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Flash repairing. Everything You Need to Know About Rooting Your Android Phone. Backup - How to transfer Viber message history to a new phone. I recently upgraded from Galaxy S6 Edge to new Galaxy S7 Edge and like OP I didn't want to lose my old Viber conversations.

backup - How to transfer Viber message history to a new phone

I successfully transferred all the Viber messages along with the photos, videos, and other attachments from my old Android device (S6 edge) to new Android device (S7 edge) with the the help of a paid third-party software called Android Viber Transfer mentioned in this guide. It costs $19 but I guess it’s the only tool to transfer Viber messages from one phone to another (Android to Android and iPhone to iPhone) because on Google I found 3-4 websites that are talking about this tool. Free version lets you transfer only 20 messages which is kind of useless. These are the steps that need to be followed in order to transfer Viber messages from one Android device to another: Launch the app on your computer and connect your old Android device with to your computer via USB cable.

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