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Intern at antwak

Team Work: Representing togetherness to achieve more. During career break - How to stay relevant with industry trends. Working on our 'self' to enhance our emotional health. Career transition and succession planning as HR tools. Adaptability: Evolving with change to Create an adaptive environment. Deep dive into decision making for an RPA bot. Modern Cloud-Based Application Development. Internal & External Stakeholder Management during Digital Transformation. Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - Basics, History, Evolution, etc. Introduction to cybersecurity & info security. Go to Market (GTM) hacks to successfully scale to new markets. Brand Purpose & Experience: Why does it matter? Foundations of Marketing - Basics (101)

How to Perform a Best-in-Class Competitor Analysis in Product Management. Building and adding creativity in the workplace. Your identity as a women professional in a corporate setup. Impact of nutrition and lifestyle in emotional health. Evaluating (step-by-step) hiring and recruitment process. Building and adding creativity in the workplace. Accessibility in UX: Designing for all.