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Biogas Purifier

AtmosPower is a Leading biogas purification and bottling plant manufacturing company in India. We provide complete solutions for biogas enrichment plant, biogas to CNG plant, biogas production, biogas upgradation plant & system, Nitrogen Plant, Air Dryer, IH Dryer and Oxygen Plant at the best price.

Key Reasons India Needs a Better Energy Policy. Key Reasons India Needs a Better Energy Policy Author : Vivaan Pathak | Published On : 25 Mar 2021 The global and Indian energy space has experienced a rapid transformation in the past few years.

Key Reasons India Needs a Better Energy Policy

The Indian government has demonstrated a serious approach and keenness to integrate global energy trends in its sectoral energy policies; however, it is high time that India formulates a more robust blueprint in order to achieve its agenda in the long run. Besides, they will have to take into confidence all the stakeholders involved. When the prices of crude oil dropped in 2014, it looked like India would be able to manage its fiscal deficit targets, given the fact that India imports 80 percent of its total oil needs.

Companies offering biogas to cng plants also believe that there is still a lot more left to be done, as the draft policy should have taken into consideration diverse requirements across various Indian states. One-stop Solution for Bio-CNG Plant in India. AtmosPower - The Company AtmosPower is India’s leading renewable gas plant manufacturing company.

One-stop Solution for Bio-CNG Plant in India

AtmosPower is known for providing Turnkey solutions including the design engineering of the plant, manufacturing, testing & commissioning. The full range of products offered by AtmosPower include: Biogas Companies in India. GAIL Partners with RMC to Convert Wet Waste into Biogas. World’s pioneering wet waste company GAIL is all set to partner with Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) to produce environment friendly fuel.

GAIL Partners with RMC to Convert Wet Waste into Biogas

They are soon looking to sign a contract to convert wet waste into biogas. Manoj Kumar- the commissioner of RMC said that the proposal has already been sent to state urban development department for consideration. Once it gets a nod from the department, the MOU will be signed between GAIL and RMC. How can I Set up a Biogas Bottling Plant? Considering its large number of installations, AtmosPower is well equipped to assist any aspiring company or entrepreneur with all the requirements for successfully setting up a Compressed Biogas Plant in India.

How can I Set up a Biogas Bottling Plant?

Furthermore, AtmosPower can also help its clients obtain offtake agreements for selling the compressed Biogas to India’s Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) namely Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) & Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL). In order for the upgraded biogas also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or Compressed biogas (CBG) to be sold to the Oil Marketing Companies, it needs to abide by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Based on the White Paper shared by the Indian Oil Marketing Companies, the Compressed Biomethane should have the following specifications. According to the IS 16087:2016 specifications, the following points also need to be considered: Energy Efficient Biogas Purification Plant at cost effective Price. Indian government to Include CBG under Priority Sector Lending. Earlier last year the Indian government decided to include CBG (Compressed biogas) in the priority sector for ease of financing to set up these plants across the nation.

Indian government to Include CBG under Priority Sector Lending

The announcement was made by the Union Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan in 2020. A compressed biogas upgradation plant was also inaugurated at Namakkal in Chennai on this occasion. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, K. Palaniswami and the Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation, Sanjiv Singh were also present while this new biogas plant in India was inaugurated through a video conference. Government Encourages Biogas Production to Curb Pollution. Articles by Vivaan Pathak Manager Poor air quality in North India has always been a huge threat and concern for the Indian government.

Government Encourages Biogas Production to Curb Pollution

Deteriorating air quality in New Delhi is known to everyone and Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar highlighted the threat later last year. Speaking at a virtual inauguration of India’s first demonstration plant producing biogas from biomass; Javadekar said that the Indian government encourages the use of such technologies in order to reduce pollution.

He also added that stubble burning increases air pollution a big time and the Indian government is working on all frontiers to nip pollution in the bud. He also spoke about India’s ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ and that the nation is moving towards self-sufficiency with an increased focus on solar energy and other renewable energy sources such as biogas to bio CNG plants. Biogas Upgradation Plant In India. Biogas upgradation has been picking up all over the world based on the advancements in upgradation technology and the requirement for a cleaner fuel.

Biogas Upgradation Plant In India

Even though there is wide spread awareness regarding the benefits of upgraded biogas and landfill gas, there is still not a mass scale dispersion of this technology. One of the main reason for this low level of awareness is the lack of nomenclature uniformity in this industry. For instance, in India upgraded biogas is referred to as Compressed Biogas, in other Asian countries it is called Bio-CNG (compressed natural gas), in North America as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and in Europe as Renewable Biomethane or Upgraded Biogas. Based on these diverse terms used for the same product, it becomes essential to develop a universal term that would be common amongst all countries in order to allow for a swifter transmission and awareness of this noble solution.

