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Transformational Reconstruction

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Transformational Reconstruction (TR Design) | Yuki Clothing. Example of dress made using Transformational Reconstruction Earlier, I promised you a post about a cool pattern making technique and here it is – Transformational Reconstruction! The designer behind the idea is Shingo Sato. As far as I know, he’s written one book on the subject, holds workshops and to top it off, runs a Youtube channel with “watch-and-learn-guides”. The basic idea behind TR Design is to manipulate your garment in 3D and not in 2D. I’m actually trying this out when making the pattern for my wedding dress. Some day (when I’ve finished the dress) I’ll try out an even more elaborate design using transformational reconstruction. For more information, I recommend checking out the Youtube channel, Like this: Like Loading... Manic Pop : Shingo Sato and the Art of Transformational Reconstruction. So I got really excited on my break at work today when I got an email from Burda about a webinar they're doing on a pattern technique called "Transformational Reconstruction" developed by Japanese designer Shingo Sato.

I hadn't even heard of Shingo Sato until today let alone his design technique but oddly, it's sort of the path I'm going down with my designs anyway as seen with the Sunrise Panel dress as well as the Petra Dress and the pattern making involved in those designs. What I did there is perhaps a "light" version of Sato's where the darts and shaping are hidden in the seam lines.

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that my design aesthetic focuses largely on color blocking, unusual seam lines, and a love of anything psychedelic. Note: All photos stolen from the internet. Sorry! I'm super-excited. Essentially, I think I can see how much of this is done. Oddly enough, I also found a link to my former teacher Yoshi, at my old college, teaching a class on this! Sew Elizabeth : "Transformational Reconstruction" Challenge begins again!!!

TR Challenge is on again!! For those of you who remember, in 2012 and 2013 I was invited to take part in Shingo Sato's first online course,/ competition. Shingo Sato is a famous and well respected Japanese designer, who uses his own technique "Transformational Reconstruction" to create his designs. This is quite different to traditional pattern making. We studied about 40 different techniques, which gave us the tools to tackle designs which would be unthinkable, or at very least extremely difficult using traditional pattern making techniques.

Well, just when I thought I had finished online TR challenges, it is all about to start again! 38 "TR Masters" have been invited to the 2014 TR Masters V Shingo Sato challenge. This will go for 3 months and involve weekly challenges.For those who make it to the end, and whose scores are the highest, a new certification of "TR Super Master" will be issued by Shingo Sato. This completes the warm up task for me. Design Studio. Transformational Reconstruction | Center For Pattern Design. Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato Shingo Sato, a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo, specializes in a design technique called TR. Progressing in complexity, this book portrays Transformational Reconstruction in detailed photographs and descriptions as it moves through increasingly elaborate design applications. The book is accompanied by two DVD's, containing videos to match each of 12 chapters. Videos included with the book are exclusive to the book and are not found on Mr Sato's YouTube channel.

Fourteen chapters in total, 120 pages, heavily illustrated in black and white photography. New - paperback - wire bound - 8.5" x 11" - 120 pages - with two DVD's - In English Click to see sample DVD content. Design Studio. Shingo Sato Designer. A year ago I discovered on the Internet Shingo Sato a Japanese designer and instructor, and was immediately fascinated by his approach in designing a pattern, which he calls “Transformational Reconstruction“. His approach to design is not new, since we patternmakers know how to transfer darts , add style lines etc but it has limits because drawing a pattern design on paper has less creative possibilities. Shingo Sato’s design process “Transformational Reconstruction” which is done in 3D gives so much more possibilities to be creative. Shingo Sato shares his designing process by giving workshops in various parts of the world like in the USA, UK, Colombia, Japan, Italy.

But he also shares his work via YouTube via numerous video’s ( at this moment he added 34 video’s) It all start with a good basic pattern which you can accomplish by moulage/draping or drafting by hand on the flat ( paper pattern. You can watch his video channel: Like this: Like Loading... TR Cutting School in Milan by Shingo Sato 2011-12.