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Liposome Platform. Liposomes are artificial spherical vesicles with enclosed phospholipid bilayer structures.

Liposome Platform

They are now an established technique with considerable acceptance for the delivery of drugs, the assistance of membrane protein synthesis, and the application in nutrients, textiles dyes, and cosmetics. Creative Biostructure has developed top level liposome platform to support from manufacture to analysis for both industry and academia customers. Figure 1. Workflow for liposome production and analysis. Platform Equipment Our platform is equipped with high performance liposome homogenizer. Liposome Homogenizer This liposome homogenizer has working pressure adjustable between 500 and 30000 psi or 35 and 2000 bar. Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) SAXS has been used to detect the size and size distribution, also provide information about the unilamellar or multilamellar structure of the liposomes.

Exosome Applications. The physiological characteristics of exosomes has endowed them special function as biomarkers, therapy targets and drug carriers.

Exosome Applications

Creative Biostructure provides a comprehensive platform to help our client to expand the usage of exosome engineering for a specific diagnostic and therapeutic purpose. Exosomes as Diagnostic Biomarkers Exosomes are membrane vesicles secreted by all types of cells and are also discovered in the body fluids such as: saliva, blood, urine and breast milk. Exosomes are unique because its protein, lipid, RNAs contents provide additional hint for their identification. Exosome Analysis and Characterization. Exosome Analysis and Characterization Creative Biostructure's exosome analysis and characterization service makes it easy to profile exosomal lipids, proteins and RNAs with our years of experience working on exosomes.

Exosome Analysis and Characterization

Our expertise provides comprehensive support for your exosome engineering study by including the following customized services. Exosome Isolation and Purification. The importance of exosomes in the pathology of key diseases have made them popular targets in both basic and pharmaceutical research, therefore, isolation of exosome becomes a prerequisite step before furthering their applications.

Exosome Isolation and Purification

Creative Biostructure provide different techniques to isolate exosomes from various sample matrices. Exosome Engineering. Creative Biostructure offers a complete set of service for exosome engineering to facilitate exosome applications.

Exosome Engineering

We provide comprehensive support for your exosome engineering with the following customized services. The Importance of Exosome Engineering Exosomes become a promising carrier for therapeutic molecular delivery especially for cancer treatment due to its low immunogenicity, high biocompatibility, high drug delivery efficacy, and low cytotoxicity to normal tissue. First of all, exosomes are naturally endowed with efficient targeting surface moieties for tumor site. Furthermore, exosome engineering could help its selective accumulation in cancer site. Figure 1. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Service. Creative Biostructure provides images with near-atomic resolution for measuring surface topography using the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Service

The Atomic Force Microscope is applied to solve processing and materials problems in a wide range of technologies affecting the electronics, telecommunications, biomedical, chemical, automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. Technical Abilities Measurement:i. Topography (surface roughness, grain size, step height, etc.) at the angstrom scaleii. Mechanical properties (stiffness, etc.)iii. These properties can be measured either in air or with the specimen immersed in a liquid, depending on your requests. Super-Resolution Microscopy Service. Creative Biostructure has access to advanced super-resolution light microscopy facility allowing images to be taken with a higher resolution than the diffraction limit.

Super-Resolution Microscopy Service

Super-resolution microscopy is a form of light microscopy, which can be applied to observe many biological structures not resolvable in conventional fluorescence microscopy. For example, new advances in this technique now give them the ability to image three-dimensional (3D) structures, measure interactions by multicolor colocalization, and record dynamic processes in living cells at the nanometer scale. Figure 1. Examples of super-resolution images of biological samples. Several far-field imaging methods are known to extend the diffraction-limited resolution to smaller values: Figure 2.

Data Processing and Interpretation. Creative Biostructure now can provide a collection of tools and analysis package for biomolecular structure determination, refinement and analysis from crystallographic, EM or NMR data.

Data Processing and Interpretation

In structural biology field, in order to reveal a dedicated and reliable structure of biomolecule, research data is acquired, interpreted, published, reused, and sometimes eventually discarded. Creative Biostructure helps the development of appropriate infrastructural services, ones which make it easier and time-saving for researchers to collect, read and process the data and obtain the expected and target structure results. Project Objectives With this deliverable, the project has reached or the deliverable has contributed to the following objectives, including but not limited to: Protein Expression Service. Proteins are the building blocks of all living organisms and play crucial roles in biological processes.

Protein Expression Service

To investigate how a particular protein modulates biological processes, many aspects of the protein such as structure, modification, localization, interaction, and function needs to be studied. A considerable number of proteins, especially membrane proteins, are screened in drug discovery as biological targets or as potential drugs themselves. Most of these proteins are produced using cell-based or cell-free expression systems, which typically includes the transcription of recombinant DNA into mRNA that is further translated into the protein under study. Creative Biostructure uses both cell-based and cell-free systems to provide customized membrane protein expression services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as research institutions.

Figure1. Figure 2. Each system has its advantages and liabilities. Ordering Process Reference Related Sections. Data Processing and Interpretation. Zika Virus VLP (E, prM/M Proteins) Description: Creative Biostructure develops a safe, effective and straightforward strategy to rapidly produce a Zika vaccine.