Setup Biogas Bottling Plant based on Latest Compression Technology. How To Set up a Biogas Purification Plant At A Cost Effective Price? Get Energy Efficient Biogas Upgradation System at Best Price. Top Bio-CNG Plant Manufacture Company In India. Patiala Poised to See a New Biogas Plant. Posted by Vivaan Pathak on January 22nd, 2021 The Punjab government gave in-principle approval for setting up a new CBG plant in Patiala.

Patiala Poised to See a New Biogas Plant

IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) will set up this biogas plant at a sugar mill at Rakhra in Patiala. The cooperative sugar mill is now closed and will be used to set up the compressed biogas plant. The CBG plant will be set up in collaboration with Sugarfed, and it will also help decrease stubble burning by paddy straw which will be used for biogas production.

This will also help better soil fertility through the production of organic manure. The state government will also get benefitted through GST and the sale of CBG will also increase the revenue for them. India all poised to get Rs. 2 trillion investments for CBG plants. India has always been a key market for the entire world since ages and this is especially true when it comes to biogas production.

India all poised to get Rs. 2 trillion investments for CBG plants

The country will attract investments of Rs. 2 trillion for the setup of more than 5000 compressed biogas plants in India, said petroleum minister, Dharmendra Pradhan later last year. Pradhan was addressing an event post signing an MOU for setting up 900 compressed biogas plants across the country. These CBG plants are part of the visionary SATAT initiative by the Indian government. SATAT stands for-Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transport. LA County Sanitation Districts Poised to Convert Food Waste into RNG. LA County Sanitation Districts is all set to convert food waste from supermarkets and restaurants into RNG fuel for transport.

LA County Sanitation Districts Poised to Convert Food Waste into RNG

The food waste includes spoiled fruit, dinner scraps, and vegetables. They have been converting food waste for electricity generation for more than 6 years and now looking to take it to another level altogether by setting up a biogas plant which will help recycle the waste. Robert C Ferrante, chief engineer and general manager at The Sanitation Districts said the RNG fuel produced by the biogas purification system will be used in cars, buses and trucks. This cost-effective solution is being welcomed by everyone. Biogas upgradation plants across the world say that it is a welcome move. Turnkey Solution For Biogas to Bio-CNG Plant. UK Government Poised to Scale up Biomethane Production. Best Biogas Plant Manufacturer. UK Government Poised to Scale-up Biomethane Production.

Germany About to Extend Toll Exemption for Clean Trucks Until 2023. Germany About to Extend Toll Exemption for Clean Trucks Until 2023 Author : Vivaan Pathak | Published On : 19 Nov 2020 The German parliament voted earlier this year to extend the current exemption for clean trucks powered by CNG, LNG, and electricity until the year 2023. This is being viewed as an excellent example of how green economic recovery can be encouraged. This sustainable way will help advance the number of green trucks in the country and also transport companies recover from the impact of COVID 19. Compressed biogas plants and renewable natural gas are being promoted world-wide for the past few years. A note was published by the German environmental agency (Dena) at the end of April.

The exemption has been added to a national plan to encourage the purchase of units. Hope you found the post useful. Top Biogas Upgradation Plant Manufacturer. Turnkey Solution For Commercial Applications. Revived Iowa Ethanol Plant All Set to Meet the RNG Demand in California. Verbio Vereinigte BioEnergie AG - a German bio-energy is all poised to produce corn ethanol and RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) at the site of a non-functional cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada. The company is in the process of setting up an anaerobic digester on the site. This digester is estimated to have a capacity of converting about 100,000 tons of corn stover into renewable natural gas which will be utilized in the gas pipeline system of the country.

The renowned bio-energy producer is hoping to begin the production by fall in year 2021. Greg Northrup- the president and CEO of Verbio in the North American region said that Ethanol is converted into renewable natural gas in Germany and they are all set to bring the concept to the U.S. Fortistar and Rumpke Waste & Recycling Launched $33M Project in Ohio. Toronto Organics Processing Facility All Set To Convert Food Waste Into Rng. Welcome to! ALL >> Environment >> View Article By Author: Vivan PathakTotal Articles: 5Comment this article. Gas Industry’s Latest Survival Plan- Fuel Generation from Cow Poop. Bar Way Farm, Deerfield Massachusetts collaborated with Vanguard Renewables in 2014 to get a bio-digester installed to convert organic material such as cow poop into biogas by using specialized bacteria. This fuel scores 10 on 10 in terms of versatility once purified.

