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Hosted Cloud PBX Solutions in USA. Internet Broadband and Leased Line Services in Hyderabad. Moral Story Karma and Fate – Vedic RAYS. People who believe in hard work do not consider luck very important, whereas people who got lucky say whatever is written in fate will eventually happen and no one can change it.

Moral Story Karma and Fate – Vedic RAYS

Human life revolves around these two points called “Karma and Fate”. To explain the way of “Karma and Fate” let’s see a story. Devarishi Narada who travels around all the worlds and carry news goes to “Vaikunta” to meet Lord Vishnu. Best Moral story - Honesty Is The Best Policy. Once upon a time in a small town lived a man who was known for his honesty, people at his workplace and around his house respected him for his honesty.

Best Moral story - Honesty Is The Best Policy

It happened once that he had to travel to a far city with some luggage, to save time and money he decided to travel by train. He bought a ticket and went to the platform to board the train when he saw the Ticket collector who was an old friend of his. They greeted each other and then ticket collector asked: “where was he traveling to”? The man told about his journey to another city. Ticket collector told, “Don’t worry, you can sit here and need not pay any charges for luggage, I will manage it”. The man asked him, “How far will you be on this train?” Ticket collector said, “Till next 10 stations I will be on this train”. The man said, ” I have to travel further ahead, who will take care of my luggage?”. Moral story Righteous Person – Vedic RAYS. King of Mahendrapuram had four sons, to decide who would succeed him to the throne, he decided to put his sons through a test and see who is most wise of them.

moral story Righteous Person – Vedic RAYS

So he called them and said, ” Whoever among you will bring me the most righteous “Dharmathma” person will be king after me”. A month passed while the Princess were gone in search for a righteous person, and one day the elder son of king returned with a merchant with him. He said, “Father, this merchant is a very generous person he gives huge sums as alms to poor, he donated money to build temples, village development. He visited all the spiritual places and observe all rituals, I believe he is the most righteous person on the earth”. VedicRAYS now English & Telugu.

Broadband High Speed and Leased Line Services in Hyderabad. Men’s and women’s health - VedicRAYS. No Pain No Gain – Vedic RAYS. In a village lived a farmer who was very religious and hard working.

No Pain No Gain – Vedic RAYS

Every year he worked hard in his field but mostly crops failed because of floods or no rains or untimely rains, sometimes there would be high temperatures or very low temperatures all these contributed to low yield. One day with a heavy heart he went to the temple and stood before the god and prayed to god “God! You are the supreme power and controls seasons, rains, the wind, and the sun, but I feel you do not know anything about growing crops, so only you are creating situations which are causing fewer crops for me. If you can give me the power to control these factors, I would do wonders and grow huge crops and fill everyone’s stomach”.

He heard a reply from the sky, “Ok son I give you the powers to control rain, wind, sun and seasons from now on for a year you can wish for what you want”. Farmer realized his mistake. VitelGlobal. Inspirational short Moral stories for kids. Leased line Connection and Leased Line Provider. Moral Stories – Vedic RAYS. Vedic science,Online panchangam,ancient indian science and technology, on line astrology, ancient indian astrology, purana, moral stories - VedicRAYS. Short stories and moral stories in English,Telugu. Moral Stories – Vedic RAYS. Vedic science,Online panchangam,ancient indian science and technology, on line astrology, ancient indian astrology, purana, moral stories - VedicRAYS. Marriage is a very important event in Indians life.

Vedic science,Online panchangam,ancient indian science and technology, on line astrology, ancient indian astrology, purana, moral stories - VedicRAYS

Marriage is a new beginning in a person’s life. Marriage system in India especially Hindu marriage system has much difference from other marriage systems of the world, not only the way it is conducted but also in psychologically and genetics are involved in its design of the system. There are many rules and conditions that have to be satisfied before marriage, during a marriage, and after marriage. These rules or conditions have been laid down based on many scientific reasons, which one has to know to understand the greatness in the system. We will cover some part of the whole system here as it can’t be covered in one post…. According to Vedas marriage can be of 8 types, depending on procedure it has been carried out. 1.Brahma: Inviting a person who is well learned, mannered and offering girl to him to marry. 3.Arsha: Arshamu is cow which is a confluence of Ox and Cow, offering an arshamu and girl to boy to marry. VitelGlobal.

Devotional – Vedic RAYS. Best Broadband Connection provider in Hyderabad. VitelGlobal. Leased line Connection and Leased Line Provider. Who deserves support? – Vedic RAYS. Ramakrishna is a manager in his office, busy man yet he always cares about family and people around him.

Who deserves support? – Vedic RAYS

Ramakrishna has a routine which he follows strictly and also he buys things for home from the same store always. It happened once he was rushing to the office when he remembered his wife asking him to get bananas. When he stepped out of the house he saw an old woman selling bananas on the footpath. As he was in hurry he went to her and asked, “How much for a dozen bananas?” Old women replied, “20 Rs for a dozen bananas”. Moral Story-LESSONS OF LIFE. Once there was a king in the south India who had three sons, the king was getting old and wanted to teach his sons important lessons for life, which will be useful for them and use it to rule kingdom after him”.


He called his sons and said, “My dear sons, we do not have a pear tree in our city, I want you all three to go and search for it and know about it, but there is one condition each one of you will go for 4 months while other two will stay here.” As the king ordered all three princes went out of the city in search of the ear tree and returned back. King asked them to meet him. On assembling king asked princes about the Pear tree? Puranas – Vedic RAYS. Deepavali – Festival of Lights. VedicRAYS site now in Telugu & English. Moral Stories-What Goes Around Comes Around. VedicRAYS now in English and Telugu.

Vedic scince-Time calculation in ancient times of India. Time calculation in ancient times of India. Internet leased line service provider in hyderabad. Voip Phone service providers in USA. Moral Story-Your own Reflection in English,Telugu. Moral story Akbar & Birbal – Three hundred gold coins. How distance is calculated in olden days. Lesser Known Facts of Vaalmiki Ramayanam-puranam. Tenali RamaKrishna moral story in English,Telugu. What astrology says about person psychology – 1. Tenali RamaKrishna – Brinjal curry rain. VoIP Communications services in USA. Lesser Known Facts of Vaalmiki Ramayanam Part-2. Broadband connection services plan in Hyderabad. Internet leased line connection in hyderabad. Dusheera Devi Navarathri-How the tradition started?

Affect of planets on human mind-Astrology. Puranas Ramayana Valmiki interesting facts Hinduism. Lesser Known Facts of Vaalmiki Ramayanam-puranam. Moral Story – Gnaana Peetham. Astrology planets position human mind. Astrology – Affect of planets on human mind. Planets in Astrology-VedicRays. Kids stories akbar & birbal in Telugu,english. Akbar and Birbal moral stories in english. Moral story-akbar birbal presence of mind.