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[APP]SuperOneClick v2.3.3 - Motorola Exploit Added! SuperOneClick Downloads available at v2.3.3 ------ Motorola ADB Patching Checks for shell root before applying exploits Unroot has been fixed to work more reliably LG devices no longer need to use alternate ADB [APP]SuperOneClick v1.5.5 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App, Get UNLOCK code)

[APP]SuperOneClick v1.5.5 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App, Get UNLOCK code)

Developer Center - Can't access variables from a web view
Javascript - La notion d'objet Avril 2014 Notion d'objet Le but de cette section n'a pas pour ambition de traîter de la programmation orientée objet mais de donner une idée de ce qu'est un objet, concept nécessaire à la création de scripts Javascript. Le Javascript traite les éléments qui s'affichent dans votre navigateur comme des objets, c'est-à-dire des éléments : Javascript - La notion d'objet
AJAX Star Rating
Intro Starbox allows you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one PNG image. The library is build on top of the Prototype javascript framework. For some extra effects you can add Scriptaculous as well. Starbox - Rating stars for prototype

Starbox - Rating stars for prototype

Simple Javascript star rating thingey
iPhone :: All Betas iPhone :: All Betas - this is the list of all active and public betas available at the moment Feel free to browse around and apply for any apps/games you'd like to start testing. - To see application details and download any files click on an app icon to go to it's home page. - Remember, registering is FREE and it takes less than a minute - so you might want to do that first :) Note: We just launched the site on January 31st !
Application iPhone Marmiton : 45000 recettes de cuisine sur votre iPhone ! - Application iPhone Marmiton : 45000 recettes de cuisine sur votre iPhone ! -
Perfect Viewer Is a Better Touchscreen Image Viewer for Android
Eclosion For Android A separator can differentiate recognition features (top of the separator) and their uses (below the separator). You can resize these elements by dragging the resize icon to the right of the separator. The elements of the bottom (translation, financial management, adding contacts and voice commands) can be rotated by dragging or directly from the menu. The different features are available from the circle menu. Press "menu" on your device or click on the separator to make it appear. Optical character recognition Eclosion For Android
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