Post purification, this is called biomethane or renewable natural gas. According to Jigar Shah, co-founder of Generate Capital Inc. one of the biggest renewable natural gas owners in the country opined that natural gas producers must keep themselves prepared for the obsolescence of the natural gas utility. List of Components of a Custom Designed CBG Plant by Atmospower.

“US Biogas Production to increase 10 times by 2030”- BP Chief. According to Mr. Harrison Clay, BP’s Vice President, Strategic Development US biogas production will increase 10 times by the year 2030. Mr. Clay was speaking at a webinar organized by Thomas Reuters. While speaking at the prestigious event, he seemed hopeful that billions of gallons of renewable natural gas will be produced in the next decade. The former president of Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, also added that a big portion of this RNG will be used in non-vehicle markets which shows that there is no scarcity of opportunities. Mr. It was evident that a massive drop of 5.5% in CO2 emissions took place because of COVID 19, which was apparently less than the 7.7% which was required to meet the Paris agreement, said Mr. UP Stands First in Setting Up Compressed Biogas Plants in India. India has constantly emphasized on the need of using compressed biogas.

This initiative will also help reduce the reliance on imported energy whilst reducing the carbon footprint. Efficient Biogas Upgradation System Manufacturer in India. How to Procure Carbon Negative Fuel? More often than not we are asked how using carbon negative fuel can help reduce one carbon footprint. Biogas Production Company in India. Why RNG Becomes a Preferred Transportation Fuel? RNG which stands for Renewable Natural Gas has garnered immense popularity lately. It looks like it is gradually becoming a preferred transportation fuel and statistics vouch for that.

NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) technology was introduced in 1990s and that soon became established due to its clean air properties. Let AtmosPower help you with your biogas bottling plant and selling needs. Compressed Biogas Bottling and Selling Plant in India. Advantages of Biogas Upgrading Solution. Toronto Organics Processing. How to Bridge The Skill Gap For Clean Energy Market?

By Author: AtmosPowerTotal Articles: 4Comment this article The impact of carbon foot-print on our environment is quite evident. Today, renewable and clean energy is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for our planet. Advantages of Converting Food Waste into RNG. Food waste has always been a concern for people and governments across the globe, but Toronto Organics has set a precedent through their innovative initiative. How Beneficial Biogas Purification is? Consistent Growth of India's Biogas Sector. Compressed biogas has transformed India’s economy over the past few years. Stats suggest that the economic growth will increase manifold in the coming years. Biomass sources including cattle dung, municipal solid waste, sugarcane press mud and sewage treatment plant waste among others are used to produce biogas through a process called anaerobic decomposition. Immense Potential of Biogas Sector in Near Future. Climate change has been a huge concern for the governments and policy makers across the world.

Mitigation of climate change has become more important than ever, if we intend to save the world. The reduction of carbon footprint is essential for mankind. Why Biogas Upgrading Will be Big in the Future? Posted by atmospower on April 15th, 2020 Biogas is one of the most lucrative industrial investment sectors in the world right now. It has a major scope among all fuel generation sectors because of its low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Advantages of On-Site Biogas Purification System.

Why to Choose Bio-CNG in India? Compressed Natural Gas is one of the best and most environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. This fuel source is naturally produced and has a far lower environmental cost than many others. Biggest Announcement from India’s Petroleum Minister. All you Need to Know About How to Convert Food Waste in Natural Gas. Why Renewable Gases are considered a Key Factor in Sector Integration? Prevention of Groundwater Contamination Due to Chicken Waste. Bring ATF and Natural Gas under GST: Dharmendra Pradhan. How Ontario Become a Green Energy Leader?

2 Major Reasons to Support Renewable Natural Gas. 5 Advantages of Biogas. GOBAR DHAN- A Visionary Scheme for Better Life in Villages. India to Come Up with its First Paddy Straw to Biogas Conversion Plant. Major Applications & Uses of Biogas. Compressed Biogas Plant Manufacturers in India. Why Biogas Upgradation System is Efficient? Efficient Biogas Upgradation System in India. How to Eliminate CO2 from Biogas? Custom Biogas to CNG Plan Manufacturer. Commonly Used Bio-Gas Upgrading Methods. Get the Best Biogas Upgradation System by AtmosPower. Compressed Biogas - The Fuel of the Future. Biogas Upgradation Plant in India. Biogas Upgradation Plant at Best Price in India.

How to improve biogas production? What is the process of biogas production Plants? How Biogas Production Process Works. BioGas Purifier - Biogas Bottling Plan in India.