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Big finance tackles racism by hiring 'nameless' graduates - Oct. 26, 2015. The Mating Game Is Changing —And You Won't Believe How. Frank Graves (@VoiceOfFranky) BUILD A TREND CULTURE. One sure-fire way to get trends on the agenda in your organization?


Pope Francis, in New York, Takes On Extremism and Inequality. Photo After standing alone and taking in the vast void where thousands of people lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, Pope Francis on Friday lamented “a mind-set which knows only violence, hatred and revenge” and warned against the kind of “rigid uniformity” of belief that leads to fanaticism.

Pope Francis, in New York, Takes On Extremism and Inequality

His words were calibrated, but his message was clear. “Together we are called to say ‘no’ to every attempt to impose uniformity and ‘yes’ to a diversity accepted and reconciled,” he said. , who had never before visited New York City, met with the families of the victims, touching photos of loved ones lost, offering physical embraces and words of solace. Generation Jobless: Are STEM Students Next? As college students return to classes this fall, many feel both excitement and apprehension about the future.

Generation Jobless: Are STEM Students Next?

After all, they are about to invest tens of thousands of dollars in education that they hope will lead to bright economic futures. Some probably feel pressure to pursue STEM degrees because they’ve been told that this will guarantee a good return on that investment. Unfortunately, as Andrew Hacker shows in a recent book review about education and high-tech work, there is clear evidence that this idea is wrong. Indeed, while those who tout the knowledge economy promote the idea that higher education is the key to economic opportunity, recent college graduates are having difficulty finding work, and many of the jobs they have found don’t require the kind of education they have.

This led the Wall Street Journal to describe recent graduates as “Generation Jobless.” The End of the Road for Eds and Meds. In the last few decades, as suburbanization and deindustrialization devastated so many cities, they turned to two sectors that seemed not only immune to decline, but were actually growing: universities and hospitals.

The End of the Road for Eds and Meds

The so-called “eds and meds” sectors, often related through university affiliated hospitals, became a great stabilizer for many places. For example, the fabled Cleveland Clinic cushioned the blow of manufacturing decline in that city. Après steel, a city like Pittsburgh practically saw themselves as defined by an eds and meds economy, with the new economic pillars being the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Carnegie-Mellon University. Generation Jobless: Are STEM Students Next? What We Talk About When We Talk About The Middle Class - an Ira Basen documentary - Home. New CDC Study Shows Everyone Eats Fast Food Equally. Among many moth-eaten perceptions about the American diet is one that links the disproportionate consumption of fast food to low-income families.

New CDC Study Shows Everyone Eats Fast Food Equally

Back in 2011, a national study by a team at UC Davis concluded that as American salaries grow into the upper echelons of middle income, so does fast-food intake. “Low prices, convenience and free toys target the middle class— especially budget-conscious, hurried parents— very well,” wrote professor J. Paul Leigh, the senior author of the study. He adds that fast food is most popular among the people who are less likely to be obese. London can come out on top in the era of job-killing robots. Poverty Is Rising Much Faster in Suburbs Than in Cities.

Pope Francis Challenges Congress to Heal World’s ‘Open Wounds’ Continue reading the main story Video WASHINGTON — Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, challenged Congress and by extension the mightiest nation in history on Thursday to break out of its cycle of polarization and paralysis to finally use its power to heal the “open wounds” of a planet torn by hatred, greed, poverty and pollution.

Pope Francis Challenges Congress to Heal World’s ‘Open Wounds’

Taking a rostrum never before occupied by the bishop of Rome, the pontiff issued a vigorous call to action on issues largely favored by liberals, including a powerful defense of immigration, an endorsement of environmental legislation, a blistering condemnation of the arms trade and a plea to abolish the death penalty. In particular, Francis beseeched a nation that generates a disproportionate share of the world’s wealth to not let money drive its decisions at the expense of humanity. Continue reading the main story. Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child. It looked like a child’s playroom: toys in cubbies, a little desk for doing homework, a whimsical painting of a tree on the wall.

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child

A woman and a girl entered and sat down in plump papasan chairs, facing a low table that was partly covered by a pink tarp. Udacity Says It Can Teach Tech Skills to Millions, and Fast. Photo “I’m the least experienced person on my engineering team at Google,” Kelly Marchisio, a 25-year-old computer programmer, told me recently.

Udacity Says It Can Teach Tech Skills to Millions, and Fast

“I frankly might be one of the least experienced engineers at Google, period.” Ms. Marchisio was not assuming false modesty. Obama Weighing Talks With Putin on Syrian Crisis. Photo WASHINGTON — For more than a year, President Obama has resisted meeting one on one with President Vladimir V.

Obama Weighing Talks With Putin on Syrian Crisis

Putin of Russia and only reluctantly taken a phone call, freezing out the Kremlin leader over his intervention in Ukraine in their own personal cold war. But this month, the two leaders will be in the same city at the same time amid rising tension in Syria, and the White House is divided by a debate over whether they should meet to try to work out their differences before the tumult in the Middle East escalates even further. The recent deployment of Russian weapons and equipment to Syria has brought to a head a conflict that has dominated the Obama administration since Mr. Putin’s return to the presidency, the choice between engaging with Russia and trying to isolate it.

Continue reading the main story Video Mr. The move by Russia to bolster the government of President Bashar al-Assad, who has resisted Mr. Mr. For Those Who Remain in Syria, Daily Life Is a Nightmare. Photo BEIRUT, Lebanon — Every morning, at the dawn call to prayer, women and children move silently from the Damascus suburb of Douma to the surrounding farm fields, seeking safety from the day’s bombardments by the Syrian government.

