S? Agricultural Robots To Impact Traditional Farming Operations Globally. Global Tungsten Carbide Market. Can Rising Forensic Technology Market Control The Sailing Rate Of Cybercrimes? Global Forensic Product And Services Market Research Report. Research report explores the IoT in agriculture is the next big thing in agricultural industry. A Worldwide Network Of Farming, Thanks To Internet Of Things In Agriculture.

Global IoT In Agriculture Market Study Forecast - Bisresearch. With The Expected Surge In Global Autonomous Vehicle Market, The Autonomous Dream Is Nigh. Global Autonomous Vehicles Market Report Forecast - BIS Research. Global Metamaterials Market Research Report - BIS Research. One Step Closer To The Invisibility Cloak: Metamaterials To Revolutionize The Technological World. Global Metamaterials Market Research Report - Bis Research. Global Solid Waste Management Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2022) (Focus on Recycling, Waste to Energy Incineration, Landfill, and Composting and Anaerobic Digestion, among other services in Municipal and Industrial Waste type) Global Solid Waste Management Market - Anticipated to Grow to $1296.04 Billion by 2022 - Research and Markets.

Global Carbon Nanotube Market To Gain Pace As Carbon Nanotubes Rise From The Depression. Energy Efficient Devices: The New Method Of Sustainable Energy Utilization. Global Solid Waste Management Market - Anticipated to Grow to $1296.04 Billion by 2022 - Research and Markets. Solid Waste Management: Rise In Solid Waste Poses A Threat To The Rising Population. Global Solid Waste Management Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2022) - Focus on Recycling, Waste to Energy Incineration, Landfill, and Composting and Anaerobic Digestion - Research and Markets. Automotive Aftermarket: A Diverse Industry With A High Growth Potential. Global Solid Waste Management Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2022) (Focus on Recycling, Waste to Energy Incineration, Landfill, and Composting and Anaerobic Digestion, among other services in Municipal and Industrial Waste type)

Global Solid Waste Management Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2022) - Focus on Recycling, Global Solid Waste Management Market Research Report 2016. Food Sufficiency Demand: A Catalyst For Vertical Farming. Global Automotive Aftermarket Study Report - BIS Research. Global Energy Efficiency Devices Market Research Report - BIS Research. Global Solid Waste Management Market Forecast - Bis Research. Better Life Expectancy Pushes Demand For Advanced Wound Care. Aircraft Landing Gear Market Expected To Soar As Global Air Traffic Increases.

Sensors In Internet Of Things (IoT) Devices: Market Growth And Future Of Monitoring. Global Automated Guided Vehicles AGV Market Outlook - BIS Research. Global Sensors In IoT Devices Market Analysis And Forecast. Global Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Market Report Forecast. Global Next Generation Payment Technology Market Report 2016. Global Advance Energy Storage Market Outlook 2016. Europe-vape-shops-market-report-forecast. U.S. E-liquid Market Analysis & Forecast 2016 – BIS Research. European E-Liquid Market Research (2016-2025), BIS Research. APAC E-Liquid Market Analysis & Forecast 2016 - BIS Research. APAC E Cigarette and Vaporizer Market Research Report 2016. Global Automotive Fuel Injection Systems Market Outlook 2016-2022. Global Advanced Wound Care Market Outlook & Forecast 2016-2022. Carbon-nano-tube-cnt-market-report-forecast. Global Fuel Cells Market Outlook 2016-2022, Bis Research.

Global Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear Market Outlook 2016-2022.