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IT for Life Sciences. GO... Don't Panic . Learn Statistics. Using R for statistical analyses - Introduction. Help and Documentation My Publications See my books about R at my Publications Page: Statistics for Ecologists using R and Excel.

Using R for statistical analyses - Introduction

Published December 2011 Beginning R: The Statistical Progreamming Language. The Essential R Reference. Documents There are plenty of sources of help and information regarding R. “Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics - Introduction, Examples and Commentary” by John Maindonald [PDF]. These are available via the 'Contributed Documentation' section. Courses From 2009 I am going to be running a series of short courses in data analyses for conservation biologists. Help within R The help system within R is comprehensive. Click on the 'Help' menu. If you want help on a specific command you can enter a search directly from the keyboard: help(keyword) A shortcut is to type: ? This is fine if you know the command you want. Apropos("part.word") You type in a part.word and R will list all commands that contain that string of letters.

R comes with a number of data sets. Oracle Forms PJCs/Java Beans - Version 1.5.1 (Español) - Oracle Forms PJC/BEAN - Excel Project. The R programming language for programmers coming from other programming languages. IntroductionAssignment and underscoreVariable name gotchasVectorsSequencesTypesBoolean operatorsListsMatricesMissing values and NaNsCommentsFunctionsScopeMisc.Other resources Ukrainian translation Other languages: Fourni par Traduction.

The R programming language for programmers coming from other programming languages

R and JAVA. Biocep. JavaGD - Java Graphics Device - rJava - Low-level R to Java interface - If you want to run R within a Java application, please see the JRI pages for details. rJava allows you to use R code to create Java objects, call Java methods and pass data between R and Java.

rJava - Low-level R to Java interface -

Most functions are already documented by the corresponding help pages in R, but here is a very basic crashcourse: The following gives a quick guide to the use of rJava. If you have questions about installation, please visit the R Wiki - rJava package. Let's start with some low-level examples. Remember, this is all essentially a JNI interface, so you may encounter new things if you used Java from high level only. library(rJava).jinit() # this starts the JVMs <- .jnew("java/lang/String", "Hello World!

") Ok, here we have our first Java object. Next, we will call a simple method: .jcall(s,"I","length")[1] 12 This is equivalent to s.length(), but it is a bit more complex than expected. .jcall(s,"I","indexOf","World")[1] 6 .jcall(s,"Ljava/lang/String;","concat",s)[1] "Hello World! iPlots - High interaction graphics for R. The Omega Project for Statistical Computing.