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Plum wine. 4.5%20litre%20Hedgerow%20Instructions. Rhubarb Wine Recipes. 5 gallons q 12.50 lb Rhubarb (cubed) q 5.00 gallons of water q 12.50 lb White granulated sugar q 5.00 ea Campden tablets q 50.00 oz White grape concentrate q 1.25 ts Grape tannin (optional) q 5.00 tsp Yeast nutrient q 1pk Montrachet wine yeast Starting specific gravity should be 1.090-1.095, Acid .60%.

Rhubarb Wine Recipes

Cut up rhubarb and put in primary fermentor. Rhubarb Wine recipe #2 1 gallon q 1 gallon of water q 2 1/2 lbs sugar or 3 lbs light honey (honey is recommended) q 3 lbs rhubarb stalks q 1 6 oz can frozen apple or white grape juice (optional) q No acid blend q 1/8 tsp tannin q 1 tsp yeast nutrient q 1 Campden tablet, crushed q 1/2 tsp Pectic enzyme q 1 packet yeast (champagne or Montrachet recommended) Boil the water and sugar (or honey), and skim if necessary. Potato masher, mash the fruit. Pour water and sugar over the fruit, let cool a bit, then mash it again. The Rhubarb Compendium. Rhubarb Wine Ingredients: 5 lb rhubarb 6 pts water 2.5 lb Sugar 0.5 oz Precipitated Chalk 0.25 tsp Tannin 1 tsp Nutrient 1 Campden tablet, crushed 1 pkg Wine Yeast O.G. 1.095-1.100 Procedure: Place chopped rhubarb and sugar in fermenter.

The Rhubarb Compendium

Mix well. Discard the pulp. Age 6 more months. "For old fashioned German rhubarb wine, add to either recipe 0.75 oz ginger root (bruised) and 0.75 oz cloves per gallon. There are two things that you have to know about to make good rhubarb wine: 1) Chop up your rhubarb stalks and freeze them in plastic bags for a few days before you make the wine. 3 pounds rhubarb 3 pounds white sugar 1 tsp. yeast nutrient 1 gallon hot water (doesn't have to be boiling) 2 campden tablets (crushed) wine yeast Use frozen cut up rhubarb.

Among the shelf loads of imported exotics, it's easy to overlook common or garden rhubarb. 3 lb/1.25kg rhubarb 3 lb/1.25kg sugar 1 sachet general purpose wine yeast. Wipe the rhubarb, but do not peel. Chop into small pieces. Winemaking Recipe for Plum Wine, How To Make Plum Wine: Wine Making Guides. Ingredients: Plum Wine Recipe 5 lbs / 2,250 grams plums 3 lbs / 1,350 grams sugar 8 pints / 1 gallon water 1 teaspoon citric acid Wine yeast Method - What to Do Wash and cut up the fruit and place in a fermentation bucket.

Winemaking Recipe for Plum Wine, How To Make Plum Wine: Wine Making Guides

Pour over the boiling water and cover bucket and leave for four days. Stir twice daily and then strain on to the sugar, stirring vigorously until all the sugar has dissolved. When fermentation has ceased, rack the wine into a clean jar and place in a cooler environment and leave for a further few months.