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How to Hack Into a School Computer. Password Portal. Exploit Shellcode, linux shellcode, windows shellcode. Currently archiving 29120 exploits Updated (CVE and Archive): Sat Apr 12 2014 <<prev12345678910next>>

Exploit Shellcode, linux shellcode, windows shellcode

Dot Org • SecureIndex. Index of ../database/Win32/ A hacker's marginal security helps return stolen computer. - StumbleUpon. Wireless is everywhere and routers are the force that makes it happen, so why not supercharge yours to take proper advantage of it?

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DD-WRT will let you boost your router’s range, add features, and more. DD-WRT has a ton of features—more than we can cover in this guide, which is focused on helping you get your router upgraded. Stay tuned, as we’ll go into more depth in a couple more days on all the great things you can do with it, but even if you don’t use the additional features, DD-WRT is worth installing to make your router work better. What Is DD-WRT? Here’s our router. DD-WRT is an open-source alternative firmware for routers.

Router Support Turning your home router into an almost professional-level tool is a great project that has one major caveat: support. For our purposes, the important spec to consider is NVROM, or ROM. Preparation The most important thing in any project is research. The friendly forum gave us some useful info for our particular model. The Process. Activate Office 2010. Love Thy Neighbor but hack his Wi-Fi. My neighbor works for a fortune 500 company.

Love Thy Neighbor but hack his Wi-Fi

I don’t know what he does exactly but he got a 10mbps internet connection attached to his WiFi router. He is mostly not home till late in the evening. so all this bandwidth sits idle all day. such a waste! I did try to connect to this router many times but it kept asking for a password. That son of gun must have it encrypted it. So what should I do, It is a sin to have a 10mbps wireless in range and not hack it. And, by the way, I am his neighbor too… and he even won’t share his Wi-Fi with me.. what and A*s. So, My quest for hacking my neighbor’s Wi-Fi (For Educational Purpose Only) has begun, I have done some initial research and found that I would need following tools CommView for Wi-FiWEP Key RecoveryAircrack-NG Let’ me find them on some forums etc… Install Commview, then paste the included “cv.exe” to the directory you installed it to (c:program filescommviewwifi)Open commview and install the commview drivers to a card.


The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better - How-To Geek - StumbleUpon. We’re big fans of hacking the Windows Registry around here, and we’ve got one of the biggest collections of registry hacks you’ll find.

The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better - How-To Geek - StumbleUpon

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of the top 50 registry hacks that we’ve covered. It’s important to note that you should never hack the registry if you don’t know what you’re doing, because your computer will light on fire and some squirrels may be injured. Also, you should create a System Restore point before doing so. Otherwise, keep reading. Prevent Windows Update from Forcibly Rebooting Your Computer We’ve all been at our computer when the Windows Update dialog pops up and tells us to reboot our computer.

There’s a couple of ways that we can disable this behavior, however. Prevent Windows Update from Forcibly Rebooting Your Computer How to Clean Up Your Messy Windows Context Menu One of the most irritating things about Windows is the context menu clutter that you have to deal with once you install a bunch of applications. Disable Aero Shake in Windows 7. Hacking Wireless Networks with Man in the Middle Attacks. Welcome to SecurityTube! Computer Tricks - Hacking Tricks- Computer Tips and Tweaks - Internet Tips. A Website Dedicated to Computer Professionals - StumbleUpon.