Zika Virus VLP (E, prM/M Proteins)

Our Zika Virus VLPs are composed of partially mature particles containing Envelope (E), pre-Membrane (prM) and Membrane (M). VLPs are produced in mammalian suspension cell cultures offering a suitable system for rapid scale up of manufacturing, without the risk of working with an infectious agent. The lack of infectivity of the product eliminates the need for chemical inactivation, which may compromise vaccine efficacy and safety. The particulate nature of the vaccine and the preservation of a variety of conformational antigenic sites may even render this vaccine efficacious in humans without using adjuvant if its incorporation into a vaccine raises safety concerns. Zika virus is an emerging disease that is spread by Aedes mosquitoes.

Ordering Process. Virus Like Particles (VLPs) Product Search All VLPs Products List Creative Biostructure provides virus-like particles (VLPs) products which are produced from recombinant E. coli, yeast, insect cells, or HEK293 cells. Our product line includes a wide variety of virus families including Parvoviridae (e.g. adeno-associated virus), Retroviridae (e.g. HIV), Flaviviridae (e.g. Hepatitis C virus) and bacteriophages (e.g.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) have evolved to become a widely accepted technology, especially in the field of vaccinology. Protein Crystallization. X-ray crystallography is currently the most favored method for structural determination of proteins and other macromolecules. The requisite for a successful X-ray crystallographic application is to obtain single crystals of the target protein. Data is then collected by diffracting X-ray from the single crystal that has an ordered pattern of atomic orientation. The assembly of atoms and molecules in the crystal can be deduced from the measurement of X-ray scattering. At present, more than 120,000 protein structures resolved by X-Ray crystallography experiments have been deposited in protein databank, accounting for nearly 90% of the resolved proteins, suggesting a predominant popularity of X-Ray crystallography in structural determination.

Fig.1. Custom Membrane Protein Services. Cell membrane functions as a boarder of cell by separating it from the outside environment, and the membrane proteins are the gateways to the cell. Nutrients, ions, waste products, even DNA and proteins are transported into and out of cells by membrane proteins. Membrane proteins involve in many cellular functions including: signaling transduction, cell adhesion, cell motility, transportation, and cell communication. Given their important roles in cell functions, membrane proteins are often considered to be perfect drugs targets. Cryo-EM Services. Electron Microscopy(EM) has become an extremely popular method for the ultrastructural study of macromolecules, cells and tissues. An aqueous biological sample is frozen rapidly and irradiated with a beam of electrons.

A detector senses how the electrons are scattered and a computer reconstructs the 3D-shape of the molecule. Why do you need this service? You have small amount of materials; The material is hard to crystallize; You are looking into the molecules in atomic details; It is a large biomolecular complex (>150 kDa, up to 2000 Å); You want to observe the real "native state" structure. NMR Services. NMR spectroscopy is a key analytical technique for structure elucidation of a wide range of materials from small molecules to compounds. The technique provides detailed molecular information that allows researchers have in-depth understanding of composition, chemical structure, morphology, and dynamics. Lipid Droplets Biofuel Supply. As an established expert in artificial liposomes manufacturing, Creative Biostructure continues the effort in extending the customer population and developed a platform that is focused on transforming natural lipid droplets into biofuels.

Liposomes for Textile Processing. Liposomes for Nutrients. Although the utilization of liposomes is mainly directed at target drug delivery, its versatility now has been increasingly applied in dietary and nutritional supplements. Liposomes in Agricultural Industry. Creative Biostructure has developed an advanced platform for liposome applications in agriculture system. A number of studies have indicated that activity dynamics of toxins and antimicrobials have strong ties to their applications in farming and animal husbandry. Liposome Analysis and Characterization. Asymmetric Liposomes Production. Creative Biostructure makes every effort to perfect the liposome preparation service. Nano-Liposomes Formulation Production. Creative Biostructure is engaged in working with nanoliposomes to offer an alternative in drug delivery systems. Cyclodextrin-Based Liposomes Production.

Transfersomes Production. Creative Biostructure offers liposome manufacturing services to elevate the current industrial standard with our cutting-edge technologies and approaches. Photo-activated Liposomes Production. Creative Biostructure is particularly professional in providing the first-class customized service. We have built several specific platforms to offer superb liposome manufacture service. Noticing the promising potentials of liposomes used in target drug delivery systems, we have developed a couple of technologies, including photo-activated liposome technology that enhances drug biodistribution and bioavailability using light as stimulus. Non-PEGylated Liposomes (NPL) Production. Liposome Production. Liposomes. Data Processing and Interpretation. X-ray Crystallography Platform. Zika Virus VLP (E, prM/M Proteins)

Virus Like Particles (VLPs) Liposomes in Cancer Therapy. Liposomes in Gene Therapy. Liposomes for Cosmetics. Liposomes in Food Industry. Liposome Analysis and Characterization. Asymmetric Liposomes Production. Nano-Liposomes Formulation Production. Pharmacosomes Production. NMR Services. Protein Crystallization and Structure Determination. Protein Expression Service. Custom Membrane Protein Services. Photo-activated Liposomes Production. Lysolipid Thermally Sensitive Liposomes Production.

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Custom MagHelix™ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Services - Creative Biostructure. Custom UniCrys™ Electron Crystallography Services - Creative Biostructure. Plasmid Construction, Protein Expression and Purification - Creative Biostructure.