For Those Who Remain in Syria, Daily Life Is a Nightmare

The walk is part of a surreal routine described by the fraction of Douma’s residents who remain: shopping on half-demolished streets, scavenging wild greens, carrying out mass burials. But not even the fields are safe; recently, medics said, bombs killed two families there — 10 people, including seven children. Will a robot take your job? Type your job title into the search box below to find out the likelihood that it could be automated within the next two decades. About 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of computerisation over the following 20 years, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University and Deloitte.

Tap here for the interactive. Sources 'The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to automation'. Data supplied by Michael Osborne and Carl Frey, from Oxford University's Martin School. The Pyramid Scheme Problem. “I have nothing for you,” said Frank Dorman, a spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission. “Lots of reporters have asked that question. Our final response is, We’re not going to answer it.” How Segregation Destroys Black Wealth. Photo Americans commonly — and mistakenly — believe that well-to-do black people no longer face the kind of discrimination that prevents them from living anywhere they can afford. But a federal housing discrimination complaint filed last week by the National Fair Housing Alliance shows that this toxic problem is very much with us, nearly 50 years after Congress outlawed housing discrimination in the Fair Housing Act.

YouTube ‘Dancing Baby’ Copyright Ruling Sets Fair Use Guideline. Vinyl LP Frenzy Brings Record-Pressing Machines Back to Life. Continue reading the main story Video. These Public Libraries Are for Snowshoes and Ukuleles. Photo. Envisioning the World of Tomorrow: a Catalog of Future-Looking Web Sites. What technologies are currently shaping our world…and which will continue to mold our future? How new data-collection technology might change office culture. SuperBetter: Improving Individual Resilience with Jane McGonigal. Etsy Welcomes Manufacturers to Artisanal Fold. Photo. Rivalry Builds Off the Field as Talent Agencies Turn to Sports. One Symptom in New Medical Codes: Doctor Anxiety. Photo. Why We Should Embrace — Not Fear — the Biohacker Uprising. Dr. Eastern Bloc’s Resistance to Refugees Highlights Europe’s Cultural and Political Divisions.

Photo WARSAW — Even though the former Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe have been asked to accept just a tiny fraction of the refugees that Germany and other nations are taking, their fierce resistance now stands as the main impediment to a unified European response to the crisis. California Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide. The 3 Major Industries AI and Big Data Will Reshape This Decade. We Can Rebuild Him: Patient Receives 3D Printed Titanium Ribs and Sternum. What Will ‘Drag and Drop’ Gene Editing Do for You? Find Out on Ask an Expert [Video]

Older People Are Invisible in Key Data, Study Warns. Lower Blood Pressure Guidelines Could Be ‘Lifesaving,’ Federal Study Says. Freedom of Movement Tests Continental Unity. This Was to Be the Year of Bigger Wage Gains. It’s Not. The Future of Work and Death. Which New Technology Will Win the Race to Repair and Replace Our Organs? Wanted: A New Psychology; Interview with Futurist Gray Scott.

Blowing Your Mind—Digitally. The Future of Work and Death. We don't live in the Best Places. Beautiful Minds - Scientific American Blog Network. Indian workers strike over Modi labour reforms. Protests in Iraq Bring Fast Promises, but Slower Changes. Hotels Fight Back Against Sites Like Expedia and Priceline. Brazil and the Bloodsuckers. The Little Anti-Corruption Agency That Could. The Gecko’s Bite.

Integrity Gets Great Ratings. Calling In Against Corruption. The Data Sleuths of San José. Fixing the Fight Against Corruption. The Social Psychology of Corruption. Migrant Crisis Tests Core European Value: Open Borders. As His Term Wanes, Obama Champions Workers’ Rights. Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities. B.C. establishes K-12 homestay guidelines for international students. Forest bathing. The art and science of innovation. Untitled. Humans are underrated. White House Hires First Transgender Staff Member.

The 27 Best Feeds to Follow in the World of Science. » Encouraging charitable giving. The Dutch “basic income” experiment is expanding across multiple cities. A Living Wage: Why It Matters. Welcome to Forbes. Protecting Voting Rights A Challenge for Social Workers? +5 Degree. How Virtual Reality Can Unleash the Greatest Wave of Creativity in Human History. King Coal, Long Besieged, Is Deposed by the Market. 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired. The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here. E-waste Republic. Australia says it turned back over 600 migrants at sea. India blocks access to 857 porn sites. Are Governments 'Paying for Failure' With Social Impact Bonds?

Magazine / fall 2013. Using Algorithms to Determine Character - The New York Times. Personality Insights. Push to Scale Back Sentencing Laws Gains Momentum. When Machines Can Do Most Jobs—Passion, Creativity, and Reinvention Rule - Singularity HUB. Using Algorithms to Determine Character - The New York Times. How Tiny Lab-Grown Human Brains Are Giving Big Insights Into Autism - Singularity HUB. eSports league ESL to begin testing players for PEDs - Fortune. Uber 1099 driver issues are inevitable, investor says - Fortune.

Welcome to Forbes. Obama’s Mission in Kenya. FBI Rolls Out Red Scare Film To Highlight Threat of Economic Espionage. Integrity Gets Great Ratings. Morocco Is Running Out of Time. The Hipsters of Havana. ‘We Are Not Afraid’ My Friend Fred. Why Cuba Needs to Follow the Singapore Model.