Meal planning

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Blog Just as olive oil is a very important part of the Mediterranean diet, whole olives are also an essential ingredient in the food culture of these regions. Here are five reasons to love olives, followed by lots of ideas for how to easily incorporate more olives into your cooking (including 20 recipes that use olives): Health benefits. There’s a long list of reasons why olives are good for your health. They’re rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent damage to your cells from free radicals. Blog
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CHEAP Crock Pot Recipes- I'm broke. I'm from Louisiana and the standard Monday dinner is Red Beans and Rice. I developed this recipe for cooking the beans in the crockpot years ago. That is for the older crockpots. New ones cook hotter, so cooking times will be less. Probably you can put all the ingredients in a newer crockpot in the morning and it will be done in time for dinner. Red Beans and Rice Serves 6 CHEAP Crock Pot Recipes- I'm broke.
How do you figure out how to meal plan? Okay, I've said this before, so sorry to the mama's who've heard it all. First, get yourself a couple of really good cookbooks. No, you don't have to learn a new recipe every day, but the ones I'm going to suggest will help you, over time, to take what you learn and apply it to the stuff that you already make so that, just maybe, people won't turn their noses up anymore. Get yourself a book called "The New Best Recipe" by the editors of Cooks illustrated. How do you figure out how to meal plan?